Episode 10: Epilogue, or The End of Evangelion Gear

Snafu's Notes: Here it is, folks. The final chapter of Evangelion Gear. Got to admit that it was one hell of a ride, but all good things must come to an end. Even I was impressed with the positive response from the readers as a result of writing this piece. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting for this to go as well as it had. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

One more thing. Bold text denotes Shinji narrating.

Without further ado, the conclusion to Evangelion Gear.

[The screen is blank. We see the following caption: AD 2000 – September 13, followed by ADAM's Wings of Light over the South Pole. Throughout this episode, an older Shinji Ikari is narrating.]

SHINJI: In the early 21st Century, a cataclysmic event had forever changed the history of mankind. Second Impact. Two billion lives ended in the mega-tsunamis that enveloped the Southern Hemisphere. The weather patterns shifted, the Earth thrown off its axis, reducing the world to a permanent summer. Another billion people would die in the ensuing wars, plants and animals were rendered extinct as a result.

[Screen goes blank again. Now the caption reads AD 2015. We see clips from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and various scenes from Evangelion Gear, most of them have Shinji in them.]

SHINJI: Fifteen years later, I was called to Tokyo-3 to pilot the Evangelion. Cloned from the DNA of Lilith, the Progenitor of mankind, Unit One, along with Unit Zero and Unit Two, defended humanity against the Angels in what is now known as the Angel Wars. My name is Shinji Ikari, and this is my story.

[Now the caption reads AD 2031 – August 27. Present Day.]

A car is driving up the road. Inside the car is three people – a family. The woman is behind the wheel, dressed in a simple white blouse and knee-length black skirt. Her cobalt-blue hair, pale skin, and crimson eyes are a dead giveaway as to who she is. A wedding ring – a simple gold band with a diamond on it – is on her ring finger.

The passenger is her husband. He is dressed in a simple black suit, with white shirt, the top buttons undone. His hair is the same it has been when he was a teenager, only shorter. A wedding band was on his finger. In the back seat, fast asleep, was their daughter, about eight years old, with the pale skin of her mother, and the dark hair and cobalt eyes of her father. It is pretty obvious that the couple is Rei Ayanami, now Rei Ikari, and Shinji Ikari, 14 years older.

Shinji is looking out the window, lost in his thoughts. Shinji glances at Rei, smiling briefly before going back to looking out the window.

SHINJI: Fourteen years. Can't believe it's been that long since I was a kid. Seemed like a lifetime ago. I guess I should start on the day after the war. The battle would be known to future generations mostly as the Battle for Humanity. Bug for those who actually fought, it was known by another name. Given its location, it was also known as the Battle of the Black Moon.

[Shot of a younger Shinji and Rei together, in the aftermath of the Battle of the Black Moon.]

SHINJI: I guess it started with that first kiss Rei gave to me when I was recovering from the fight with Asuka. On Commander Fuyutsuki's orders, she moved out of that run-down apartment she was staying in, and moved in with Misato and I.

[Tokyo-3 Junior High School. Shinji and Rei are greeted with applause from their classmates. Kensuke is filming the entire thing, while Hikari and Touji welcome him back to the class. Later on, they are on the rooftop, eating lunch alone. Rei is smiling. She is enjoying her time with Shinji.]

SHINJI: We started to grow closer following the war, something that Gendou would have frowned upon when he was alive. Aside from that, as I later found out when I was cleared to return to school, aside the fact that I was transferred back into Class 2-A, that Rei and I were considered heroes, and rightfully so. By the end of the school year, we had begun dating. Touji and Kensuke were shocked as to me dating Rei. Of course, Touji, in turn hooked up with Hikari, and Kensuke found himself a female otaku of his own. Both got married, and we're still friends to this very day.

[A snapshot of Shinji and Rei, on the couch, asleep. Obviously Misato's handiwork.]

SHINJI: Misato had a field day when she found out that Rei and I started dating. When Rei decided to sleep in my room, I thought I'd never hear the end of that. But in the end, Misato decided to let it be. Of course, that didn't stop me and Rei from having a couple of makeout sessions behind closed doors.

[Another snapshot. This time, it's Shinji and Rei, several years older. It's a wedding photo. Shinji is in his tuxedo, Rei is in her wedding dress. It's followed by video footage of their wedding, obviously shot by Kensuke.]

