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It felt like I was swimming. Or the very sense of it.

In front of me I saw my sisters Buttercup and Bubbles smiling at me, there where laughing but the noise sounded distorted. We where in our back garden and I saw the BBQ was cooking.

I saw it but couldn't smell it.

Buttercup had a basketball in her hands and she and Bubbles where fighting for control. I felt myself smile. Then Butch suddenly joins in grabbing Buttercup and throwing her over his shoulder her shrieks of laughter and protest sound as if I have water in my ears. I shake my head and watch as Butch carries my sister off as Bubbles scoops up the ball. She bounces it before throwing it at someone, I see Boomer grinning with the ball in his hands before challenging her. They laugh and play and I feel genuinely happy, even more so when I see Josh, Leah and Stephen all laughing and joking with each other. I then see them eyes.

Those unusual red ones.

He walks towards me and I reach up to touch him only to find I couldn't. None of my limbs would work I try to speak but nothing comes out I wasn't even sure my face was moving. Brick gives me a comforting smile, the type of smile someone gives to a child when their trying (and failing) to do something.

I begin to panic but freeze when something astonishing comes into view.

My father.

He smiles at me and touches my shoulder. And could feel it.

"It's okay" He says in his distorted voice, If I could cry I would I felt my eyes prick as if crying invisible tears. Behind my dad Jade appears, they both look in their prime and as happy as ever.

I was completely confused. Was I dead? Was I dreaming? No definitely not dreaming I could feel it. Then everyone stops what they are doing and joins Jade my dad and Brick. They all gather round looking at me smiling, happy, my family.

"You can't stay" Brick says his voice an octave clearer. More than anything I want to ask questions and talk to my dad and Jade, the fact I was restricted by god knows what only made me more angry frustrated and devastatingly upset.

"I love you" Brick says and my heart thumps, everyone beings to get a fuzzy edge to their bodies.

"I love you" Jade and my father say at the same time a my heart thumps harder

Brick! I- I love you too! Hear me! DAD! Don't leave me again, I need you! Please. Jade! Everyone help me! HELP ME! Please...

Their features then being to blur out of sight and darkness was slowly creeping in. Don't leave me! I need all of you! NO! The darkness takes them as I clutch to them my memory burning with that picture and with Bricks words. I could feel my heart hammering harder, faster, more life like. I then sucked in a breath so quick fast and sharp the oxygen to lungs felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

"Doctor! Doctor! Something's happening" Someone close to me yells, I don't respond I'm still burning that picture of my family together to my memory.

I hear a shuffling of feet and the light swimming feeling is suddenly gone and a pain shoots through my body. My eyes become very light and I slowly flutter them open to a bright light and them piercing red eyes.

Brick POV

After we had reached the hospital Blossom was rushed into intensive care and we where all forbidden to enter. Bubbles was in hysterics drenching Boomer's top and Buttercup was staring dead ahead her eyes not leaving Blossom's door and she was clutching onto Butch's arm for the life of her, Butch didn't even seem fazed. The rest of the crew where waiting in the main waiting room.

I was numb I knew she was gone but the others didn't I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud, it would make it all too real. This all seemed surreal too much so that I was now in a world without her.

Her amazing pink eyes that sparkled with excitement and fun, her flawless face and her gorgeous copper hair that cascaded down her back. Her smarts and quick-wit that made her stand out from the crowd, her humour, kindness and ambition that all built together to make this one perfect woman.

I couldn't think anymore the pain setting in as I could see doctors trying to piece the girl I- I love back together again. Yes I loved her. I was always drawn to her like we where two half's of one piece, and now that had been ripped from me.

A doctor then came out and pulled his mask from his face and he was smiling.

"She made it"

It was all he had to say before I sink to my knees and let go of the most painful sigh of relief ever.

"She has been heavily medicated to help her body so it might be a while before she wakes up, it's early days so the life support will be on stand by as her condition is critical. But I think the worst is over." He explains

"Thank you" Bubbles says in a shaky whisper.

"Can we see her?" I ask my voice hoarse.

"One at a time please, there is a lot of equipment and we need to manoeuvre quickly" The doctor explains. I turn to her sisters, knowing even though my heart ached to see her I'm pretty sure her sisters need to see her after already losing a vital member of their family.

"You go" Buttercup says staring at me.

