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In the city of Townsville...

Three brothers drove into Townsville high school feeling confident and cocky. At the front of there line of cars in the dark green Dodge viper was a green-eyed boy with scruffy short black hair. He was wearing a baggy dark green t-shirt with black cargo pants and had a grin plastered on his face.

Behind him in his precious navy Corvette ZO6 was a blue-eyed boy with a middle parten blond hair that went down to his ears. He had a blue t-shirt on with dark blue jeans, he slid in behind his brother and lent back in his seat basking in the attention that he and his brother were already creating on their first day.

In the school car park students had stopped their conversations to look at the two brothers in there speed cars. The brothers pulled into two available parking spaces leaving a gap between them both. When their final brother joined them.

He entered the parking lot smirking cockily in his blood red Aston Martin Vantage. He had a red baseball cap facing forward and a scruffy black jacket slung over his shoulders, he had a red t-shirt on and dark jeans. His red eyes where satisfied and his fiery red hair that went to his shoulders stuck out under his hat. He revved the engine as he entered and received a few startle gasps as a reward. He slid into the spot in between his brothers killed the engine; before all three brothers stepped out of the cars at once with the whole school staring at them.

They walked to the back of their cars and lent against them proudly when a few guys came and crowded them.

"Sup boys" The red-eyed guy greeted coolly

"Nice rides" One guys said casually

"Nice? have you looked at these cars? there smokin' and by the looks of things the best cars by far in this place" the green eyed guy sneered

"Not on ya life pal" another replied clearly uninterested

"What?" the blond asked surprised.

"Dude you haven't seen the Stars yet, the you will be thinking twice about your cars" a guys with short brown hair smirked.

"Stars?" the redhead asked

"What's your names? your clearly new, tell us your names and we'll give the info on the Stars" The brown haired guy asked, clearly he knows how to handle information.

"Right i'm Brick, Thats Butch..." Brick said pointing to the black haired boy "...and thats Boomer" He said pointing to his blond haired brother.

"Cool, okay then I'm Matt" The brown haired boy said "That's Karl..." he said pointing to a black haired nerdy looking boy "and this is Coner" he said pointing to a orange haired boy on a skateboard.

"Right, right now who are the Stars? could we beat these guys?" Butch asked quickly, the first day and already he feared they had competition. The brothers had a passion about being the fastest, most powerful and most feared guys in the school. And this school will be their 3rd in 2 years. But something about Butch's question caught the guys attention.

"Guys?!" Coner exclaimed, the three brother's quirked an eye brow, clearly not the reaction they were expecting.

"Dude, your not gonna believe your eyes" Matt said grinning

"Why?" Brick asked, but his question was answered as the rev of a powerful engine filled the school parking lot. Everyone turned their heads to the entrance to watch the 'car show' as the Stars entered.

The first car was green and a classic Mclaren MP4-12C, the windows were tinted so the driver could not be seen as the beautiful car slid smoothly into the parking spot.

Behind was a light blue Honda NSX again with the windows tinted as well and entered the lot more slowly than the first car. The driver was clearly taking pleasure at the attention on them at that moment and slid easily into their parking spot a space between the green car.

Finally a roar of an engine was heard and the blaring music of Teriaki boys Tokyo Drift filled the parking lot. A beautiful light red Audi R8 entered the school. Reving the engine every so often the students of the school fell silent as the last and most powerful car slipped into place beside the blue and green. The owner of the red Audi R8 killed the engine and dimmed the music but was still audible though out the school.

The boys eyes widened at the sight of the super-cars and were determined to find out the owners. Knowing the drivers they would probably but snobby rich stuck up boys who were probably all flakes and never properly driven a car like they own to the power that it held to the max.

Suddenly all three doors open and the Stars all stepped out at different times. Out of the green car a long leg with tight black converse boots going up to mid calf and black shorts were visible first, then a head of shiny jet black hair was seen. She had green eyes surrounded by black eye shadow and long thick lashes, her red lipstick gave her a menacing expression and she flashed a smile to the crowd. Her green tight t-shirt stuck to her figure and a cropped black jacket was on her shoulders. She walked round to the back of her car that was facing towards the front of the school and lent on it casually.

Next out was the owner of the blue Honda NSX. A black heeled shoe came from the car with a short dark blue denim skirt following. Blond hair came next that was tied in two pig-tails and lightly bounced as she exited the car. Her pale blue eyes were surrounded by light blue eye shadow and long lashes framed her eyes. Her light blue halter neck top fit her snugly and she wore the same black jacket as the owner of the Mclaren MP4-12C. She also came round to the back of her car and lent on the back as well.

Finally a dangerous black stiletto was produced from the red Audi R8 and a thick black strap covered her ankle. At the top of her long creamy legs was a short black skirt, then a head of fiery red hair came up from the car. It was long and straight and flung over her head in a messy way that looked gorgeous and wild at the same time. Her eyes were smoky and expressed her rare pink eyes to perfection and had pale lip gloss shinning in the sun. She had a pink spaghetti strap top that hugged her figure deliciously and as same as the other two a cropped black leather jacket. She smirked at their audience and walked towards her sisters killing the music with her remote.