SHINJI: We had gotten married after high school. Misato was the maid of honor, Fuyutsuki gave Rei away. Even Big Boss attended, along with Snake, Meryl, Otacon and Naomi. I heard that Snake had gotten hitched to Meryl about a year after the battle. Meryl still kept her last name. Rei, on the other hand, had taken mine. I work as a professor at Tokyo-3 University. Rei also works there alongside me.

[Back to the present. Shinji looks in the backseat, where the product of his and Rei's union is fast asleep, snoring gently.]

SHINJI: The little girl that's fast asleep is the product of our union. Aya Yui Ikari. Funny how things work out. Ritsuko had taken me to the side and had told me about Rei's origins, that she was unable to bear children. I guess her Angel side had reconstructed her womb, allowing her to become pregnant. Either way, being a dad is one of the many joys I have in my life.

SHINJI: I know what you're thinking. What the hell happened to Asuka? Well...

[Fade out to another caption. A.D. 2016 – March 29, three months after the Battle of the Black Moon.]

U.N. War Crimes Tribunal, Tokyo-2.

Asuka Sohryuu was the first to be tried in her role in the Battle of the Black Moon. During the trial, Naomi was called up to testify on Asuka's psychological state during the Angel Wars. It was also revealed that Nerv Germany had knowledge of Asuka's mental problems, but did nothing, as they felt that it would affect her piloting. They simply swept her problems under the rug and said nothing.

The once-proud redhead stood in front of the trio of judges. She was dressed in a blue prison jumpsuit. As it had turned out, her left eye had been damaged beyond repair. The damaged eye was no longer a vibrant blue, but rather a solid white, like a zombie. Her red hair was tied back into a ponytail, the bangs covering her eyes, as her head was bowed low. Her wrists were shackled, as were her ankles, the latter being added when she tried to rush at Shinji several days earlier.

Right now, Asuka had just been found guilty by the U.N. tribunal. Also present were the senior members of Nerv – Commander Fuyutsuki, Colonel Katsuragi, Ryouji Kaji and Doctor Akagi. Even Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami were present for the sentencing.

SHINJI: As it turned out, Nerv Germany had knowledge of Asuka's inferior complex, as well as her growing signs of becoming a sociopath. But they simply stood by and did nothing. Their crimes were exposed during Asuka's trial, and would get theirs soon.

The senior judge looked down at the disgraced halvsie pilot. "Asuka Langley Sohryuu, you have been found guilty for the crime of treason, as well as the crime of being an accessory to Seele's plans for genocide. These charges carry an automatic death penalty. However, given the testimony of Doctor Hunter, as well as those in Nerv Germany in regards to your mental condition, you will not be sent to the firing squad. You will instead be sent to a mental hospital for the remainder of your natural life, never to be released."

"What?" Asuka shouted. "You old bastards! You can't do this to me! Do you know who I am? I'm Asuka Langley Sohryuu!" Two muscular guards grabbed her by the arms as she struggled violently, but was restricted by her shackles. "Let go of me, you glorified Boy Scouts! Damn it! I said let me go!"

"Remove the defendant," the judge ordered.

Turning her head so she could face Shinji and the others, she directed her threats towards Shinji. "DAMN YOU, SHINJI! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU FUCKING RUINED MY LIFE!"

She was dragged out of the courtroom through a side door, still screaming. It would be the last time anyone from Nerv would see Asuka Sohryuu ever again.

SHINJI: Now that I think about, I kinda feel sorry for Asuka. Being manipulated the way she had been, by both Nerv and Keel. Whether or not she hated me or feared me...we'll never know. One thing for certain is that she will be remembered, but not as the savior of humanity. But rather as a person who had sided with Seele in order to destroy the world.

[Shot of a nude Asuka Sohryuu in her cell. She has hanged herself inside her cell, using her bedsheets as a noose. A mirror image of her late mother.]

SHINJI: We received word regarding Asuka's fate. Four years into her life sentence she had begun an with her therapist. However, he was just using her for sex, as Gendou did with Ritsuko. When Asuka found out that he really didn't love her a year later, she flipped. She would be found the next day, having used her bedsheets as a noose. She was only nineteen. I actually shed a tear in regards to her suicide. She should have received some help in regards to her inner demons. But it's too late. Unlike her mother, she was buried with only her ID number identifying her and her date of death. The therapist was cleared of any wrongdoing...although when asked about it by his friends, he did say that 'she was the best piece of ass he ever had.'

[Shots of the U.N. Inquiries. Misato Katsuragi, Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko Akagi are testifying before the committee. Even Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami are summoned and questioned by the committee.]

