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After a wild party turned rave, Kenny discovers he got a girl pregnant,and when the mom bails; Butters tries to help Kenny take care of his child while Stan and Kyle experiment after a drunken kiss. Bunny,Style and other pairings.

In mister Garrison's fourth grade class, Bebe Stevens was known for only one thing. Her boobs. But as she progressed to high school, she became known for not only her sexual record, but her crazy parties she threw everytime her parents were out of town. The weekend her parents went to Denver was going to be no different. On Wednesday night; her parents confirmed they were spending the weekend away, by Thursday noon; the whole of Bebe's grade was planning who would bring what booze. Mr and Mrs Stevens said goodbye to their daughter on Friday morning, as they would be gone by the time she finished school. She waved them off as usual, promising to feed the fish (which would be replaced with new identical ones before Monday) and under no circumstances have boys round. (Screw that.)

Bebe loved being the center of attention, thats why she held the parties.

"So your defiantly coming tonight?" she asked her best friend, Wendy who nodded.

"Of course Bebe, I wouldn't miss it."

"What about Stan and Kyle? And that kid Kenny." Bebe asked. She still hadn't had Kyle's 'hot piece of ass' yet, but she hoped to conquer it tonight. Actually, she wanted to jump his Jewish bones.

"Stan and Kyle are definatley coming." Wendy confirmed, shutting her locker. "Kenny will probably be there following them."

Bebe nodded, "Good." she said. Anybody who passed up one of her parties was always off of her christmas card list.

Stan groaned in annoyance as he opened his locker and several books fell out. He picked them up and rammed them to the back, not caring how damaged they got. Tonight was Bebe's party, which was unofficially infamous as the place where many people succeeded sexually, mostly because they were smashed off their face. And Stan was hoping, that maybe tonight he and Wendy could have sex, since they got back together...again. Every time he thought about it, he prayed 'please don't let me puke on her', that would be a major turn off. Shutting the door he jumped as Wendy was stood beside him, one hand on her hip.

"Are you and Kyle still coming tonight?" she asked abruptly. Stan nodded, scratching his head beneath his hat.

"Yeah, and we're bringing Butters." he replied before raising an eyebrow. "Is Bebe planning to get onto Kyle again?" he asked. "Cause-"

"Stan, we've been through this before." Wendy said, smiling as she pushed him up against the lockers. "Once Bebe makes her move, Kyle will enjoy it."

As Stan opened his mouth to reply, Wendy kissed him impetuously; and turned walking away, her skirt fluttering. Stan smirked, if putting Kyle with Bebe got Wendy and Stan together then Stan didn't mind. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder, Stan walked to the cafeteria; and sat down with his friends at their usual table.

"Tonight is going to be awesome." he sighed happily, taking a swig of Kyle's coke.

"Why, are you and Kahl having fag sex?" Cartman muttered, through a mouthful of potato chips. "Ooh Kahl- shove your faggy Jew penis up mah ass, and AIE!" he scowled as the rest of the can hit him in the face, spilling the remainder onto his pants.

"It looks like you pissed yourself." Kenny laughed, the table joining in. Cartman scowled throwing down his chips.

"That was not cool you gaiz!" he glared, "What the fuck is happening tonight anyway?"

"Dude you don't know?" Kyle raised his eyebrow and Cartman growled grinding his teeth.

"No, I do not know Jew." Kyle glared back at him, and turned back to his conversation with Kenny, Cartman let out his signature whining noise, which made when he was either hungry or pissed which was generally all the time. He brought his fist down on the table making drinks spill. "What the fuck is going on tonight?" he cried and Stan rolled his eyes.

"Bebe's party you fat fuck!"

"AIE DON'T CALL ME FAT YOU ASSHOLE." Cartman shouted, spraying crumbs from his mouth; before he paused, glancing around the table. "Bebe's having a party? Why wasn't ah invited?" he demanded. As if on cue, Bebe was walked past with Wendy,both girls whispering to each other and giggling.

"Aie Bebe!" he called. "Why the fuck am I not invited to your godamn party?"

"Because my best friend hates you so therefore I do, and your a fucking fatass asshole!" she shouted back, the remark echoing making the cafeteria burst into laughter, as Bebe and Wendy continued on to their table.

