Season Three Revised

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Episode 18

I Loath New York Still, But I Love You

Brooke tightened her grip on Haley's hand as they made their way through the room behind the runway. The designer was in complete awe at what she saw. There were models that she recognized from magazines and billboards, getting dressed in designer clothing, and designers telling them how to wear the clothing. It was amazing, and she still could not believe that she got accepted to be a part of it. As much as she hated the reasons that Rachel had done it, she was happy that she had sent in the application.

Haley on the other hand, was not amazed by the sight. In fact she was terrified by the sight. She knew that New York City had a dark side, and she was worried that Brooke was stepping right into it. Perhaps it was being raised in Tree Hill, but it really scared her, and the people were not treating them with respect.

The people pushed them and did not apologize, or rolled their eyes, or cast dirty looks in her direction. Haley felt like she was being inspected and the models were not liking what they were seeing. It was intimidating.

Also, she was a bit jealous.

She had never felt that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and now they were surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet. She could not help but compare herself to them. 'Me and my stupid hat… they are all so gorgeous, I wouldn't be surprised if Brooke found one of them and—no, don't think that way! Brooke loves you…'

Brooke turned and looked over her shoulder at her girlfriend, squeezing her hand three times to tell her 'I love you,' which seemed to ease her worried mind just a little. She could tell that Haley was nervous about the situation, and she just wanted to help.

Approaching one of the girls, she grabbed ahold of her arm and introduced herself. "Hi. Excuse me. It's just a little crazy in here. Uhm. I'm looking for the model for my clothes. I'm a designer and my name's Brooke Davis. I have—"

Suddenly, a very beautiful woman pulled on Brooke's free hand, drawing her attention to her. Haley's stomach twisted with jealousy as she watched the scene unfold before her eyes. "—I'm your model. Selarice." She introduced, shaking Brooke's hand.

Brooke awkwardly shook her hand back, not really knowing what to say. She could also feel Haley's eyes glued to their hands and it made her feel all the more uncomfortable. She did not want the woman that she loved to feel threatened, because no matter how beautiful the model was, Haley was more beautiful to her. She was fairly certain she would choose Haley over anyone else.

She pulled her hand back. "Cool, uhm, sorry, I'm just a little overwhelmed. I'm still in high school, and this is all really new to me."

"Oh, I know, everyone here is like thirty. I am literally half their age." She laughed.

Brooke turned to look at Haley who was wearing a look that was undoubtedly similar to her own. A look of complete and utter confusion. The girl standing before them could not be only fifteen years old, she looked at least twenty. Brooke cast her eyes back to the model and smiled. "So, you're fifteen, or just really bad at math like me."

"Both." She smiled. "I'm really bad at math and I am fifteen."

"I thought you were like twenty-five." Brooke laughed in disbelief; it was amazing how someone so young could look so old and mature.

"Yeah, you and every bartender in the city." Selarice said with a devious grin.


Haley found herself glancing back and forth between the women. She could not believe what she was hearing, but, then again she could believe it. Brooke Davis had changed a lot since they met, still she would always be a partier at heart. Hell, she had made her a fake ID at her bachelorette party. She loved alcohol, dancing, and breaking the law. Sadly, Haley did not share in these desires, she instead wanted to head back to the hotel and share in other desires.

"Brooke…" She stated in a hushed tone of voice.

Brooke turned quickly to look at her girlfriend; she could sense that something was wrong. "Oh god, I am so sorry." She realized. "This is my girlfriend, Haley James." She introduced, assuming that Haley was upset because she had neglected to tell her they were dating, but honestly she was just nervous.

Haley smiled shyly as she glanced up at the model that was now standing and practically towering over both of them. "Hey." She muttered out with a small awkward wave.

"Girlfriend?" The model asked, looking Haley over with slightly judgmental eyes before she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "That's awesome; I had one of those a few weeks ago. It's always fun to try new things."

Brooke wanted to tell her that she was not simply trying new things, that she loved Haley, and that she was not just another "one of those." She meant the world to her. "Well, I mean she isn't just an experiment or anything, I love her."

"Love?" Selarice laughed. "Isn't that cute! Hey, designer Brooke, do you have any plans tonight?"

Brooke turned to look down at her girlfriend, knowing that the tutor had wanted more than anything to spend time alone together. It was not that she did not wish to spend alone time with Haley, but she was excited to explore New York City and see what her possible future would entail, it was an adventure. Brooke Davis never turned down an adventure.

