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Peace and quiet…how nice this was… "NARUTO!" The voice that made him jump and fall out of bed yelled.

The blonde felt a strange sense of Déjà vu at this particular incident.

For the life of him he couldn't think of any reason as to how she managed to get into his house. Unless Sasuke was half asleep again when he left this morning and therefore had left the door unlocked or completely open. That was a scary experience (especially since it was Itachi who had gotten in through the unlocked door while Naruto was home alone). But now as he lay awake watching his peaceful serenity drive away at an insane speed he decided to give up on any chance for sleep and went to open the door.

Luckily a glance in the mirror made him realize he should probably put some pants on before waking out into full view of his psycho friend.

"Naruto, is it really that hard to answer a door? Are you locked in? Cause I can and will break the door down." Sakura informed him.

"Woman! Give me five seconds!" He called panicking a little as he hurriedly pulled on the first pair of sweats he pulled out of his side of the dresser. And he threw the door open knowing exactly what Sasuke's reaction would be if the door to his bedroom got completely destroyed. Sasuke was always weird like that when it came to things he bought. And this was the raven's condo.

"Naruto! You will never guess the amazing news I've brought you today!" Sakura exclaimed.

He for a moment pretended to think. "You and Kiba are getting married? Wait…nope already did that…you're pregnant? Nah…done that too…"

"Stop being a dumbass or I'll hit you." She deadpanned.

He smiled. "What is this delightful news you've brought me?"

She took a moment to judge him but his act never wavered so she sighed and let it go. "Shikamaru and Ino got married last night!"


"HOLY SHIT? How the hell?"

"They decided to elope and end their stupid on and off relationship for good. Now their stuck with each other unless they want to spend twenty years paying for a lawyer to get a divorce only to make up five days later." She told him freely taking a seat on the couch.

"Dear God, I feel so sorry for any children they have." Naruto commented shaking his head. "I can't believe they would do it so suddenly though."

"Yea, guess we were wrong after all." Sakura mentioned.

"Wrong about what?" The blonde asked giving his pink haired companion a questioning look.

She smiled at him. "Well we all kinda thought that you and Sasuke would be the next to get married."

Naruto blinked at that. "Huh?"

"Oh c'mon!" She replied whacking him in the chest. "You two are more in love then just about everyone I know. We (meaning us meddling girls and the two men who we own by law) just thought that you'd make it official."

He laughed at that. "Really? Sasuke and I have never even talked about getting married. Y'know unless I was suggesting he wear a wedding dress just to tease him."

"But you've thought about it right?" Sakura asked giving him a "no bullshit" look.

He stopped laughing and bit his lip a little. "Well…actually…" He got up and went over to pull a small box out of his jacket pocket.

Sakura's eyes widened with realization and she jumped up with a squeal. "So you're gonna ask him?"

"I was thinking about it…" He replied. "And then I just kinda…bought…"

"This is amazing!" Sakura exclaimed giving her blonde friend a big hug. "When are! HOW are you going to ask him? Romantic dinner? Romantic walk? Maybe a romantic night alone together while holding hands and watching the night sky?"

"Sakura breathe! For god's sake calm down. It's not like I really put much thought into it. I just wanted…"

The door opened and both of the people in the house jumped and turned to stare at the person who had intruded on their conversation.

Said intruder raised an eyebrow. "What?" Sasuke asked staring back at the two who were both looking at him as if he were a ghost. "What?" He repeated his question when he didn't get an answer.

"Ha! Welcome back Teme!" Naruto exclaimed obviously trying to hide something behind his back. "You're home early!"

"Um…yea, I left my wallet this morning so I came back to get it during lunch…" he answered "what are you hiding?"

"N-nothing!" Both parties of his suspicion exclaimed in unison.

Sasuke sighed at their obvious attempts at getting him off the subject. "Fine, don't tell me. But Naruto I swear to god if you are doing anything remotely stupid or harmful to yourself, I will not only completely ignore your pain, but I'll leave you." He told him giving him a quick peck. "Stay off drugs. You too Sakura."

"Very funny." She replied giving him a half-hearted glare.

"Shouldn't you be at work? Or anywhere else?" He asked her.

"Shouldn't you learn not to talk to crazy people like that?" She shot back. "Hey did you hear about Shikamaru and Ino?"

"Oh fuck what now?"

Naruto turned around to looked at the box containing the object he wanted so bad to just slip onto Sasuke's finger and sighed before shoving it in his pocket.

How should he ask him?

"Is it too cliché to stick it in his food?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. And anyway he'd probably not realize it was there and end up choking on it." Kiba replied.

"Drink then?" He asked.

"Still cliché…" Shikamaru commented. "And he refuses to drink alcohol since last month's incident, remember?"