SHINJI: Asuka's trial was just one of many. The surviving members of Seele, as well as the Haven Shock Troops were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. The saying does ring true. The past really does catch up to you. Once the war crimes tribunal was finished, the U.N. inquiries about what was going on inside Nerv had begun. We were all summoned to testify, including Rei. As for Fuyutsuki and Ritsuko, Big Boss was true to his word. Both were granted immunity from prosecution. Misato was never charged with any wrongdoing. Rei and I were in the clear. As an added bonus for basically saving mankind, the U.N. gave all of us a nice pension as a way of saying thank you...not to mention the awards and praise from every world leader known to man.

[Shot of the Nerv Insignia.]

SHINJI: After the UN investigation into Nerv which lasted a full year, the United Nations had Nerv disbanded. The headquarters in the Geofront was converted into a biomedical research facility, Terminal Dogma remained forever sealed. Ritsuko Akagi was made the senior researcher of the facility. Kouzou Fuyutsuki, in the meantime, had retired and returned to Kyoto to be closer to his grandchildren and great grandchildren. The three bridge bunnies, Aoba, Hyuuga, and Maya, also remained at the Geofront, assisting Ritsuko in her research. Mei Ling decided to stay in Japan, where she and Makoto connected.

[A picture of Ritsuko, circa 2030. She's dropped the bottle blonde look. She's also seen in the photo with another man.]

SHINJI: Last I heard from Misato, she was seeing a JSSDF veteran who had fought inside the Geofront. Turns out he's also a cat lover. They haven't married, but they got a cute little girl together.

[Shot of Maya and Aoba making out...and getting caught by Ritsuko.]

SHINJI: Contrary to popular belief, Maya was not a closet lesbian as most people thought. Turns out that she and Shigeru were secretly dating. With Nerv disbanded and Gendou burning in hell, they were free to bring their relationship out into the open.

[Shot of Misato and Kaji.]

SHINJI: Speaking of relationships, Misato and Kaji had reconciled following the war. They got hitched shortly after the inquiries were complete Misato had resigned her commission with the United Nations and became a spokeswoman for Yesibu. Figures. Kaji decided to quit the spy game and settled down as well. He got a job working with the government, helping displaced children.

[Shot of Pen-Pen...with a female hot springs penguin.]

SHINJI: Turns out that Pen-Pen wasn't the only hot springs penguin. Misato found a female penguin that Pen-Pen took a liking to. Last I heard, they were still in Misato's care. I'll bet her and Kaji's children sure love their pet penguins.

[Hal Emmerich and Naomi Hunter, as seen in MGS4, including the part where she yanks him inside the helicopter inside the Nomad.]

SHINJI: After things had settled down, Naomi returned to America with Snake and the others. Now I know why she had shot down most of the men inside the Geofront, Gendou included. She was romantically involved with Dr. Emmerich. Have been since the Manhattan Incident of 2009. Naomi and I still talk. Mostly by trading e-mails. Sometimes, she visits Big Boss twice a year, and we all sit down and swap stories.

[Shot of Solid Snake...or rather, Iroquois Pliskin and Meryl Campbell.]

SHINJI: As it turned out, that little flaw in the Les Enfant Terribles in which Snake could not give Meryl children was nothing but a lie. Meryl, on the other hand, couldn't be even more happier. After FOXHOUND had disbanded, Snake and Meryl had decided to make it official. It was after the battle inside the Geofront, that Big Boss had given Snake some useful advice. "Never pass up on a good thing." Big Boss showed me the wedding photos.

[Shots of Big Boss, from the story. Training Shinji...beating down Gendou's Section 2...confronting Snake and Meryl in Prague...saluting The Boss' grave alongside Ocelot.]

SHINJI: As for the man who saved my life when I was at my lowest...he retired from the military a second time. Since then, he has written his memoirs. You may have read them. 'Memoirs of a Patriot: The Declassified Story of Big Boss.' It was number one on the bookseller's list for two years when it came out.

[Shot of Big Boss entertaining Misato, Shinji, Rei, Kensuke, Kaji and Hikari with one of his many war stories.]

SHINJI: You can imagine that Kensuke had a field day when I invited him over to the lodge, along with Touji and Hikari. Rei and Misato sometimes came along with me, and knew what to expect. To my friends, it answered the question about how I was able to defend myself against Asuka. Of course, I still got my ass kicked by the old man.