"They are the Stars" Karl muttered to a wide eyed and dropped jaw Brick, Butch and Boomer.

"Told ya you wouldn't believe it" Matt laughed at their expressions. The bell rand signaling everyone to leave for their first class. The boys had to head straight to the principals office for their schedules but as they were about to walk into the building Brick turned to look over his shoulder to look at the beauty that caught his eye. He looked at the red Audi R8 then shifted his gaze to the redheaded owner. Her eyes shifted from listening to her sisters to him and he looked straight into her pink eyes. He held her gazes for what seemed like an hour before she blinked then resumed listening to her sisters. Brick released a breath he didn't know he was holding and headed back towards the principals office.


After receiving their schedules they headed to their first lesson. Butch had gym a fact he was very pleased about. He had been pissed off when he saw the super-cars pull up in school and even more pissed when her saw the drivers where girls! And not just any girls smokin' hot girls! as Butch put it. He was annoyed that they couldn't brag about their cars so as a back up has been flirting outrageously with everything with breasts, he was hoping to use his looks as a 'plan B' to rule the school. And already had three phone numbers in less than an hour!

Boomer had art and wasn't too bothered by it, he liked Art but would rather be doing gym with Butch. However unlike Butch Boomer wasn't falling back on 'plan B'. Before the boys came they all had decided to use their cars as tools to own the student body, but that quickly crumbled as the Stars pulled up. Boomer just hung his head and shuffled towards the Art room.

Finally Brick had math, which really pissed him off. This day hadn't gone as planned and was steadily getting worse, but he was like Boomer he didn't fall back on 'plan B' but the whole 'car show' did tick him off. But something about that hot redhead seemed familiar like he had seen her somewhere before. Shaking it off he waved to his brothers and headed for the math room, he stood outside the door and prepared for his introduction to the class like every school did. Taking a breath he stepped inside and was shock to find who his class mates where.

There were the guys before that told himself and his brothers about the Stars and there was none other that the girl with pink eyes staring right at him. He walked over to the teacher and gave her his slip. To his pleasant surprise she told him to sit straight down near the back of the room surrounded by Karl, Matt and Coner and across the room from her.

"Hey" Brick muttered to the guys surrounding him.

"You alright, you and your brothers were pretty shocked when you saw the Stars" Coner whispered. Luckily all boys were at the back so the teacher couldn't hear them.

"Well ya think?"" Brcik whispered sarcastically. "Because the fact that they have supercars and are girls?!" He began to get louder.

"Ssssh!" Karl whispered

"What is there deal anyway?" Brick asked.

"Okay, well the Black haired chick is Buttercup-"

"Buttercup? you have got to be kidding me!" Brick snorted, he would have expected girls like them to have names like Razor or Scar something fierce... not Buttercup!

"As I was saying..." Matt muttered "Buttercup is the green eyed girl, but dude her name might make her sound cute but she has a temper! I mean seriously she can beat the crap out of anyone who ticks her or the other girls off! She is kind of the tomboy and is a wicked athlete she wins trophy's all the time." Coner explained

"Whoa, okay what about-"

"The bond?" Karl asked, Brick was actually going to ask about the redhead but settled to listen about the blond and nodded his head.

"Right the blond is Bubbles" Christ what is with these girls names?! Brick thought.

"Bubbles is the nice one she is super sweet and super hot she is captain of the cheer-leading team. Basically your typical barbie, except she can be mean when she wants to be not as mean as Buttercup but you don't want to rub her the wrong way. She is an outrageous flirt and always has a guy on her arm but never longer than a week, trust me dude don't waste your time" Karl said

"Wasn't counting on it" Brick mumbled, Bubbles sounded like the type of person Butch would settle for but he made a mental note to warn his brother to keep his distance, weather or not he would listen Brick didn't know.

"Right what about the redhead?" Brick finally asked tilting his head towards her at the front of the class.

"Blossom?" Matt asked why am I not surprised? Brick thought, and urged Matt to continue.

"Blossom is the leader of the clique, she runs the school and looks good doing it. She is the hottest girl in the school but rarely dates and is super smart. She is like the brains and is always quick witted. Like the others she can be mean and sometimes even deadly, one time this boy cheated on her spread rumors about her and then stole money from her! and when she found out she went ballistic, the story is she took him to this cliff near the bay and pushed him off! Nobody knows if the rumor is true but he has never been seen again so watch yourself. But out of the three she is the coolest and clearly has the hottest car" Matt finished.

Brick was so caught up in the story he was speechless so Coner took this opportunity to fill in a few gaps.

"Also the Stars are all sisters, and the best street racers this side of town"

"Street racers!" Brick said a little too loud, the teacher threw in a glare and Brick quickly looked down to his empty paper.

"As I was saying yes street racers, Blossom runs the crew DLR which stands for Destined Legend Racers. Blossom controls some of the best street racers in the city and owns a lot of money. She is the best of the best though but is watched by bigger men in the city to make sure nothing gets to fishy-"

"What you mean?" Brick interrupts

"Like if she started taking more money than beneficial or doing things to risky that the police might get invovled you know? But she never has and is highly respected in thatworld. Her sisters help her, but don't really look into the financial and deal making side of the job, they mainly race for her and doing money pick ups but that's it but they are also amazing! It might have something to do with them living alone or something" Coner said

"Why do they live alone?" Brick asked getting more and more interested with the girls and one pink eyed girl in particualar.