Haley stared up into hazel eyes and she knew that she could not deny her this opportunity. Not when her eyes were sparkling with such excitement. So, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled, giving Brooke the go to accept the offer.

"Not really." She told Selarice.

"Well, you do now. Get ready for a wild night designer Brooke."


The music was loud, the air was heavy and consumed with the scent of sweat and alcohol, people were dancing closely together leaving little room to move, and those who were not dancing were talking or making out. It was like a high school party only with a lot more people. 'Way prettier people too…' Haley thought to herself, once again feeling inadequate.

She had never really felt beautiful at Tree Hill High, but here she had to be the least attractive woman in the room. At least that was how she felt.

Haley found herself nervously looking around at the people who filled the club. She once again felt terrified. Her mind continued to remind her that they were no longer in Tree Hill, that this was New York City, a city filled with drugs and crime and people who could attempt to kill her or her girlfriend. She really wanted to just tell Brooke that she was scared and wanted to leave and go back to their hotel room and have some fun, just the two of them, but as she looked up at her girlfriend she could not find the words.

Brooke's hazel eyes were wide and full of wonder as she looked around at all of the beautiful people dancing around them. She obviously was enjoying herself and Haley was not going to take that away from her. This could be her future dream, and she knew what it felt like to have to choose between love and your dreams.

"Selarice. I love you." A tall gorgeous female model said as she walked up to the other woman and kissed her on the cheek.

Selarice smiled and responded, "You look fantastic." Turning she pointed to Brooke, ignoring Haley. "This is Brooke Davis. I'm modeling her line tomorrow."

Brooke gave a small wave and flashed the other model a dimpled smile. "Hi, nice to meet you, this is my—" She attempted to introduce Haley into the conversation, but both of the models ignored her efforts and continued on with their conversation as if she were not there. Brooke's lips parted and her eyes widened in shock as she turned to look down at the singer, giving her an apologetic look as she pressed her lips to her forehead.

Haley laughed and shrugged her shoulders, wrapping her arms around Brooke's waist as she leant into her lips. The contact made her smile. She continued to listen to the conversation between the models, not really paying attention to what they were saying as she was enveloped in warmth. She loved Brooke so much, she loved holding her, kissing her, and supporting her.

"Do you have a cigarette?" The stranger asked.

"No, I quit." Selarice told her.

"Bitch. Love you." She responded in a shallow tone of voice as she rolled her eyes and walked away from them.

Selarice turned to look at Brooke and Haley. "She's totally washed up, poor girl. Come on." With that she reached out and took hold of the designer's hand, dragging her across the room and up the stairs. Large brown eyes were fixated on Brooke and Selarice's linked hands as they were led toward a group of couches. It made her feel sick to her stomach having the model touching the woman that she loved. 'She probably prefers it when she holds her hand…'

Brooke took a seat on the couch and Haley sat next to her. Selarice sat across from them on another couch with an older looking man. They started to chat idly and Brooke took the opportunity to speak with the tutor.

"Are you alright Hales?" She wondered, reaching out and running her fingers gently through her hair.

Haley turned her head and looked up into those beautiful eyes, shivering as she felt slender fingers run along the side of her face and over her neck. Such simple touches caused her body to react and practically ache to be touched more by Brooke. She wanted her constantly. "Yeah, I'm fine Brooke."

"You sure? You don't look very happy." She whispered out, her voice deep and raspy as she traced a pattern along the other girl's shoulder.

"Mm…" She moaned out softly as she felt talented fingers dance along her skin. Her eyes darkened with lust and desire, but she quickly focused on the comment that Brooke had made and the concern that filled her voice. "I am happy, Brooke."

"Really? Because you look pretty much miserable." Brooke commented, laughing softly.

Haley laughed as well, looking up into hazel eyes. "I am with you Brooke. I couldn't possibly be miserable. I'm just not really a partier in general, and now I am here at a party in New York City, and yeah, I guess I am a little nervous." She paused and glanced over at the model sitting across from them and she sighed. "And I'm also a little bit jealous."

"Jealous?" Brooke asked, her voice squeaking and heightening with amusement as she raised a brow at her girlfriend and smirked deviously.

"Yeah, jealous. I mean, look at these girls, they are all so gorgeous and you are going to be surrounded by them, like all the time, it's a little intimidating for someone that looks like me."