[The caption now reads Hakone Cemetery, AD 2020 – August 29.]

SHINJI: It happened five years following the Angel Wars. I was visiting Big Boss at his home when he collapsed. I called for an ambulance, and he was rushed to the hospital. The doctors had no explanation as to what had happened. But one thing was for certain. Big Boss, the man who saved my life, was dying. I called Snake, who immediately was on the next flight to Tokyo-3 with Meryl. Despite the doctor's best efforts, there was nothing that they could do. So we took Big Boss home, back to his lodge. 'To ride this storm out,' he said. But I guess even he knew that his end was near. And like a soldier, he saw it through to the end. In the face of his death, he did had one final request. He wished to die by EVA's grave.

It was late in the afternoon as two cars pulled to a stop in Hakone Cemetery. In the front seat, was Big Boss. Solid Snake was behind the wheel. In the back seat, were Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami and Meryl Campbell. In the second car, were Hal Emmerich, Naomi Hunter, Misato Katsuragi and Ryouji Kaji. The old man was dressed in his FOXHOUND uniform and trenchcoat, the eyepatch ever still present on his face. Rather than the vibrant man that had helped saved humanity four years ago, there was just an old man who was simply tired.

When asked why he decided to dress up, Big Boss replied, "If this is my time, I wish to die in my best."

The small entourage got out of the cars, Snake and Shinji helping Big Boss down the pathway towards EVA's grave, as the others followed them.

"Boss...are you sure this is what you want?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, Ikari," Big Boss replied. "I appreciate your concern for me, but this old man's had his last tour." He coughed violently. "It's almost time. The last ember of the past dies out. And at last those old evils will be gone. Once the source of evil returns to zero. A new one...a new future will be born."

Within several minutes, the group of survivors stood before EVA's grave, the headstone still the same as it was when Big Boss buried EVA. The old man shrugged off his two crutches in order to stand at his companion's grave.

"I wish I could have told you more about your mother, Snake," Big Boss admitted. "She was something. Strong, resourceful, a speed demon on a bike and a hell of a shot with a Mauser." He crouched down at EVA's grave, one gloved hand running across the name. "Tatyana...it won't be long now. Soon...we will be reunited, my love."

He tried to get back up onto his feet, but failed. Instead, he turned around and rested his body up against EVA's headstone. He didn't have long now. Looking at the faces of his entourage, Big Boss smiled. "Consider this my final lesson to you," he said. The old man turned to Snake. "Snake...or rather, David...listen and listen well. This new world that you helped save...is yours to live in. Not as a snake...but as a man." He turned to Shinji. "Know this, the both of you...we all fought a long, bloody war for our liberty. Zero and myself...Liquid and Solidus...we fought to free ourselves from nations, systems, and norms, and ages. But no matter how hard we tried, the only liberty we found was on the inside. Trapped within those limits."

After coughing, Big Boss continued. "The Boss and I may have chosen different paths. But in the end, we were both trapped inside the same cage... Liberty. But you...all of you. Each one of you has been given freedom. Freedom to be outside. Shinji...Rei...Meryl...Misato...Ryouji...Otacon...Naomi...none of you are nobody's tool now, nor are you are no longer a prisoner of fate. None of you are no longer seeds of war."

The dying old man reached into his jacket and pulled out a cigar. He tried to light it, but failed, the cigar falling to the ground. It was Snake that had made the save. He retrieved Big Boss' last stogie, and lit it up. After taking a puff, he handed it to Big Boss, who began to enjoy his last smoke. "Shinji...you were like a son to me. I was honored to have taken you as my student. Remember what I've taught you, and use it in your life. Understand?"

Shinji nodded. "I will, Big Boss."

By this time, the cigar was nearly finished. Big Boss blew out a plume of smoke. In his mind, he saw The Boss smiling at him. "Boss...you only need one snake...no...on second thought...I think the world would probably be better off without snakes."

The cigar was still in his hand as he looked at the people closest to him. A smile crept across his face. In the face of his mortality, he was content. "This...this is good...isn't it?"

With those words, John Hayter, codename Naked Snake, christened Big Boss, the greatest soldier to have ever lived and one of the saviors of humankind, closed his eye and breathed his last breath. The cigar fell to the ground, its embers having died out.

Naomi crouched down next to the old man and checked for a pulse. There was none. The look on her face had verified it when she turned to the others. "He's gone," she said softly.

