Harry ran a tired hand over his face, the skin dry and papery to the touch. His stomach grumbled in annoyance as another meal time passed and another meal was skipped in favour of pouring over the latest correspondence from Remus.

"Harry," it said in quick rushed scrawling. "Voldemort has been spotted on the outskirts of the Northern battle camp. Don't know how reliable the source is. Be careful."

Harry threw the dirty scrap of parchment onto the floor and pushed back his chair.

He'd already been at the Northern camp for a week with no sign of Voldemort - or any suspicious activity.

He walked over to the front flap of his small tent and gazed outside. The night was dark and still, the stars hidden beneath a thick blanket of clouds.

Sometimes he could see the far away lights of Azkaban across the water, but not tonight. The fog was too heavy, the light from the stars extinguished.

Harry squeezed his eyes closed, trying to shut out the memories.

"Draco…" the name broke free from his dry lips, seeming to come directly from his shattered heart.

Harry's eyes snapped open again as a bright flash of white suddenly lit up the encampment.

He bolted from the tent, wand at the ready.


Harry turned as Henrik, one of the many fighters against Voldemort, motioned to him.

"Harry, I saw him!" the man gasped, eyes still flicking around the now dark camp.

"Who? Where?" Harry demanded harshly, grabbing the man's forearm.

"A Death Eater, with the black robes and white mask… I saw him…!"

Harry let the man go in disappointment, wand still at the ready as he looked around. It may not be Voldemort, but a captured Death Eater may provide useful information.

"Stay here," Harry whispered to the trembling man.

Harry ran to where he thought the source of the flash had come from and hid behind a large oak tree.

There he was, one lone Death Eater silhouetted against the night sky.

Harry burst forth from the trees without a moment of hesitation.


A burst of light flew from Harry's outstretched wand and hit the tall robed figure squarely in the back.

Harry ran over as the Death Eater fell to the ground.

He kicked the Death Eater over onto his back and snatched the horrible white mask from the face below him.

Harry gasped in shock, then rage took over, filling his entire being.

"Avada kedavra!"

The killing curse spilled from Harry Potter's lips with such hate and conviction that the entire clearing was lit with the bright green flash of death.

Malcolm Braddock lay dead, his blank eyes staring upwards in shock, as Harry let out a cry of pain and fell to his knees.

* * * * * *

Remus sighed again and paced up and down the dirty tent floor.

"He could've provided extremely useful information. I would've thought that you of all people-"

"He wouldn't have provided us with anything but lies Remus," Harry said darkly.

He had called for Remus the moment he had regained coherent thought, the rage gone from his body, replaced only with the same emptiness he had been living with for the past two years.

The murder he had been planning since that day in court didn't make him feel any different - better or otherwise.

"Harry…" Remus stopped and turned towards the young man, nearly twenty years of age now. "We could've used Veriteserum on him."

Harry snorted. "Do you know of anyone who carries all the ingredients for that anymore? Voldemort isn't stupid, he cleaned out every good wizard's stock of those ingredients long ago."

"Well, I have two ingredients. We just need to find others, like us, who are hiding them away. Saving them."

Harry stood up impatiently and turned away.

"I don't have time to chase magical herbs around the countryside Remus. Only Voldemort matters. It's only a matter of time before he shows himself again."

Harry turned back towards his ex-professor.

"He's the only thing that matters."

Remus wasn't sure if Harry was speaking of the Dark Lord or Draco now. He didn't question it.

"Alright Harry," he conceded tiredly. "I'll keep you updated on any news."

Remus lifted his cloak from the chair back in front of him and put a warm hand on Harry's thin shoulder.

"Try to eat something once in awhile won't you?" he smiled.

Harry nodded, his green eyes finally meeting Remus.' "I will."

"I don't want you fainting from hunger when Voldemort does pull out his surprise attack."

Harry smiled a little and nodded once more. "I promise."

Remus smiled again then left the tent, letting the green flap fall back into place behind him.

Harry's smile quickly faded as he was left alone once more. He didn't want to sleep. His dreams of Draco were so real that he woke up every morning half expecting to see the beautiful blond beside him.

His dreams ranged from erotic to terrifying to heart-wrenching replays of the last time he'd seen him…

Harry hadn't been with another man since Draco. Now that the wizarding world knew of his… preferences, he was never at a loss for pro-offered company from other males. But he couldn't do it. He couldn't betray Draco like that, have any pleasure while his lover was locked away in Azkaban.

He loved him more than ever, and prayed that Draco would not be destroyed by Azkaban when he finally got him out of there.