The blonde smiled at that. "Oh yea, I remember very well."

"Sadly so does all of Konoha." The dog lover finished stopping that train of thought.

The crying caught the brunette's attention and he excused himself with a sigh before heading off to where his daughter was napping only moments ago.

"That's the third time she's cried since I've been here." Shikamaru commented getting up to get himself a beer.

"I've got a good idea, Fishcake." Suigetsu spoke up.

"Call me 'Fishcake' again Shark-boy, I dare you." The blonde growled at him.

Although, he was ignored in the end. "You should hide the ring in your apartment, give him a map, and tell him to find the surprise."

"He can't follow directions. You're going to get him lost in his own home." Naruto deadpanned.

"I know, but it'd be so funny!" The silver haired male laughed.

"Aren't you supposed to be a work?"

"I'm on break."

"What's the new office's look like anyway?" Kiba asked reentering the kitchen this time with a baby clinging to him.

"Amaya!" Naruto commented. "What're you doing awake?" The blonde took the little brunette girl from his friend and sat her in his lap at the table while her Dad went to warm her up some milk.

"They're pretty nice. Although, I think Sasuke made my office a lot smaller then the one I had in Oto." Suigetsu answered. "I swear he did that on purpose."

"Really? I think Sasuke's office was bigger." The blonde commented.

"See, told you he did it on purpose."

"How'd you propose to Sakura?" Naruto asked.

Kiba sighed. "Um, well I got Shizune-san to let my tape the ring up next to her name on her work schedule then I waited for her to find it and when she picked it up I asked her to marry me."

"She didn't say yes did she?" Suigetsu asked sarcastically.

The brunette flipped him off and returned to what he was doing.

"Yea, I can't do that Itachi's like a watchdog when it comes to Sasuke's office." Naruto commented letting the little girl in his lap pull on his hair. "How'd you do it Shikamaru?"

The brunette shrugged. "You probably don't want to use anything Ino and I do as an example. Or at least not a good one."

"Hinata says you should take him for a walk in the park this evening." Kida said putting his phone back in his pocket. And bringing the bottle back over to his seat taking the little baby girl back from his friend and beginning to feed her.


"That'll work." Suigetsu commented. "I mean he's probably had a really bad day at work like he usually does, and you can take him to a park walk with him and look for the opportune moment."

"I don't wanna do it while he's in a bad mood!" Naruto replied.

"That's what the walks for dumbass." Shikamaru pointed out.

"You take him on the walk to fix his mood, and then when you're both starting to have a beautiful time, whip it out." Suigetsu commented.

"The ring, not your cock." Kiba added.

"Hey, it works either way." The silver haired male defended.

"I dunno…would it even work?" The blonde asked finally.

"Just keep in mind; this is Hinata's suggestion, not ours." Shikamaru pointed out. "So yea, it'll probably work."

"Then again…" Suigetsu began. "This is Sasuke."

Naruto watched as the brunette sauntered into the house and immediately flopped down on the couch face first. "Hard day at the office Uchiha-san?"

Sasuke grumbled something that could be taken as: "I fucking hate everything." But who was Naruto to assume?

The blonde walked over taking a seat on the couch next to his boyfriend's head. "Hm?"

Sasuke lifted his chin a little to look up at him. "Tell me we don't have anything planned tomorrow? I don't want to leave here anymore for the next week."

Naruto gave him a look. "It couldn't have been that bad."

The look Naruto received at that made him think better of his previous statement. "Really? It's not terrible if my Dad randomly walks into my office to lecture while I'm in a meeting. And it's definitely okay if Suigetsu goes missing for the majority of the day and his excuse upon coming back while I'm talking to a potential merger is that he was chasing down the ice cream truck, Itachi was obviously drunk and he wouldn't stop calling me-"

The brunette was forced to stop when the blonde had leaned down to kiss him from their somewhat awkward position.

"Better?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke smirked at him at that before making a face at something on the couch and picking it up. "What's this?"

The blonde did a double take, knowing it was useless to reach into his pocket in search of the object that his boyfriend was now holding up but he did it anyway. "Um that's…"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well I just…that's uh…I was…"



"Are you proposing?"

"…Yea…" He cringed the tiniest bit as the brunette held up the now open box to look at it before looking down and hiding his face. After a moment he could hear the chuckles more clearly. "Sasuke! Y'know it really doesn't make me feel any better if you laugh!"

"Sorry, you're just really bad at this!" Finally the Uchiha looked up a small smile on his face as he sat up and gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek.

"Well thanks." He replied sarcastically before letting his face show how nervous he was. "So…what's your answer?"

Sasuke smiled at him. "I think; this is one of the smartest ideas you've ever had." He added kissing him.

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes, Naruto. That's a yes."

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