Shinji was the first to break down in tears. Rei held him close as he sobbed into her shoulder. There was not a single dry tear amongst the group of survivors.

SHINJI: The funeral procession started in the city, near where I had fought Asuka, and ended at Hakone Cemetery. Rei was at my side. We buried him next to EVA in the Hakone Cemetery as per to his request in his will, the same place where my mother's headstone was located. It seems rather silly that her grave is empty, but I still visit there, and let her know what has been happening in my life. I wonder if she is still there, inside the EVA, floating in outer space...

The following scene is that of Big Boss' funeral, in the streets of Tokyo-3. The funeral scene rivals that of Mahatma Gandhi. A single JSSDF officer leads the procession, holding a portrait of Big Boss, followed by a combat unit of JSSDF soldiers marching in half-step.

They were followed by the survivors of the Battle of the Black Moon, both from FOXHOUND and Nerv. All were in black mourning attire.

Shinji Ikari was dressed in a formal suit – black of course. Rei was at his side, in a mourning dress. Beside him, were Raiden, Solid Snake and Meryl Campbell, all dressed in FOXHOUND uniforms, berets and trenchcoats. Rosemary, along with Sunny and young Jack, walked alongside Raiden. Behind Shinji and Rei, were Misato Katsuragi and Ryouji Kaji, the former in her formal Nerv uniform, and the latter also in a formal suit. Beside them, were Kouzou Fuyutsuki and Ritsuko Akagi.

Following them – also in their formal Nerv uniforms – were the three bridge bunnies: Maya Ibuki, Shigeru Aoba, and Makoto Hyuuga. Hal Emmerich, Mei Ling, Naomi Hunter and the four Beauties brought up the rear, the all dressed in mourning clothes.

The entire world stopped what they were doing and watched the funeral on T.V. Those that lived in the Hakone region of Japan lined the streets, paying respects to a man they never knew, but was responsible for stopping Third Impact and exposing the truth.

SHINJI: I soon found how what had killed him from Naomi. Terminal cancer. He should have been dead when we first met. But Naomi had told him why he survived.

[Cut back to Big Boss' lodge. As a younger Shinji looks on at Big Boss' pictures, Big Boss is inside his bathroom. He is jamming a syringe into his neck. He performs the same thing shortly after ordering 'Susanoo's Wrath' to be executed.]

SHINJI: Big Boss was diagnosed shortly after the incident in Prague, in which his lover and his best friend was killed. Naomi's specialty was nanotechnology, and she used her talents to create a special kind of suppressants that kept Big Boss' cancer at bay. When he stopped taking the treatments, the cancer had came back with a vengeance. Naomi had given him three months. He held on for nearly four months. He wanted to live long enough to make sure than humanity would survive.

Hakone Cemetery – Present Day.

The car containing the Ikari family pulled to a stop, where another car was parked in front of them. Rei placed the car in park and cut the ignition. Turning to Shinji, she said, "You go on ahead, love. I'll watch Aya."

Shinji nodded. He exited the car, holding two bouquets of flowers in his hands, and began walking up the same stone pathway Big Boss would walk when he was alive, when he would visit EVA. The leaves fell around him as he neared his destination.

Shinji saw that there were two people at his objective – a couple. The redheaded woman had turned from the white-haired man and was walking towards Shinji. Shinji recognized her instantly.

Meryl Campbell.

Forty-four years old and she was aging gracefully. The former executive officer of FOXHOUND recognized Shinji, and smiled. "Shinji Ikari. How you been? How's Rei and little Aya?"

"I'm good," Shinji replied, smiling back. "How are the kids?"

"Oh, driving poor Otacon up the wall," Meryl replied. "I see you're alone."

Shinji shook his head. "Not really. Rei is back at the car with Aya. Can't believe it's been eleven years since the old man passed."

"Well, he always had a soft spot for you, Shinji. You were his best student."

"I know. So how's things between you and Snake?"

Meryl smiled. "Oh, things are good. He has his moments. I'll go and say hi to Rei and Aya. I've held you up long enough."

Shinji nodded and Meryl walked off. Shinji turned to his destination. There stood the old man with the white hair and matching moustache, a mirror image of Big Boss himself. Instead of the Sneaking Suit, he wore a simple suit. He stood before the two graves, hands clasped together, head bowed.

"I knew you'd come, kid," Solid Snake (Old Snake would be more appropriate) said as Shinji stood by him.

"I always make time to pay my respects to the old man," Shinji replied, looking at the graves.