"What? No she's your-" I begin before Bubbles interrupts me.

"Yes I know, but knowing she's still with us is the most amazing feeling ever. You need her so you go, we'll switch when you need a break" She explain in a comforting voice helping me to my feet. I smile gratefully and she gives me a small hug before they all head off down the hall.

I walk in like a zombie and look at the girl on the bed. I walk to her side and see a large bandage on the side of her head with a small patch of blood seeping through, her eyes are closed and a tube is sticking out from her mouth. Her skin had lost it's glow and her cheeks didn't have their light rosy tint to them, her chest rose and fell softly.

I took her hand and it felt too cold.

That's when I broke down.

I collapsed over her body and let the emotional wall I had been building inside me shatter, I pick myself up and cup a hand on her face.

"I love you"

It had been 3 days and Blossom still hadn't woken up. I was finally prised away from her yesterday to go home eat, shower, change and sleep before I rushed straight back. More of us where allowed in at the same time now and I was sat in the chair next to her.

Bubbles was at her other side with Buttercup, Boomer and Butch all sitting on a bench at the end of the room. Bubbles had a magazine as did Boomer while Buttercup and Butch where engaged in a thumb war.

I kept staring at her when something caught my attention, Blossoms eyes shifted from under her eyelids. I blinked and looked more intently when it didn't happen again I convinced myself I was seeing things. However she suddenly inhales a sharp breath I'm on my feet in the same second.

"Doctor! Doctor! Something's happening" Buttercup yells down the hall, a doctor and nurse rush in and begin checking all her vitals. Bubbles is stood at the other side of the bed and very slowly Blossom opens her eyes.

Those pink eyes where all I have been waiting for and she gives me a very weak smile. The doctor tells us she will need more rest and treatment and left us to all reunite.

"Hey" I say softly smiling, Bubbles is gripping her hand as is Buttercup and Boomer and Butch are standing by my side.

"Hi" She croaks meekly.

After we fill Blossom in on what happened you could visibly see the lift in her energy at the news of those two dead. After a few hours of chatting with each other Blossom looks at me in a way so indescribable it makes me grin in response.

"Well we'll get off now, but we'll be back bright and early tomorrow" Bubbles says eyeing us both.

After they hug and everyone says their goodbyes where finally alone. She was once again mine.

Blossom's POV

I look at him. Soaking everything about him in and I know what I need to say.

"I love you"

He smiles brightly and replies in the best response I could ask for, he kisses me right on my lips and everything else fades into the background.

1 week later

I was finally allowed to leave the hospital, those god forsaking doctors are so over precautious I was ready to strangle them. I was in a pair of black shorts and pink and black converse, I had a red tank top on and my hair fell in waves down my back with the front framing my face.

Brick helps me leave and we walk down the corridor hand in hand (yep he's the only one to get under my 'cool facade and turn my insides soft.)

"So I've got a little surprise for you" Brick says unexpectedly, I face him and he had a slight smirk dancing on his lips.

"What is it?"

"Well it would clearly not be a surprise then" He barks a laugh. "Although it took a hell of a lot of persuasion from your sisters for me to even consider it" He says.

Okay now I'm totally confused, but before I can press further the sliding doors of the exit open and stood outside waiting is my racing crew.

Josh, Stephen, Leah, Boomer, Butch, Buttercup and Bubbles are all stood with their DLR jackets on and are stood smiling at me.

"Hey leader girl!" Buttercup yells and I smirk in response.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"Like you said if you don't race again they've won it's the only way you can move on, and I know I can't stop a girl like you" Brick grins "So we have these" He gestures to behind my group and I saw 9 geared up street racers lined up.

I looked at Brick and gave him a challenging smile which he mirrored to perfection, I looked back at the group who all grinned and looked ready to take on anything. I feel Brick slide on my DLR jacket and he put his own on too.

Walking to the gleaming pink Mazda RX8 I slid easily into the car relaxing and feeling right at home. Looking to my right Brick see's me and winks before I look out to the open road, I flick the music system on (Teriaki boys Tokyo Drift) and put my sunglasses on.

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo

"Hey red! See you at the finishing line!" Buttercup calls from my left, I grin showing my teeth.

If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go

I look at Brick and at the same time we say...

Fast and furious (Drift, Drift, Drift)
Fast and furious (Drift, Drift, Drift)

"Ready, set, GO!"

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