"Bitch!" Cartman turned to Stan. "Stan, this is Wendys fault; I think you should beat her up, you know lahk a wife-beater."

"Why the hell would I do that?"

"Because I hate her!"

"Fuck you Cartman." Stan turned back to face Butters. "Butters you better show up tonight or we're gonna rip on you for the rest of your life."

"Aw, gee, r-really Stan?" Butters pouted crestfallen. "But I was hoping to watch Stuart Little tonight, w-while I'm not grounded!"

"Your going." Stan said firmly and Butters nodded. "Oh, okay."

"C'mon dude, lets get that stuff I was telling you about." Stan nudged Kyle, who nodded picking up his backpack. The super best friends walked together out of the cafeteria as Cartman snorted.

"Freakin' fags." he said, standing up. "Ah am going to make sure I get invited to this party tonight." he told Butters and Kenny, before waddling away to the girls table.

"Aw golly, I was sure hopin' to watch Stuart Little tonight..." Butters muttered, putting his head in his hands. "A-are you goin' Kenny?"

Kennys POV.

I looked up as Butters sat miserably, moaning about that weird mouse movie. I never understood it personally, but that was probably because the TV kept breaking every ten minutes, and it would take my dad fifteen minutes to get it working again. Butters sure was a quirky little guy, always letting himself be beleaguered by everyone. He wasn't as quirky as Tweek, who just had a sneezing fit by the trash cans, spilling his milk everywhere.

"I unno' " I mumbled, which wasn't hard; as I'm hardly ever very audible when wearing my parka. Bebe's party didn't appeal much to me right now, which was weird; as those parties are known for alcohol, drugs and my fave, sex. Actually, they're all my favourite; so that's why I couldn't understand how the party loomed ahead like a horrible grey storm cloud.

"Well I'll be there." Butters said supportively, which seemed more like a plea. If I didn't turn up to Bebe's party tonight, I could easily pull it off, it sounds over confidant I know; but I can. The poor guy who smokes, drinks, does drugs, skips class...all that that stuff and more, that guy can pull off something like not going to the biggest slut's party. I'll just tell them I passed out in an alley or something. They'd buy it. But as I looked at Butters face I could tell he was desperate for me to go with him, as moral support; and then nobody would rip on him. Now Butters, the guy whose parents ground him for wearing odd socks, the guy who watches Lazy Town daily; he couldn't pull off missing Bebe's party. He'd never be left alone.

"P-please come Kenny." he added, which made me feel a little guilty. Me and lil' Butters had gotten alot closer since elementary school, but not in a Stan and Kyle way. I would talk to Butters and hang out with him at school, but we aren't glued at the hip. Or joined, whichever. I then tried to formulate a plan in my head, I promised my mom I would pick Karen up from her school...but that wouldn't take all evening. I shrugged in defeat. "Okay Butters, I'll come to the party."

"Aw gee whizz Kenny, really?" Butters grinned, gettin' way to excited.

"Yeah Butters, really." I smirked, swinging my legs over the lunch bench; I stood up and watched as Bebe gave Cartman a lefthook. I smirked again and patted Butters on the head fondly before copying my friends and leaving the cafeteria. I felt that I needed a few drinks before this party even started.

Stans POV.

After school had finished that day I headed home with Kyle quickly to get ready, before we in turn went to Kyles house. As we came through the front door I listened as Ike screamed in another room,before running into the sitting room head first into Kyle's legs. Stood up straight, Ike was only just past Kyle's waist; he was a short kid, probably his Canadian genes. Kyle smiled wryly messing up Ike's black spikes, they had a real brotherly connection. Even now, I still didn't get along with my sister; who had moved in with her internet boyfriend Amir,before deciding it 'wasn't working' and came back home, only to continue her relationship with him online while my mom tried to force her to either go to college or get a job. Shelley sucked. I followed Kyle upstairs to his room, and threw myself onto his perfectly made bed. His mom always nagged him to make it and when he didn't she did it herself, I get weird kicks out of messing it up; cause I know she'll be back here later checking to see if its still perfect.

