Ok, first Big Bang fan fic. It is set in the epp 'The Precious Fragmentation' And I know its probs been done a million times, but I would have loved to of seen this in happen in the epp :P.

Warning, I am not smart enough to right good big bang :P this was just something that came to mind so please don't take it to seriously.

"Wait where are you going?" Sheldon's question brought the occupants of the room's attention round to Leonard who had been quietly heading towards the door. "Nowhere, I'm just going to see Penny," came his tentative reply. "Yeah right, and convince her to give you the ring," Howard accused. Howard, Raj and Sheldon all seemed to swarm towards Leonard as he was quickly backing up to the door. "Come on guy I'm aloud to see my own girlfriend," he tried pathetically, if the shiftiness and unease hadn't been screaming through his body language, they still couldn't miss the weakness and slight guilt that lay in his voice.

"Fine. But I vote we all go and see Penny," Sheldon proposed. The little hope that had appeared in Leonard's eyes at the beginning of Sheldon's statement soon diminished to one of crushing defeat. "Yes, let's all go see Penny," Howard smiled teasingly. "What, so you guys can all try and sweet talk her to giving you the one ring?" Raj complained sulkily. "Not our fault you can't talk to women Raj," Leonard said coldly, still brooding at his failed plan. "Tough break man," Howard mocked, placing a not so sympathetic hand on his friends shoulder.

Each friend passed the other a fleeting glance before they all raced out the door and across the hall in a jumbled mass to try and be at the front. As one they managed to open the door and fall into the apartment.

"And in place of a dark lord you shall have a queen! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair…"

The boys instantly stopped they're squabbling and gawked up at the unseeing Penny who was standing on her coach, left arm outstretched and holding the ring in front of her as she quoted Lady Galadriel's speech to the inanimate object. Thunder and rage filled her expression as she seemed lost in the rings power. Slowly her face returned to the sweet average girl from Omaha and she let her eyes drift. Jumping slightly as she saw the boys heaped on her floor by the door, each wearing an expression of shock.

She looked back at the ring in her still outstretched hand and let out a nervous chuckle, letting her arm swing to her side and stepping down from her perch. "Hey guys, watcha doing?" she asked, embarrassment evident in her voice. She was met with stunned silence.

A few painfully long moments passed until the awkward silence was broken by Sheldon's voice. Slightly high in pitch due to shock and surprise, "As I've mention before. There may be hope for her yet."

I know its incredibly short. But again, not smart enough to write big bang so had to make do :P reviews = eternal love :P