A/N: So I had a reader/reviewer (Smartkid37) ask me about Tony/Sarah's relationship; how did it come about, and how did it affect not just Tim but the whole team relationship. This is my response to that, and it can be considered a prequel to the Knights of the NCIS Table series.

Rising Knights—Prologue:

Sarah McGee sighs as she enters her brother's apartment building. Tim has been super about letting her stay whenever she's in town, and she knows that one of these days she's going to open that door and find that her brother has a new love interest. While she knows that he cares deeply for Abby Sciuto, she's not really certain that the Goth will care for Tim the way that he needs.

She knocks softly as she inserts the key. Jethro, the dog foisted on Tim by Abby, growls softly then wags his tail once he recognizes who the intruder is.

"Hey Jet, I know that Tim's not home yet, but can I come in?"

Sarah eases her way inside and puts the tea kettle on to boil. She's waiting for Tim to come home before she asks him to help her. At least this time, she isn't partially drugged and covered in blood. This time she just wants her brother to run a background check on the man who claims to be in love with her.

There's a knocking at the door and it opens before Sarah can get to it. Special agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo is there, carrying in two pizza cartons and a twelve pack of beer.

"Hey Probie, you left your door unlocked. Hiya Jethro, how's it hanging buddy and where's Tim?"

Sarah steps out of the kitchen gripping her tea cup and staring at Tony. Tony hasn't noticed her yet, as he places the pizzas on Tim's desk and starts rubbing Jethro's belly.

"Tony, where's Tim at? He wasn't here when I arrived and that's been almost ten minutes ago now."

Tony stiffens at his name, his hand automatically going to the pistol at his waist. He straightens and removes his hand when he realizes that it's McGee's sister staring at him. He keeps a hand on Jethro's collar, as he looks around the room and sees that aside from Sarah and himself, no one else is in the apartment. Tim McGee is nowhere in sight.


A/N: My thanks to Smartkid37 for her comments which led to the formation of this story. Readers may wonder if we actually pay attention to the reviews that are left for us. I like to think that most writers do and occasionally an idea can spark from said reviews. Thanks for reading! Tigyr