Disclaimer: I can only call dibs on Scott because I created him. Other than him, everybody else belongs to the almighty Stephanie Meyer.

"Scott," Charlie groaned, "get her out of here."

"No," I whispered, choking on the water that was pouring into the car from the surrounding water.

"Be good, Bells." Charlie, my dad, choked out. My mother, Renee, was lying limply in the passenger seat. The seat belt had cut into her torso and her head had crashed into the window, leaving a trail of blood on her pale skin. I knew immediately that the life had been gone from her body long before we began to sink into the river. Scott, my cousin, had been driving behind us.

My dad hadn't seen the truck swerving into our lane, trying to stop. It careened towards us on the rainy roads as the thunderstorm poured up above. We were thrown across the bridge and into the water.

"Scott!" he screamed. The sound was hoarse, and filled with pain but he was determined.

"Dad, no-"

"Scott!" he screamed again, ignoring my pleas. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at my father. He was falling apart at the seams yet he was holding onto his last breath in order to get me to safety.

"Dad, I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too, Bells." he whispered smiling sadly at me. I felt my car door open, bringing in a torrent of water. I cried out in pain as arms wrapped around me. "Scott, take care of her. Promise." my dad whispered sternly as the water began to fill the car up. His shoulders slumped with exhaustion.

"No!" I cried through my tear-filled eyes.

"I promise, Uncle Charlie." Scott managed as he pulled me out of the car swiftly and into the dark waters that seemed to erase my tears. I kept my eyes open as Scott swam us up to the surface. The car sank deeper and deeper into the dark waters... with my parents in it.

My cries filled my lungs up with water and it wasn't long before I completely lost sight of the car in the dark waters. Scott managed to drag me to the shore of the water. I cried and coughed out trying to get over the shock. It's not possible.

"Come on, Bella. Stay with me." Scott's voice urged as he tried to help the water out of my body. My eyes started to droop closed as the sirens began to approach. "Come on, Bella. Don't give up."

"Where are they?" I demanded as I looked around the room. The room was empty except for the nurse that was taking my vitals.

"Your cousin is outside, Miss Swan." she replied calmly, soothingly.

"Bella," Scott's voice was filled with relief as he entered the small hospital room. "How are you? Are you-"

"Where are they?" I asked again.

"Bella, I'm so sorry." he whispered sitting next to my bed. My eyes widened and the sobs that shook my weak body weren't suppressed.

"No," I shook my head as the tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Bella. Bella, wake up." Scott's voice pulled me out of the daze of my vivid memories that haunted my sleep since it occurred.

"We're here. Welcome to Forks, Bells." he said smiling at me. I looked around at the scene of greenery and leaned against my seat, with a sigh.

A/N: In case there's any confusion out there, that wasn't only a dream that Bella woke up from. It was a memory. Scott's her older cousin. Bella is seventeen years old.