"As do I," Snake replied. "So how are you holding up? You took his death pretty hard."

"Wouldn't you?"

"Touche, Ikari," the clone/son of Big Boss replied. "I miss him too. The old man had his faults and flaws, but he was a good man...a good soldier...and a good friend."

Shinji remained silent for a moment. "I met him when I was still piloting the Evangelion. I was going through the worst time in my life. I thought that nobody didn't care for me. I was even prepared to take my own life. But Big Boss came. He listened to me, took me as a student, taught me about life. For that, I am truly grateful to have met him."

Snake smiled. "He always had that charisma about him," he admitted. "That kind of charm is what soldiers trusted in him. Trust in Big Boss, and you will make it out alive."

He turned to Shinji. "Shinji...the old man is at peace now. I know it's hard...but life goes on." He gestured to Shinji's wife and daughter, Rei chatting with Meryl. "There's the proof right there." He placed one hand on Shinji's shoulder, looking the younger man in the eyes. "Shinji...remember what the old man had said. We all have been given freedom. Free from our past sins. Free from our personal demons. The old man is at peace, Ikari. Honor his memory by just living a good life."

With those words, Solid Snake removed his hand from Shinji's shoulder, turned and walked down the pathway, heading back towards Meryl.

After Snake had took his leave, Shinji turned to the dual headstones. Both were made of black marble. The headstone on the left read TATYANA HAYTER – May 15, 1936 – August 27, 2013, while the one on the right read JOHN HAYTER – July 11, 1935 – August 29, 2020.

Shinji placed the flowers on both their headstones. As he rises to his feet, his vision catches something. Shinji gasps at what he sees.

(The guitar solo of 'Old Snake' begins to play.)

What he sees is his mentor, Big Boss. He is younger, but still sporting the eyepatch. Next to him, is EVA, also younger. Both are dressed in their respective gear from Operation Snake Eater. EVA has one arm linked with Big Boss. Both are looking at Shinji. They both wave at him, while Shinji smiles broadly at the pair, nodding his head in respect. Big Boss is at peace.

SHINJI: Boss...you would be happy. How ironic that the world decided to shun war following what had happened here and reorganize into a United Earth Government. Your dreams...The Boss' dreams...of a word united, is now a reality. The armed forces of the world had been revamped into a peacekeeping force under the control of the UEG. All weapons of war were mostly destroyed, or put to better use. Because of what had happened here, the world had opened its eyes.

A flock of birds distract Shinji. When he turns back to the pair, Big Boss and EVA are gone.

(Guitar solo of 'Old Snake' ends here.)

Shinji turns back to the headstones. Like Big Boss, he is at peace. A moment of inspiration comes to him. Normally, he would come, say a couple of words, and leaves, but this time, he has the ultimate form of respect for Big Boss.

He snaps to attention, as if he was in the military.

SHINJI: Big Boss...I never really said thank you...for saving my life all those years ago.

Shinji Ikari salutes Big Boss' grave.

SHINJI: But I am forever grateful to you...for showing me how to live without fear.

[Black screen. The credits begin to roll. Basically, it's a combination of credits from both Evangelion and Metal Gear. Here, we see the cast of Evangelion Gear (English Cast) as 'Komm, susser Tod,' from End of Evangelion (the song played during Third Impact/Instrumentality) plays The music then changes to the MGS4 end credits theme afterwards. The credits end at the title of the fanfic, EVANGELION GEAR, done up in the MGS4 title text, and hold. We hear footsteps. Then after a moment, they stop.]

REI (voice-over): Shinji...are you all right?

SHINJI (voice-over): I'm all right, Rei. I'm all right now. The old man is at peace.

AYA IKARI (voice-over): Papa! Papa!

SHINJI (voice-over): Hey, you. (rustling is heard, he is picking her up) Wow. You're getting heavy. Better enjoy it while you can, Aya.

AYA (voice-over): Why are we here, Papa?

SHINJI (voice-over): I came to pay my respects to a legend. He saved my life...a long time ago.

REI (voice-over): You never talked about Big Boss. Not even after the Angel Wars. Do you want to talk about it now?

SHINJI (voice-over): I guess now is a good time to start, isn't it? But I won't tell you how he died. I'll tell you how he lived.


[A picture of Shinji Ikari appears, dressed up as Big Boss, saluting appears, with the following.]


Snafu's Notes: And with that, Evangelion Gear is complete. Hope you enjoyed it.