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When we came to a rest stop before reaching Nebraska I went to the bathroom so I could make a call to John, and to get away from Dean and Sam's fussing. Staring at my reflection I had to admit to myself that they had a reason to fuss, I looked really bad.

"Man, if Ally saw me like this she would flip." I whispered to myself while I smiled sadly. Ally did always care about looks more than Andy and I did, I could just picture her face scrunching up in displeasure and saying in her most serious I'm-the- oldest-so-I-know better voice "Girl we need to do something about your hair, no sister of mine will look like the wicked witch of the west, got it."

Yeah that's what she would say while Andy would be worrying herself to death while at the same time bugging me to death with her fretting saying things like, "You have to stay in bed, do you need anything? Some tea maybe, or is that to hot? Are you hungry, do you want me and Kim to make you your favorite soup?" And that would go on and on until Kim would drag her away from me so I could get some sleep.

I didn't notice until I looked at my reflection again that I was crying. I wiped my tears and pulled out my phone to dial John's number. It rang a few times before going straight to voicemail, oh well, I thought, it will be easier this way.

"Hey John, it's Alex," I said softly into in the phone my voice shacking a little, "Uh… I guess I'm just calling to say thank you. Something happened with the Rawhead we were hunting and I got hurt." I could feel more tears wanting to fall but willed them not to after all I meant what I said before to Dean, I didn't fear death, "The doctors said I have a month at the most, but you don't have to worry about your boys their fine, not letting me die in peace, but fine none the less," I chuckled one traitor tear slipping past my defenses, "Their taking me to see some specialist in Nebraska, but who knows what fate has in store for me… I just wanted to say something first, just in case it doesn't work out and I don't get to say goodbye to you in person." I paused to take a deep breath so I could go on, "I wanted to say thank you, thank you for saving me two years ago, you saved me in more ways than you know… if it hadn't been for you I would have broken so completely there would have been no way to put me back together." By the last word that left my mouth my tears were falling freely but thankfully it didn't sound like I was crying as I said my last goodbye to John, "Oh and thank you for sending me to your boys, it was worth it, so thanks for everything John, goodbye." I hung up and cried a little more before cleaning my face and making sure it didn't look like I was just crying or Dean would never ever leave me alone I thought with a small smile.

"Hey are you ready to go?" Sam asked me when I walked out.

"Yeah I'm ready."

It took us one more hour to reach Nebraska and by then I was over my moment of self-pity I had in the rest-stop bathroom. Yes I was dying, but I wasn't going to let that ruin Dean and Sam as well. It was sweet that they cared, but if they kept going as they were when I was gone it would hurt them much more than it should.

"Okay we're here." Sam said pulling up to a parking lot. When I tried to sit up from where I was laying at in the back seat I couldn't help the grunt of pain I let out, well it was half of pain and half of disbelief. There was a group of people who look very sick, making their way towards a tent with a sign saying "The Church of Roy LeGrange. Faith Healer. Witness The Miracle."

"I thought we were going to a doctor!" I said in my raspy voice that kind of took away from my show of anger.

"I don't know where you got that idea." Sam said with his best puppy dog look that always made me give in to him, it was just like Andy's. I looked away so I wouldn't forgive him so easily, but when I tried to get out of the car both Sam and Dean rushed to help me.

"I got it," Dean said taking ahold of me, "Man, you are a lying bastard. I thought you said we were going to see a doctor too." I shot a smug look at Sam who had the grace to look a little ashamed at least.

"I believe I said a specialist. Look, Dean, this guy's supposed to be the real deal." Tell me again why he was trying to convince Dean more than me because I am very confused at the looks they were sharing with each other, and more than a little annoyed.

"I can't believe you brought me here to see some guy who heals people out of a tent." I hissed at him but some old lady passed us by and overheard me.

"Reverend LeGrange is a great man." She said to me in an angry voice that most days would have made me snap at her, but today I was too tired to do anything but glare at her back.

"Yeah, that's nice." Dean whispered in my ear making me smile at him.

As we walked to the tent we walked past an angry man who was arguing with a sheriff.

"I have a right to protest. This man is a fraud. And he's bilking all these people out of their hard-earned money. "

"Sir, this is a place of worship. Let's go. Move it." I snorted and was about to say something but Dean beat me to it.

"I take it he's not part of the flock." I guess he was still annoyed at his little brother.

"But when people see something they can't explain, there's controversy." Sam said trying to prove his point.

"I mean, come on, Sam, a faith healer?" I was prone to agree with Dean but I stayed out of it, I had learned to stay out the brothers fights unless they were about to throw punches.

"Maybe it's time to have a little faith, Dean."

"You know what I've got faith in? Reality. Knowing what's really going on." So Dean was like me in that, I don't know if that made me glad that I'm not alone in my thinking or sad that I had company. I decided not to think about it.