I smiled at the old faded Terrence and Philip posters around Kyle's room, that show went off air when we were about thirteen; but I remember it like it was still showing. Then I smiled at Kyle's kippah, stashed behind his radio. It made me smirk, remembering the first time Kyle had to wear it, and he'd asked me to help him figure out how to wear it with his Jewfro. We spent about an hour trying out different ways, then another hour getting it untangled from his curls. Eventually we decided he just should wear it ontop of his hat. He still wore it this way years later, even though his Jewfro wasn't a fro anymore, it had flattened out; so he was just curly now. As if he knew what I was thinking, Kyle lifted his hat off; and ran a comb through his hair, before putting his hat back on. I watched as he pulled his orange jacket off, followed by his Jewpiter shirt; we saw it in a weird print store last year, and it made both of us laugh so much I convinced him to buy it. Kyle tossed it onto the floor, where later no doubtedly Mrs Broflovski would troop in and pick it up; so obsessed with cleaning Kyle's room she wouldn't stop to read the caption.

He grabbed a white v neck shirt from his draw and turned around, pulling it over his head. It was then I realised I was staring at my best friend while he changed shirts. Blushing, I fumbled in my pocket, looking down. Me and Kyle had gotten changed infront of eachother before, but I'm pretty sure neither of us have never stared closely before. Why was I staring anyway?

I grabbed the item in my pocket and pulled it out, staring at the lurid shiny plaster with Durex printed so boldly across. I'm not bragging, I'm not saying I will have sex with Wendy...I just want to. Kinda. Weather she will is a different matter. Wendy isn't a girlfriend you can push around, never mind force into sex. I glanced up as Kyle watched me, whilst zipping his jacket back up.

"You think you'll do it?" he asked, and I shrugged.

"I dunno, but I wanna, so I bought them just incase." I replied, before smirking at him. "Do you think you'll need one?"

Kyle laughed, but not nervously. "No." he said bluntly. "I don't plan on getting over friendly with anyone."

Thinking about it, I wondered if I helped Wendy's attempt to force Kyle with Bebe it would increase my chances of sex with her. So I sat up and put them away, swinging my legs back to the carpet. "What about Bebe?"

Kyle's eyes widened, and I wasn't sure if it was shock,horror,disgust or all three. "I don't want STD's thanks." he murmured and I leant back using my arms to prop myself up.

"She's not that big a whore if you think about it." I said hesitantly, "Most of the stuff we hear are just rumours."

"I'll take my chances." Kyle replied as he opened the door, I jumped up and followed him out. Kyle's parents think he's staying at mine tonight, and my folks vice versa. That way if we do get drunk, we can pass out at Bebe's and go home in the morning as if nothing happened. We walked to the corner, which is in view from Kyles house; but when we turn the corner as expected is Token in one of his parents many cars. The legal driving age in Colorado is sixteen, but not unless your driving with someone who is twenty one or older, and we don't know anyone whose that age yet -except Shelley but she doesn't count- so we're taking our chances.

Token is a painfully careful driver,so we sat in the back heckling him to the point of a Tweek breakdown, and basically goofing around ourselves, soaking up the pre-party spirit. Tweek himself rode shotgun, twitching and crying out every so often; as I poked his neck through the back of the seat and told him it wasn't me, at which point Kyle would jump in with: "It must be the gnomes Tweek." We might have Craig on our backs later, flipping us off and telling us to stop messing with Tweek's head, but it'd be worth it.

What seemed like hours later Token finally pulled up outside Bebe's house. When she was fourteen her dad won some numbers on the lottery, and they upgraded to one of the bigger houses further up the rockies. Bebe's house is three story and totally perfect for house parties. We jumped out before Token even turned off the engine, the party was already in full swing with music blasting and the lights blaring on all three levels, silhouettes of party goers everywhere. This was way more than all of our grade, which was awesome. I spotted Bebe herself, staggering out the front door in an extremely low cut red dress and heels, she looked pretty hot for someone I didn't like that much.

