E/O Challenge: Soak (okay in this case I used soaked – hope that's okay)

For Supernaturalbuffy's birthday – some hurt/sick Dean for ya, hope you like it! Tag to Wendigo, from Sammy's POV.



I'd forgotten what it's like to be a Winchester; forgotten the fear, the horror, the monsters.

And I'd forgotten that when my big brother says he's fine, that it's just a scratch, he's lying.

By the time I'd remembered it was too late, his temperature already high, the sweat soaked sheets a testament to his raging fever.

"Easy Dean," I soothed, placing the dampened cloth against his too warm forehead.

Responding he reached out, grabbing my hand.

"S'mmy?" he questioned, delirious. "Dad said ... you'd gone ... for good."

"I came back," I murmured. "I'm sorry I left you bro."