Chapter 1



My heart is beating so unbelievably fast that I am scared everyone in the fucking building can hear it. I have been involved with robberies before, but I'd always been on the other side. I am usually calm and in control of my actions; I follow my orders and complete the tasks that are given to me. I love the praise I receive, when I get everyone out of the building safe and alive while the chief locks up the bad guys.

I've always loved my job. But right now, all my skills and training are fucking useless. In the pit of my stomach; I can feel the panic crawling its way up to the surface, while I sit on the cold, marble floor of a small bank in Forks, Washington. I pray that I get out of here safe, and alive. I better get out of here soon; I need to get back to my kids and the love of my life.

Tears fill my eyes, when I think of the how I may not see my family again if I don't get out of here. I finally have everything I've ever dreamed of but that tall blond-haired son of a bitch that is pacing in front of me could feel better take it all away from me, any fucking minute now.

I think about my son and how he has been my rock for the last five years; he captured my heart the moment he was born with his big green eyes and gentle smile. I'm still amazed of how much he looks like me. My mom loves it and says that I got lucky with him. My mom never did like my son's mother, but she worships my boy. He is my pride and joy.

My thoughts turn to my little princess, and how she melts my heart every time I see her. She has been making so much progress since I met her. From the moment she stood in my house, I couldn't help but fall in love with her warm heart, her shy smile, and warm chocolate eyes. I felt the need to protect her from all the bad in the world. To make sure she feels relaxed and safe every day. She's may not been mine by blood, but she is my princess, my little girl.

Tears are now falling on my hands, I have never been ashamed of crying, but I don't usually do it in front of anyone except my mom and Bella. God, my heart aches when I continue to think about Bella. I cannot lose her, I just found her. She is the only woman who has ever completed me, all of me; heart, body and soul.

I long to feel her in my arms again, tell her how much I love her, make love to her, and cherish her every minute of the day. I never even knew I was broken, until I met her. She healed me, by opening up my heart and sealing it again, with love and passion that I never knew existed. She is an angel who was sent to rescue me and my son. She has shown us what real happiness and true love was, and for the first time, my life was complete, my family was complete. I cannot leave my family now. I will not leave my family now.

I'm pulled away from my thoughts when I hear that bastard start shouting at a woman sitting across from me.

"Shut up!" he yelled at her. "I told you not to speak."

The young woman pulls her son closer to her and cried into his hair. At that moment, I'm thankful that my family isn't here, at least I know they are safe outside in the car.

"No one talk or I will start shooting," he yelled, turning in a circle, waving his fucking gun at everyone. I close my eyes and continue to think of my family that are only a few feet away, outside of harm's way.

A couple of hours have passed, and I'm still sitting on the floor. I have been thinking of all the things that I want to do with my family when I get out of here, when I realize that the robber has been very quiet. Maybe, I can get him to talk to me and I could just explain my job and position in this town, and maybe make a deal with him. I'm thinking of different ways to approach him with my decision when I hear a woman scream. Before I knew it, I'm on my feet and rush towards the place where I heard the scream come from.

"Let her go right fucking now, you bastard!" I yell at him I pull his arm away from the small woman that he has pinned on the one of the desks. I look at her and could see fear and relief in her eyes. Her back was on the top of the desk and her legs dangling from the side; her entire body is shaking and tears run silently down her face.

I clutch my hand into a fist as he stares at me, with his dull dark dirty gray eyes, his chest heaving from his fast, heavy breathing. His mouth is mashed into a straight line and he glares at me with anger and rage. I'm sure I look the same as him, as I can feel the anger building inside me

"I warned you." He spits in my face. He's standing in front of me, we're face to face, nostrils flared. I just want to go home and this fucking prick is pissing me the fuck off.

"I. don't. care." I spit every word slowly and harshly. "Leave her alone and let us fucking go!" I have had enough. I have just lost 4 hours of my life waiting for this nightmare to be over and I'm not waiting any longer.

I am going home. Right now.

He laughs in my face.

"Make me," he challenges, and to prove his point he grabs the woman that he just assaulted by the hair, She yelps with pain. I mold my hand into a fist and connected it with his face. I no longer have control of my actions; the anger has taken over me.

It takes him a couple of seconds to realize what has happened, he lets go of the girl and lunges at me, knocking both of us on the floor. There are punches and kicks being thrown in every direction, while we rolled around on the floor. I try to block out the screams in the background as we continue to roll around like 5 year-olds boys.

The robber frees his hand and hits me in the eye with the back of the gun that was in his back jean pocket. Within seconds, he's on top of me, punching my face with his fist. I bring my right knee up and kick the fucker in the side to get him off me, causing him to drop his gun on the floor. I have about 30 seconds to grab the gun and end this nightmare, but the robber must have noticed my plan because we both jump towards it at the same time.

With both of our hands on the guns, I kick, punch, and bite him; I even pull the fucker's greasy blond hair like a girl, trying to get him to drop the gun. However he is stronger than I guessed, and he attacks me with just as much force as me. He grabs the side of my face, pulls my head off the floor and bashes it repeatedly off the marble ground. A sharp pain rips through my body. I try to focus on where the gun is and not the pain in my head.

"Let fucking go!" he yells. I growl in response. I am not letting go; my life is depending on this.

He looks at me while he grabs my hair again. I know he's about to bang my head against the marble again so I quickly pull my head back and smash it against his with as much force as I can muster. We both groan in pain from the impact our heads created while our hands still fumble around for the gun.

"I'm going to fucking kill you for that," he says snickering darkly.

I lunge forward towards him, trying to pull the gun from his hand in the process. I curse at him, hoping that this will distract him enough to steal the gun; I can feel it slipping from his hand, so I pull it closer to me. Any second all of this will end. He pulls the gun back towards him, and we continue to roll around on the floor. I don't know how, but I manage to pin him underneath me. My knees pinned his thighs to the ground, but both of our hands still pull the gun back and forth between us.

I suddenly freeze and my eyes grow wide as I hear the gunfire.

He looks right at me, his eyes as wide as mine. I don't have time to think of what just happened. I hear the screams that surround me and my body suddenly grows heavy; I sway a little.

I jump when the gun fires again.

The screams get louder and my body grows heavier. I can no longer feel my legs, and my arms feel like are about to fall off.

My body sways to the side until I fall limply on the floor. I can't move anymore. There is a sharp pain in my head as there is a burning one going on inside of me somewhere.

I look over my shoulder trying to see if the robber is still there, but everything is blurry and I can't focus on anything. I think about my amazing family and how much I love them instead of focusing on the pain. I pray that they will be safe, I pray that they can forgive me, I pray that I can see them right now, that I could hear their voices once more. I pray for my life, praying is all I do until the blackness consumes me.