"Stan! Kyle!" she called, waving manically. Tottering over she shoved a fresh alco-pop into Kyle's hand. So that was her plan, she was going to get him drunk. "Wendy's just inside." she said, grabbing both of our wrists she dragged us across the lawn and into the red brick house which was pulsating with a song I didn't recognise. "Wendy sweetie!" she shouted to my girlfriend, who was grinding with Esther. Me and Kyle both agreed that Esther creeped us out ever since we had watched Orphan, as not only did she have the same name, she also had short dark hair and was really underdeveloped. When she started wearing a choker and refusing to take it off, we were freaked. Apparently it was some weird celibacy thing but still.

"Staaaan!" Wendy grinned and ran over to me, giving me a really tasty kiss. She pulled me onto the dance floor before Kyle came over too, looking confused.

"Dude," he said. "Is that Craig and Clyde?" he whispered and I followed his gaze to a dark corner, where a black haired boy had another guy in a red jacket and Craig's hat, held up against the wall kissing him firmly.

"I really don't know." I replied, unsure what to think. I watched as Kyle shook his head and moved away to talk to Kenny and Butters who had arrived just after us. Bebe giggled grabbing Wendy's arm. "Check that ass girl!" she cried, staring after Kyle's ass. Winking at us she scurried after him. I would have been concerned, but Wendy was now grinding with me, in a fantastically sexy way. I was distracted.

Kyles POV

When Stan started doing some weird grind thing with Wendy, I knew I should move away. When they get all romantic and stuff it sucks, because nobody likes being a third wheel. Through an alcove there was a big table covered in an ugly chequered cloth, food and nibblets scattered all over. I saw Cartman on one side, bragging to a girl I didn't know; about his black eye.

"So then ah said, 'Alright, bring it on you hippeh!' I won naturally."

What a load of bullshit. Cartman got that black eye earlier today when he called Bebe a crackwhore for not inviting him. How he got invited was beyond me, infact I don't think he had been.

"Stop spewing bullcrap fatass." I said glaring at him, the girls next to him giggled; they were obviously a few grades below us and had tagged along with their elder sibling. You always heard them bragging about being at one of Bebe's parties the next week. Trust Cartman to get onto younger girls.

"Aie! Fuck off jew!" Fatass snapped at me.

"Your not even invited fatboy! I bet Bebe doesn't know your here!"

Speaking of the devil, I glanced over my shoulder as Bebe lunged at me, liking my arm. "C'mon Kyle, chug!"

Bebe was already deeply intoxicated, and totally unfazed by Cartman's being here. I watched him slink off with one of the younger girls, who I bet he's planning to eat. I opened my mouth to reply to Bebe but before I could she lifted my arm, pressing the neck of the alco pop bottle to my mouth. "Chug Kyle!" she called excitedly and four random people around us joined in. I didn't want to, but I wanted to get away from this dark corner. I pressed the ring of the bottle to my lips and lifted it up, watching as the beautiful aqua liquid rushed down the neck and into my mouth. There was a slight cheer, which wasn't worth the sickly feeling that burned the back of my throat and my stomach.


As Butters and I entered the party, I could immediately see Stan and Kyle. Wendy had commandeered Stan of course, and I saw Bebe go after Kyle in a stalker procession. Butters stuck close to me nervous of all the ruckus, he was so innocent like that. What a shame it might be spoiled after this. He followed me like a puppy, as I weaved my way through the throngs of people; occasionally acknowledging people who called out to me.

We reached Bebe's utility room, where a bunch of kids were crammed ontop of her washmachine, laughing and screaming as someone would set it to the highest level and it would shake and rumble violently,like a cheap ride you see outside the supermarket, pointless and hungry for twenty five cents. There were a few guys there from the twelfth grade, who knew me well. I didn't hang out with them except for occasions like these, I was one of those kids who sit in a dimly lit room; smoking random crap and laughing as the room would fill up with cloudy smoke where if I watched, I could see the titty girl from my cat urine days.

Frank, a twelfth grader; smiled as I came in, slapping me on the back heavily. "Kenny!" he shouted, his roll up half complete in his hand. We have this joke, where we say 'talk to Frank' should be able to understand the joke with that.

I let him light something and put it into my mouth, whatever it was had a strong taste. I slumped against the wall and down to the ground where Butters crouched next to me.