"How can you be a skeptic? With the things we see every day?" I remember having this same conversation with Kim not long after my father died. I didn't talk with her again for a month.

"Exactly. We see them, we know they're real." Must be in the Winchester blood to be stubborn because they were sounding a awful lot like John.

"Guys." I sighed trying to get them to stop; I knew this fight wasn't going anywhere.

" But if you know evil's out there, how can you not believe good's out there, too?"

"Guys." I tried to say louder but my voice cracked at the end. Still they didn't stop.

"Because I've seen what evil does to good people." Dean said while he tighten his hold on me, he was getting frustrated with his little brother, great that meant more headaches for me.

"Maybe God works in mysterious ways." A young blond woman interrupted us smiling. All three of us stopped to look at her, Sam looked relived that someone interrupted and Dean looked annoyed about it.

"Maybe he does." I said trying to be polite. "I think you just turned us around on the subject." That made her laugh and Dean held on to me a little tighter.

"Yeah, I'm sure." She laughed, after a little nudge from me Dean extended his hand.

"I'm Dean and this besides me looking like Casper is Alex. That is Sam, my brother."

"Layla. So, if you're not a believer, then why are you here?" She asked looking at me.

"I never said that I wasn't a believer." I said trying to divert the conversation from my faith or lack thereof.

Layla just laughed at me but didn't say anything as an older lady who looks a lot like Layla walks over to us.

"Come on, Layla. It's about to start." Her mother and Layla say goodbye to us before walking away to the tent.

"Well, I bet you she can work in some mysterious ways." Dean says leading me into the tent as well, and I have to laugh because I could tell he was being sarcastic.

"I hope you two know this isn't going to work."

"Well if there is a God he would heal you." Dean said his voice so stiff I wondered what he would do if He didn't.

Dean gestured to a security camera on the wall while snorting, "Yeah, peace, love, and trust all over."

"Come on." Sam said ignoring his brother while leading us to the front.

"Guys I don't want to there, let's sit in the back."

"We're sitting up front." Sam said with what Dean called his bitch face; I was inclined to agree with that right that moment.

"I agree with him on that, come on Alex." Dean said almost dragging me to the front.

"I hope you know I hate you right now." I hissed at them both trying to push Dean away from me but he held on tightly.

"As long as you keep on doing it for a long time I'm good with that." Dean said while staring me in the eyes, the look in his eyes was soft and caring but there was something else there that I couldn't name, and it scared me, I knew that I could name it if I tried I just didn't cause I also knew that I wouldn't like it. Or worse that I would.

"Perfect." Sam said making me look away from Dean.

"Yeah, perfect." I heard Dean mutter.

"You take the aisle." Dean said louder.

After a moment an old man took the stage and from the looks of it he was blind.

"Each morning, my wife, Sue Ann, reads me the news. Never seems good, does it? Seems like there's always someone committing some immoral, unspeakable act." I raised my eyebrow at that, like he or any of these people really knew anything about 'immoral, unspeakable' acts, they were lucky that people like my family and Deans family were around so they wouldn't have to know. When I turned to glare at Sam again I noticed that he was looking at a table full with crosses and things like that, but one of them caught my eye, it looked filmier but Dean's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, or into their wallets." Dean was smirking but stopped when he noticed everyone was staring at him.

"You think so, young man?" Roy asked smiling not looking mad at all.

"Ignore him; his mouth isn't wired to his brain." I said trying to get him out of an awkward situation.

"No, no it's alright. Just watch what you say around a blind man, we've got real sharp ears. What's your name, dear?"

"Um… Alex." I answered after Dean nudged me to do so.

"Alex. I want—I want you to come up here with me." His wife goes on the stage to welcome me and the crowd was cheering and clapping but I noticed that Layla and her mother looked upset.

"No, that's ok." I said swallowing.

"What are you doing?" Dean hissed at me.

"You've come here to be healed, haven't you?" Roy asked me confused.

"Well, yeah, but—" The crowd interrupted me by cheering some more but I talk over them as loudly as I could, " No, maybe you should just pick someone else. I'm not who you should pick." Dean was out right glaring at me by now but I didn't think he should pick me, there had to be people more worthy then me in this crowd.

"Oh, no, I didn't pick you, Alex, the Lord did."

I swear if this crowd didn't shut up I would shoot them all, I thought, my head pounding from my head ach.

"Get up there!" Sam said excitedly. I shoot him a glare but the look on Deans face is what got me to leave my seat and walk up to the man. Dean looked so mad at me but underneath that mad look I saw fear. He was afraid that I would turn down my only chance to live. But he didn't understand, I didn't think I deserved to live.

"You ready?" Roy asked me kindly.

"Look, no disrespect, but I'm not exactly a believer." I whispered to him.