Everything snapped into place at once for the designer and her face was covered with realization and understanding, she knew that Haley was insecure about her looks, her body, and about being sexually desirable. So, it made sense that she would feel intimidated by these women, but she had nothing to be worried about. Brooke had never been attracted to anyone like she was attracted to Haley; it was not just her appearance, but everything about her. She loved her. 'I should have just took her back to the hotel and showed her how desirable she was… because that sounds amazing right about now.'

"Aw, sweetie, you have nothing to be worried about." She reassured, but the blonde singer did not look like she believed her words.

"Brooke, she's gorgeous. They are all gorgeous. I can't compete with them."

"Good." Brooke stated and she could tell that the word scared her girlfriend. "Because it isn't a competition Haley, you're my girlfriend and I am in love with you." When she still looked doubtful, the brunette laughed a bit. "You don't get it do you?"

"Get what?"

"You don't get how important you are to me. How badly I have wanted you for so many years, how often I would just sit and stare at you and wish that I could hold you in my arms, and how I will do anything in my power to never lose you." Haley's eyes started to fill with tears and her smile spread across her face at these words, a blush tainting her cheeks. "No one is as beautiful as you are to me, and—" She paused and leant forward whispering hotly against Haley's ear. "—When we do get back to the hotel, I promise to show you just how much I want you and only you."

Her body shook as she felt heated breath rush against her neck and down over her shoulders. She could feel an aching between her thighs and a need to be touched. She wanted Brooke, but she knew now was not the time or the place.

"I love you so much." Haley announced, leaning up and capturing Brooke's lips in her own. Smiling against them as she heard Brooke let out a surprised moan of approval at the contact.

"Mm… I love you too." The designer whispered against her lips as she pulled back just a little, staring deep into brown eyes. Leaning forward she pressed her lips softly against Haley's in another short but sweet kiss.

Suddenly, both of them were jolted out of their love induced stupor as someone wrapped their arm around Brooke's shoulders, pulling her away from Haley. Both looked up at him quickly and realized that it was the same man who had been speaking with Selarice. Brooke glanced across to the other couch and realized that something was wrong with the model; she was simply staring into space with a far-off expression on her face.

"Selarice?" She asked.


"Look at that, the princess fell off her pony." The man sitting beside Brooke said, he wore a deceptive smile as he allowed his fingers to trace over her arm. It disgusted her that he was touching her.

Brooke pushed him away and asked. "Is she okay?"

"She's more than okay sweetie, trust me." He said with a smile as he once again pulled her body close to his own. Haley watched the scene with wide eyes, she did not know why he was touching her girlfriend, nor did she know how to make him stop, but she did know that if he did not back away she would probably lunge at him and strangle him to death. She found herself feeling both jealous and territorial, especially after all of the things that Brooke had just confessed to her.

"I have a girlfriend." Brooke told him, nodding toward Haley and again trying to push him away.

"I know, I'm kind of into that sort of thing." He smirked. "She can watch." With this he attempted to move in for a kiss.

"Okay, you need to back off!" Haley shouted out, standing to her feet and pushing him away from Brooke. She was not going to allow him to push himself on her. "You are not going to be touching her, and I sure as hell am not going to just sit and watch."

"Well, you can join if you want, but you are kind of a little too chunky for me so—"

He did not get a chance to say another word as Haley's fist connected with his nose. She knew that she shouldn't have hit him, she should have walked away, but he had insulted her and he had attempted to force her girlfriend into being intimate with him, so as far as she was concerned he deserved it. The sight of blood rolling down from his nose over his lips only caused her to feel satisfaction.

All feelings of satisfaction were erased though, as she turned and saw that Brooke was standing beside her, tears welling up in her hazel eyes. "Let's get out of here Haley."

"What about Selarice?"

"Haley, I just—I can't be here right now." She whispered out under her breath and Haley nodded her head, wrapping an arm protectively around her girlfriend as she helped lead her out of the club.


Haley rested her head on Brooke's shoulder and stared forward as they walked down the New York City street. It was surprisingly busy for being five in the morning, but she supposed that was why people called it 'the city that never slept.' Still, regardless of the people walking, or the traffic, it felt like it was only the two of them. Like the world around them did not exist.

"I still can't believe you punched that guy, Hales." Brooke teased. It had taken awhile for her to calm down after what had happened, but after silently walking for some time she had started to feel better.

Haley laughed a little and shook her head, a blush painting her cheeks. "Well, I had to do something. I couldn't just let him touch you like that."

Brooke smiled softly and pressed a kiss to the shorter woman's head. "Thank you."

"Anytime." She breathed out.