"Uh- Kenny I'm gonna go find the bathroom." he said, I could tell he was desperate to get away from here. I watched him scurry away; before titty girl swung her curvaceous hips around, sashaying through the smoke. Suddenly a horrible feeling came over me, I don't know what it was but I felt repulsed by where I was. I spat the joint out of my mouth and scrambled up, running out of the utility room I collided with a girl in the kitchen; sending us both to the ground. Grunting I rubbed my sore arm before pushing myself up, and helping her whilst muttering my sorrow.

"Its kay'" she told me, pushing her light dyed pink hair from her face. I felt myself blush slightly at her green eyes, she was rather pretty. She dusted her jeans off and I offered her my hand, I dunno' why, I was coming over all silly.

"I'm Kenny."

"I'm Marnie." she replied shaking my gloved hand cautiously. Would you trust a mumbling guy in an orange parka who knocked you down?

I got Marnie a drink, it was the least I could do. And after that I got her another. And another. I quickly learned her name was Marnie Barde and she was in my grade, so I couldn't understand how I'd never seen her before. She lived with her mother Jayne and little brother Alvin in the outskirts of town. Like me she was poor and her father left last year. I cheered her up by telling her about the time I threw a baseball into my dads nuts so he couldn't get my mom pregnant again. She laughed, and we got another drink. I think that's where I realised Marnie was perfect for me in a way, we came from the same social class and we both liked to have a good time. But I didn't want a relationship now, or anytime in the future. She seemed to understand this.

"But sex is okay?" she said, and I nodded. There was an awkward silence before a crazed feeling possessed me, we both grabbed hands, and I began pulling her through the crowds and up the first flight of stairs. There were to many people making out in nearly every crevice, and the bathroom stunk of shit and puke. I took Marnie up the third flight where it was a bit quieter, I found a white decorated bedroom and pulled her in. I don't even think I shut the door properly, but it was dark and I was smashed out of my face. Pushing her lips against mine I couldn't help it and shoved my tongue through her soft lips and into her mouth, and I felt her hands glide down my arms; tugging at my jacket. I reciprocated this and ripped her tank top off, grinning drunkenly at her candy stripe balconette bra. Sweeeet.

My parka came off, and I ripped my own shirt. I pushed Marnie onto the bed and quickly unrolled my Durex, it went on easily enough, it was my dads when he was my age; it was supposed to be lucky. But then he forgot to use it, and nine months later my brother Kevin was born. So its gonna' be lucky for me.


I didn't know what was going on. I pride myself on having reasonable morals, but they were lost; destroyed by the vodka that rushed through my veins. Only once I was staggering about, walking into walls and my insides burning like hell, did I realise I was dangerously drunk. I also realised this had been Bebe's plan. But I only realised this in those moments when your alone in the bathroom, and mid pee you think; oh god, i really am absolutley and utterly wasted.
And then the minute you step back outside, the party spirit grabs you again and you forget because you spot the broad you've been making out with for the past hour. I guess my drunken party broad was Bebe.

I had to admit, she looked really appealing. Her red dress clung in all the right places, and she was the girl whose rack we talked about in the changing rooms. But I didn't want to screw her. The alcohol in me did. I didn't think about it as she shoved her heavy tongue in my mouth, and whirled it around like my mouth was a rinse cycle. I didn't think about it when she licked the roof of my mouth, and grabbed my ass.

I followed her obediently as she half pulled me up the stairs, still latched to my face at the same time. She led me down a dark hallway strewn with empty bottles and cans and into what I assumed was her room. I didn't notice her unzip my jacket, only felt it fall off; the same for my shirt. She copied me with her dress and I was still caught in the moment, my eyes fixed on her cleavage bursting from its admittedly sexy lace bra.

But then, as she threw me onto the bed; it hit me. Bamn. I didn't want this. I didn't like the way she was ontop of me, running her hands over my chest. I hated the way her hair tickled my face. All I could think about was one thing: Stan. My super best friend. Why was I so majorly turned off? Why couldn't I stop thinking about my best friend? I knew why, I'd kinda' known for a while. But it took this encounter to make me acknowledge it fully. I'm gay.

Bamn again.
I'm gay, I thought to myself. And then inside my head I began shouting it. I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay.

And I needed Stan.

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