"You will be, my dear. You will be. Pray with me, friends." I hear the crowd behind be praying and some crying, but when Roy put his hands on me I forgot about everything else as I felt something cold go over me.

"Alright, now. Alright, now." I didn't know what he was talking about but I was not fine, I felt weak and I couldn't stop myself from falling to my knees. "Alright, now." I hear him say once again before I collapse completely.

I could swear I heard a giggle from somewhere near me, and something was petting my hair. But I couldn't bring myself to move.

"You would think that almost dying would make her pay more attention to her sounding, but obviously not." I knew that voice, but it couldn't be.

"Leave her alone, Ally, she's had a rough time lately." I knew that voice too.

"How the hell could she have it rough if he has been with two of hottest guys I have ever seen in my life, or is it after life?" A small whimper escapes me but they didn't notice, just like they never did when they bickered.

"Well let's see first we die, then she spends two years alone, after that when she get some of her life put together again she has to become a hunter again, and now she almost died saving her shield, I mean come on isn't it his job to take of her not the other way around. If he would have gotten my little sister killed I would be forced to make his life very miserable." Just from the tone of her voice I could tell she was glaring.

"Well you do have a point there," Ally admitted reluctantly.

"Don't I always?"


"You two can't let a girl sleep?" I asked my voice cracking from the sob that shakes my whole body. When I opened my eyes I noticed that my head was on Andy's lap and Ally was petting my head. Ally was wearing a black dress that would make most men give her their cars, and Andy was wearing a blue dress with black flower lacing. Both look beautiful and healthy they were looking at me with such happiness that it made cry harder.

"Shhh, it's okay Alex, everything will be okay." Andy whispered in my ear while holding close. Suddenly I wasn't in her arms but in Ally's.

"Stop crying baby girl, you know your tears always made me want to cry too, and if I mess up my make-up I will be very angry." I laughed through my tears and tried to stop crying. When I calmed down some I noticed that I was back home in our sun room.

"What…" I couldn't make sense of my own thoughts.

"Oh well we thought you would be more at ease here at home than anywhere else, we now you must be missing it." Ally explained at my confused look.

I wanted to say so many things to them, at night when I couldn't sleep because of the nightmares I would think of all the things I wanted to say to my sisters if I ever got the chance, and now that I do all I could think about one thing, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"For what?" They asked together.

"I got you both killed, and I'm so sorry if I hadn't wanted revenge so badly, if I had wai-" I didn't get to finish my rambled as Andy slapped me on the back of the head just like I do to Dean all the time.

"Would you stop it? We don't blame you, we have never blamed you." She was crying, I made my sister cry, great.

"Alex, I know you don't want to hear this but when we died, it was our time. There was nothing you or anybody else could have done to save us, so you need to stop blaming yourself because I promise you no one else is doing it."

"Am I dead?" I asked in a whisper to change the subject. They knew what I was doing if their sigh was anything to go by, but they let it drop.

"No you're not." Ally answered me.

"Then why am I here?" I asked tiredly, this day was really getting to me.

"Because we wanted to see you." Ally said as if I should already know.

"So you guys haven't been 'watching over me' or whatever?" I couldn't help but to chuckle to hide the pain of the fact that I really had been alone for the past two years. .

"Don't laugh, do you know how frustrating it has been not knowing how you've been only getting reports every now and then." Andy said glaring again.

"What do you mean?" I asked laughing at my sister, God I had missed them so much. "why couldn't you?"

After the two exchanged a look Ally said, "We can't tell you who wouldn't let us, but that's not we are here, we have to warn you."

"About what?" I couldn't help but become worried after I noticed how Andy tensed and Ally held me tighter.

"Things are going to get bad baby girl, and it's frustrating that we can't help you." Andy said, "We made a deal that as long as we don't interfere with your path than we get to look after you."

"But that makes no sense! How can you guys look after me if you can't interfere?" I asked frustrated.

"Baby girl, in the next few years you are going to be in for a hell of a ride, but you need to follow your heart okay, no matter it says." Ally was looking me in the eyes trying to tell me something but I couldn't understand.

"She won't get it until it's time Ally, and by then she will be ready." Andy whispered but I could still hear her.

"I hope your right." Ally whispered back, but before I could demand a straight answer I could see the room around me start to fade.

"We're out of time baby girl; you have to go back now." I started shaking my head no, I didn't want to go, and I didn't want to leave them.

"Know that from now on we will always be with you, and that we love you so much." Andy whispered in my ear.

"Oh and make sure you get a kiss from that Dean guy, he's hot." That was the last thing I heard before I woke up again gasping for breath with both Dean and Sam above me looking worried. But what took most of my attention was a very old man dressed in a black suit and with white hair his skin looking gray. He was staring right at me.

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