A comfortable silence filled the air around the two of them. They were both content walking the streets and taking in all of the beautiful sights together. Brooke found herself thinking about everything, about how she wanted to be enough for her mother, how she wanted her fashion line to be a success, but this was too difficult.

"I don't think that I am ready to grow up yet." Brooke muttered. "This, tonight, was horrifying. These people, the drugs, the alcohol, the cliques, it's all too much Haley. I just want to spend time with my friends, cheerleading, and most importantly I just want to spend time with you."

"If you aren't ready to grow up then you don't have to Brooke." Haley pointed out, but then she felt a little selfish. "This is a wonderful opportunity though, and if you choose to take it then I will support you and be there for you, because I love you. But, you should also know that if you do not choose to take it, I believe you will still make it, because you are so talented."

Brooke thought over her words and smiled, not yet coming to a decision.

"Regardless, you will be spending more time with me. I'm not going anywhere." Haley said, leaning up and pressing a kiss to Brooke's chin.

A dimpled smile spread across her face at the contact and she knew the answer. A part of her felt like she was running away from the inevitable, they all had to grow up someday, but a part of her also felt like she was not ready for this life. That she would get stomped on and pushed around if she tried to move here and make it work, that she had to do it in her own way on her own terms.

"I'm not ready to grow up."

Hazel eyes looked to the sky and she watched as the sun started to peak out from the horizon, it was early, and they had a cheer competition to be to later that afternoon. If this were her decision she knew that they had to hurry, but there was something so romantic about watching the sunrise with the woman she loved.

Brooke stopped walking and turned to look down at Haley. Watching as the orange light from the rising sun covered her gorgeous face; the way that it lit up her skin and made her brown eyes sparkle. She looked breathtaking. "You are so beautiful Haley James."

Haley blushed softly and attempted to look away from those hazel eyes. Brooke lifted her chin though and forced her to look back up at her. "I don't get how you can't see it, but I see it all the time. Every time I look at you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Haley whispered out, as a tear rolled down her cheek. She felt embarrassed about how emotional those words made her, but she had wanted to hear them from Brooke for so long that it caused her heart to race and tears to fall involuntarily. Haley had never known what love was until meeting this woman.

Brooke leant down and captured Haley's lips in a short and passionate kiss, the sunlight surrounding their bodies as she pulled Haley closer to her.

Pulling away slightly she laughed under her breath as she watched Haley's eyes flutter. They were dark and full of love and desire, her breathing was labored, she had a blush painted across her face, and her lips were swollen and begging to be kissed again.

"Let's go be kids, Brooke. We have a competition to win."

"Mm… I like the sound of that."


"Finally, we made it to our room." Haley said as she smiled brightly and twirled before falling back onto the large bed in their room. They had flown to Charlotte and made it in time for the competition, in fact they had a few more hours until it began. "Mm…" The tutor smiled as she snuggled up on the bed.

"Haley, you can't go to sleep. We only have two hours until the competition!" Brooke whined, grabbing ahold of her girlfriend's hands, attempting to pull her up out of the bed. "We have to practice—ah!" She shouted out in shock as she was suddenly dragged onto the bed, forced into a seated position, straddling Haley's hips.

Leaning up Haley whispered "Who said anything about sleeping?" She waggled her eyebrows suggestively at her girlfriend and lifted her hips in order to grind herself against Brooke.

Brooke gasped and her body shook as she fell on top of her girlfriend, catching herself before crushing her. "Mmm… God, Haley… well if you don't want to sleep, then what is it you want to do?" She teased with a dimpled smirk and an all-knowing tone of voice. Her heart already racing hastily at the thought of sleeping with the blonde again, she wanted nothing more. Honestly, the cheer competition paled in comparison.

"I think you already know." Haley informed, lifting her hips and rocking them against Brooke's center again. Brooke moaned out and her body shook at the contact and it caused a wetness to form between Haley's thighs.

"I'm not so sure that I do." She teased back.

Haley moved against her once more, digging her nails into dark hair and twisting it as she ran her tongue along the designer's long neck. Loving the way that she tasted and the way that she gasped out and whimpered as she nibbled on her earlobe, before whispered hotly against her ear. "I want you inside of me, Brooke Davis."

Brooke was shocked by the way that Haley took control of the situation and she moaned, but she supposed that it came with a certain comfort level. They had slept together numerous times now and the other woman must have been feeling more comfortable with her. 'That or she is just desperately horny… god…'

"That can be arranged."


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