"No one knows what happened but the main story is-"

"Ssssh!" Karl spat signaling that the teacher was eyeing the boys dangerously.

Brick slid his eyes over to said redheaded hottie and found her pink eyes blazing at him. He stared her out when suddenly the bell rang and she packed her things and left the room before anyone even had time to move.


During lunch Brick met up with his brothers who were sat on their own table in the corner of the lunch room.

"Hey!" Boomer and Butch said as Brick sat down opposite them.

"So you guys hear about the Stars?" Butch said wide eyed

"Yeah I did! I even had Bubbles in my class!" Boomer said

"Yeah I had Buttercup, they are something special but the names are messed up man!" Butch said.

Glad I'm not the only one Brick thought.

"Yeah Blossom was with me" Brick muttered.

Suddenly they entered the room and the atmosphere seemed to automatically change whenever they entered. Even though Brick was told all of this information he still couldn't pin point where he had seen Blossom. He decided to get some pizza and joined the lunch line, he heared the clicking of high stilettos on the tiled floor and perfume filled his nostrils. He turned to find those dangerous pink eyes staring at him, even though she was in heels he was still slightly taller than her and smirked at the fact.

"What?" she asked her voice sounded fierce and angelic at the same time, Brick knew he was playing with fire if he annoyed her so just smile politely and turned around.

"Wait" Blossom said her voice suddenly softer, Brick turned around again and got a better view this time. Her wild orange hair framed her face and hung straight at each side, her smoky eyes defiantly had the hot factor and her cheekbones were positioned just in the right place. But confusion was spread across her face.

"Why don't I know you?" She asked

"What?" Brick said confused as well.

"I haven't seen you around here before"

"Oh I'm new, so are my brothers" Brick said pointing to his brothers who were staring at him and most of the school.

"Hmm, well you don't seem that bad, But you sort of look familiar, strange." She said saying that last part to herself. Brick wanted to say he recognized her too but the lunch line was hardly the time.

"Anyway hope to see you around Red" She said her voice going lower and sexier, Brick shivered from the nickname and smirked at her.

"I could same the same" he said equally low and husky playing her at her own game, before grabbing his pizza still looking at her before walking off leaving a smirking Blossom to collect her food and find her sisters.

As Brick returned to the table his brothers jumped him

"Why the hell were you talking to Blossom?!" Butch yelled

"What I'm not allowed?" Brick replied

"You do know what she did to that boy right?" Boomer asked

"That was just a rumor! it might not have even happened!" Brick yelled in her defence.

"Whatever, but man she is fit!" Butch yelled raising his eye brows in acceptance.

Brick just rolled his eyes and ate his pizza.


Last lesson and Butch had English, Boomer had Science and Brick had Study hall. Brick smiled as he went into the half empty room and smiled wider as he saw a certain pink eyed beauty sat alone at the table in the back. Confident he walked over to her table, dumped his books and took a seat at the side of her.

"Didn't think i would see you that soon" Blossom said not taking her eyes of her paper.

"Surprised?" Brick asked raising an eye brow grinning

"A little, to me it didn't seem like the type of thing you would do, you know sitting right up to someone you hardly know"

"There are a few things you don't know about me" Brick said his voice getting low again, Blossom looked up from her paper and put her pen down and looked Brick, a smile playing on her lips.

"Well then Red please enlighten me"

"Okay, I like pizza, I am the king of video games and like the colour red" Brick said easily.

"Details then, they are things I could of guessed" Blossom said

"Oh really?" Brick challenged "How"

"Well you got pizza and lunch, every guy claims to be the king of video games and your speaking to me, every guys favourite colour is red when they speak to me" she smile flicking her hair. Brick knew what Matt ment now with her being a genius.

"Yes but as a fellow redhead I have an extra reason" Brick said grinning, Blossom laughed a bit and went back to writing. Brick looked from side to side and found no body actually looking at Blossom, he took this opportunity and slid and bit closer and put his lips to her ear.

"Want to know something you wouldn't expect?" Brick whispered but Blossom kept writing.

"I'm a street racer"

Blossom's eyes widened and the lead of her pencil snapped she turned her eyes to him to find him smiling at her. Her lips were pressed into a thin line and looked at him seriously.

"Your joking"

"You seen my ride?" Brick said sitting back

"Pfft that is what you call a ride? Have you seen mine!" Blossom sneered, Brick's grin disappeared as she just insulted his pride and joy and sat up.

"Well what would you call a ride? or for that matter a race?" Brick was treading on thin ice testing Blossom in her element but Blossom's face turned into a smirk as she put her pencil down again.

"You wanna race...? meet me in front of school at 10pm tonight, and don't bring your peice of tin"

Brick grinned and nodded his head just as the bell rang and Blossom sped off and out of the class room and out of sight again.


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