My mother use to tell me that angels where watching over me, I always believed her. That was until one day she didn't come home. If there where such a thing as a God, then why did he dissert one of his most devote follower. After she died it was only me, my dad, and my sisters. I swore on the day of my mother's funeral that I would protect them, even if it meant giving my life; After all I made a promise and a Cortez always keep their promises.

I sat inside of my car a, red classic convertible, listening to music waiting for my sister to come out of the police station. There have been a string of murders in the area and we where looking in on it. Three People have been found in their houses with the doors and windows locked, cut open with their heart missing. That's what we do, my sisters and I, we hunt thing, things that people believe are of nightmares ha, I wish. We usually work from home going on the road if we find a case. This case is a bit personal though, this is happening from our hometown. I looked in the review mirror to see if my sister was coming, as I was looking I caught site of my reflection. Everyone always says that I could pass as my mother back from the dead. I had her beautiful pitch black hair that if the moon hits just right looks purple, I had her eyes that where electric blue if you got me mad they would look like static was in them. I also had her full lips, because I am a hunter I'm fit and my body as all the right curves. My father would always say that if I wanted to see my mother to look at the mirror and she would be looking right at me, but instead of helping me it made me sad that would be the only way that I saw her.

"Hey, are you going to keep staring at your self or are you going to let me in at some point." My youngest sister asked me sassily.

"I could always just let you freeze out there." I shot back at her.

"Quit playing, its December, I'm freezing out hear let me in!"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah what ever you say." I said as I let her in the car.

"So what did you find out, or did you just make me lose a perfectly good afternoon?" I asked her. She made one of those faces that said 'you-are- so- not-funny' before answering me.

"They told me that the woman that died two days ago was in fact killed the same way as the others. Doors and windows locked, cut open and with the heart missing. The only thing that was different was that she managed to write something in her own blood." She stopped talking at the point. We where driving back home to tell Andy what we found, when we reached a red light I looked at her and saw her look scared. I have not seen her look that scared since my father told her that everything she feared was real.

"What did she write Ally?" I asked casually so I don't upset her.

"She wrote Red eyes, the police think that her attacker was warring red contacts." I looked at her and understood why she was so afraid. There was only one demon that had red eyes but instead of fear al I felt was anger.