To join the mass of mildly controversial pairings based in the Final Fantasy XIII universe, I give you this! I just love the idea.

Always There

He was always here for her. Strong, impassive, a guardian. He could listen, but he could also think. He had power, but also possessed a tenderness. It had tried to take and tried to save her life, and now he stood irresolutely with her. And he would always be there.

Vanille gave a small, sleepy smile, feeling her heart beat and with each pulse, with each jet of blood pushed around her veins, he was there, he was with her. She couldn't see him, neither could they, but she could feel his very essence in her bloodstream, in her very soul.

Her defender. Her fighter. Her ally, her servant, her equal, her superior. The one she relied on. The one who'd come whenever he was called.

And she couldn't live without him for a moment more.

They'd met long ago, he'd appeared literally in a flash of light, and she'd been awed, scared, but awed. And since that first meeting, every time they'd met the feeling grew stronger. She didn't know what it was to start with, but it had grown. It became more than a reliance, more than a friendship and was now, quite unmistakeably, love.

She didn't know what the others would think. It wasn't conventional, that much was true, but was anything really conventional now?

And still, loving despite the scorn she'd receive should they find out, the alienation she may well receive from Fang, and the sole remaining companion throughout would be only her lover. Could any love be truer?

She crept out to the empty night, staring at the void of the natural Gran Pulsian sky, smiling, hoping and wishing. He was in her heart.

Quite literally.

She focused, creating the crystal, shining in a glorious golden orange, the many faceted heart shape laying resplendent in her palm.

"Hecatoncheir" she whispered, trembling in the anticipation.

It was almost a shame to crack the glorious crystal, but she had to, to seeā€¦him.

She may well have been the only person ever to fall for her Eidolon of all things. She gave a small smile. Ah, well.

She squeezed her hand together, hearing the crack resound through the silent night. A few snaking trails of light wisped through the air, and a shining glyph appeared. Vanille looked around, waiting for the burning red form.

The tall, nimble, handsome man appeared behind her. She span around, smiling gratefully. "You came" she continued smiling with slightly more euphoria than before

"I always do" Hecatoncheir's soft, almost musical voice echoed through the night, its many armed, shining red form glimmering in the moonlight.

"You're always there for me" Vanille smiled, pressing herself closer to the resolute form, nestling her head in the crook of his neck. She pressed her lips to the firm, cold armour, giggling as the Eidolon lifted her up with some of its many arms.

Hecatoncheir brushed a lock of her hair aside, bringing its cool metal lips down to hers.

"I'll always be there."

I might continue this, depends on the reviews I get (hint hint). I just thought an Eidolon romance would be pretty good, but even so it's not easy to pick a vaguely possible pairing. Fang and Bahamut?!

The Eidolons are all different genders to whoever summons them, just a useless bit of trivia. (Except for Hope. No comment).

Update: due to the positive reviews, I am writing more hopefully, but it might take a while. I'm in the middle of another fic and have plenty to do in real life.