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Chapter One: The Last Defender of the Galactic Republic

"I'm growing weak, my Apprentice"

The young man sharply looked up towards the spectre that stood before him, "No Master, you've never been weak, your just-" the spectre cut him off, "My Young Harrison, you are my greatest accomplishment, ever since I took you from that rock that you called home, and showed you true power," he paused and looked out into the dark void of space behind him, "and taught you everything I knew and more, I knew that I would start to grow weak, and that is why I have decided to name you my successor, you Harrison are the greatest conquest of the Dark Lord Revan…"


A young boy cowered under the blows that were being leashed upon him from a large man that was obviously his father (due to the fact that they looked a like). "You just had to do it, didn't you?" he asked to no one in particular, "you couldn't just speak English, you had to speak in that foul language of the slimy snakes," the blows continued, "if those are going to be your first words, then so be it, but I will not have you soil the good name of Potter due to your inadequacies."

The man bent down and picked the unconscious boy up, "I'll see to it that this stain is forever removed," he spoke to himself as he walked outside of the house to the back yard of a fairly large estate, "Dippy!" he called out as a small House Elf popped into existence behind him, "Yessir Master? You's Be Calling Dippy?" he spoke quickly as he grabbed his ears. "Yes Dippy, please get rid of this filth." The man spoke with venom, as if the body that he had just dumped onto the lawn was worth nothing more then the dirt on his shoes.

"It'll be done at once!"


"When I found you, you were but a boy who would have died if left alone," the spectre moved down to look at the kneeling figure, "but I knew different, I knew you had power to change the galaxy, I knew that if I took you in and trained you, guided you, and raised you as my own, that you would be everything I wanted you to be…"


"… Help… Help me please! Please come back daddy, see? See I can speak like a normal boy," the small child whimpered some more before, "please help me…" the small child continued to cry and moan as slowly before him a shadowy form appeared in the shape of a man. He looked around until finally settling his eyes upon the fallen form of the child.

"Was it you that called me here?" the spectre said with narrowed eyes, the boy who had previously been crying stopped and rubbed his eyes, all the while nodding his head up and down, "How did you do that? What in the name of the force did you do?" the boy had stopped crying and sat up a little straighter, "it's called magic and you can do loads of things with it!"

The man looked down at the boy, as if he were looking into his very soul and asked him, "What is your name boy?" he watched as the boy looked at him with fear in his eyes, "It's Harry Potter, Sir." The spectre looked at him dispassionately, "Harry Potter eh? Tell me boy, why shouldn't I kill you for disturbing my slumber?"

He watched behind his visor as the boy created a white shield of energy that surrounded him, obviously realizing that it was protecting him from his mental assault, "Interesting… very interesting…"


"I took you across the galaxy and showed you the way of life, I gave you purpose, and I gave you meaning," the force ghost smiled behind his visor, "You were the son that I never got to know, we traveled across the galaxy, to Hoth, Alderaan, Tattooine, and through it all I showed you the secrets to both the light and dark side of the force, and how to respect it." He sat his hand upon the shoulders of the kneeling Harrison, "there comes a time when every Master must pass his title onto his Apprentice, it is the way of life."

"What will you have me do, Master?"

Revan smiled as his young Apprentice asked the question that had been on his mind for the last while, "I want you to take up my mantel, don my armour, wear my mask, become the next Lord Revan, and save this world from utter chaos." Revan watched as Harrison was conflicted between both honouring his Master, and the audacity that he himself could be the next Lord Revan. "I could never live up to your name Master, for it is too great, and I know too little of this world for it to be proper-""None the less," Revan cut him off, "You are without a doubt the greatest Apprentice anyone could ever expect to teach, and despite what you believe, you will do what I have asked, in honour of all that I have done for you, and all that I continue to do." Harrison nodded his head in acceptance, and stood up facing his Master, "I'm ready Master, and I'm ready to do your bidding."

Revan cupped Harrison's cheek and looked deeply into the eyes of his Apprentice, "Good, you will find my Armour already in your room on your bed, please do take care of it, it will serve you well in your adventures" he looked seriously at Harrison making sure he understood what he was saying before he continued, "also, when you are ready, you should make your way to Kamino, where you will find a final parting gift from me." Harrison could only look at his Master in shock, at the knowledge that he had a gift for him.


Harrison stood on the bridge of the Ebon Hawk, completely dressed in his Masters old armour and mask, he smiled as he felt the presence of his Master come up behind him, "Master, how are you feeling? Should you be exerting yourself this much?" Harrison heard Revan chuckle as he turned to face him, "My Apprentice, the time is approaching and I wanted to tell you that I am proud of you, proud of what you've become." Harrison reached out to touch his Master, but stopped half way, knowing that touching the force ghost would be impossible.

Harrison removed his mask and looked deeply at Revan, "Thank you father, without you, I would never have been able to become who I am now." Revan smiled sadly as his spectre started to fade in and out, "Remember all that I have taught you, and bring balance to the galaxy, soon war will be upon us, and this Republic is not yet ready for what is to come." Harrison nodded, "I will Master." Revan, knew that he would, this was what he was trained for, "Goodbye, my Apprentice, and May the force be with you…" Harrison watched as his Master's transparent form started to fade from existence, he knew that for what he had planed, he would need to act fast, so he reached out with the force and grabbed his Masters life force and pulled all that was left inside of him.

The pain was excruciating, he knew that his Master, were he alive would be greatly disappointed in what he was doing, but there was no choice, he needed to do this, it was for the greater good.

That of course was his last train of thought before he fell to the floor unconscious, his body, mind, and soul were now busy assimilating all of Lord Revan's memories, abilities and force into him…


Lord Revan the second stood on the bridge of the Ebon Hawk as it traveled through hyperspace towards Kamino, he knew what he was about to do was crazy, but he had little time to lose, before the war would be at his door, and of course, when the Sith came knocking, he would be there ready to answer, for he was Lord Revan, the last defence of the Galactic Republic.

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