Here's the end. Hope you enjoy and...why do I keep writing these introductions?

Fang paced across the empty field, looking at Vanille as she kissed Hecatoncheir's cheek. She turned reluctantly away from the Eidolon, running up to Fang.

"I can't talk you out of this, can I?" Fang said

"Nope" Vanille smiled

"You really love it, huh?" Fang looked over the redhead's shoulder, at the standing tall Hecatoncheir.

"No" Vanille replied. "I love him"

Fang sighed, looking back to the many armed Eidolon.

"Enough for me" Fang concluded, exhaling quickly. She stepped forwards, turning and grasping Vanille's hand. "I don't want to see you hurt again." she stared into the redhead's eyes, as if by force of will she could help her.

"Thanks" Vanille broke into a bigger grin, jumping a little.

The two old friends stood, still, for a brief moment, before Fang released Vanille's hand and walked up to the Eidolon. The dark haired Oerba tribeswoman looked the Eidolon up and down.

"You look after her, you hear?" Fang glared at the imposing Hecatoncheir.

"Always" Hecatoncheir nodded. "But you'll be here too"

"Of course" Fang twirled her spear, before effortlessly strapping it across her back again.

"You're not…mad?" Vanille spoke up, slightly startled

"Why would I be?" Fang looked down from the Eidolon's face, "Sure I was a little shocked, but it's your life"

Vanille grinned again, jumping up onto Hecatoncheir's shoulder.

Sazh's small yellow chocobo fluttered up, cawing as it near the Eidolon's face. "Kweh!" The chocobo rolled away, startled, as Hecatoncheir moved. The chocobo flew up to it again, bobbing around its shoulders. Hecatoncheir turned around, following the chocobo chick with his eyes, giving a low chuckle. Vanille laughed along, watching the chocobo bob through the air. It seemed to be enjoying the Eidolon's company.

"Who am I to disagree?" Sazh muttered, amused at the flying chocobo. He was standing on the outskirts of the field, watching Fang, Vanille and Hecatoncheir.

Snow and Lightning stood the opposite side of the field.

"They look happy" Snow commented, scratching the back of his head.

"I didn't realize how much she cared" Lightning sighed, a drop of tenderness escaping her icy exterior.

"You feeling alright sis? That almost sounded nice"

"I am not your-" Lightning turned, eyes blazing, before wilting slightly. "I didn't realize how much she cared" Lightning said again, this time referring to Serah

"We all had that problem" Snow sighed, looking at the couple. In the right light, he could just about see strands of pink in Vanille's hair. He could imagine Serah there, running around and smiling even when no one approved.

"She's got my support" Snow added, crossing his arms behind his head as he watched Vanille and Hecatoncheir.

"I guess so" Lightning smiled.

Several minutes passed, until the chocobo chick tired out, and Fang, Sazh, Snow and Lightning had gone to set up the camp.

Hope wandered up to Vanille and Hecatoncheir, as they stood bathed in the light of the setting Sun.

Vanille moved towards the silver haired boy, moving away from the handsome Hecatoncheir. In some ways, it was Hope's approval she sought most for: he was the one who'd begun the debate, who'd told Lightning. Honestly, she couldn't blame him. But still, she needed acceptance, needed validation. Who wouldn't?

"If you're happy" Hope shrugged, smiling slightly.

"Really?" Vanille's eyes widened. She wasn't expecting such a flood of acceptance.

"I didn't understand, that's the truth." He was uncharacteristically serious, "I thought you were just fooling around; I didn't know you were willing to…die"

"She won't need to" Hecatoncheir added, his tone almost singing. "If you love someone enough, you have to be willing to let them go: if you're the one hurting them"

Hope nodded. "But, if that love's strong enough, you won't need to" the boy finished the phrase, surprising Hecatoncheir.

"I never thought like that" the Eidolon smiled, kneeling to look Hope in the eye

"Well you need to start" Vanille gave the Eidolon a quick peck on the cheek.

"If love is strong enough…" Hecatoncheir mused. He gave a slow smile, scooping up Vanille.

"Bye, I guess" Vanille laughed, whooping as the crimson Eidolon soared off the ground. The two lovers bounded along rocks and grass, skipping along the backs of Adamantoises and twirling over Titan's head, until they leapt over Taejin's Tower and stopped in a thin coating of crystal dust.

"Oerba" Vanille whispered, stepping away from her Eidolon, into the glimmering village.

"Vanille" Hecatoncheir's voice was deep, friendly. Vanille turned, somehow knowing to grasp one of his lower arms. "Thank you" the Eidolon spoke softly.

Hecatoncheir closed his shining eyes.

A curious sensation washed through Vanille, a light tingling, emanating from the brand on her thigh. She felt ripples, tiny sparks of golden light drift through her, into her hand and into the focusing, metallic Hecatoncheir. The ring of limbs on the Eidolon's back started to twirl, until lines of white and gold were flung out of them, striking the tumbled down houses, and contacting the overturned earth. The energy spread, like drips of water might form a pool, the energy spread, moving from crystal speck to crystal speck, white gold enveloping Oerba.

"Beautiful" Vanille murmured.

The light started to dim. She heard a distant rumble, soil rolling some place far off. The blanket of light faded further, while the morphing ground grew stronger. Vanille held tightly onto Hecatoncheir as the Eidolon's eyes snapped open.

The shimmering energy covering Oerba vanished instantly, and Vanille gasped. The cracked and torn floor had been sealed over, smoothed out, while the shattered windows were repaired, the rust had been wiped away, the roofs had been recreated, the Cie'th had vanished, the structures were twisted back to shape, the water was purified, the weeds eradicated, and it was all shimmering. Like crystal.

"I never knew you could…" Vanille's voice trailed off, gazing into the recreated Oerba.

"I can't. This was both of us: your memories and self control, my energy" Hecatoncheir lightly brushed a lock of Vanille's hair aside.

She stared at the Eidolon in wonderment, for the first time feeling as if she was truly seeing him.

"If love is strong enough, as your friend said" Hecatoncheir smiled

"Then anything's possible" she reached up, stroking the Eidolon's textured face.

She might be a l'Cie, she might be doomed to becoming a Cie'th or becoming Ragnarok, but right now, she had one more thing. She had hope.

Right now, it didn't matter what the future held, it didn't matter what lies she'd told in the past, or what lies he might telling the future. Right now, only one thing mattered.

"I love you" Vanille slowly spoke the words, meaning them more than she ever had before.

"I love you" Hecatoncheir spoke the words for only the second time.

And the two, Eidolon and l'Cie, kissed in the centre of the shining village of Oerba, surrounded by ghosts now with a chance of rebirth.

"Don't ever leave me" Vanille broke the kiss for just enough time to speak those words.

"I never will" Hecatoncheir embraced her. "I'll always be there."

Here's a thought to finish off with:

Like two doomed ships that pass in storm
We had crossed each other's way:
But we made no sign, we said no word,
We had no word to say;
For we did not meet in the holy night,
But in the shameful day.

Oscar Wilde