Part One

This story is going to be a lot more darker then the others...

"I can't believe that Avatar was sold out, I mean it's been in the box office forever." Michael said and then paused to turned to Isabella who gave him a kiss. He knew that she has a certain influence on the jackal and just making sure certain church groups filled up the movie theater….

"Are you going to see your mother tomorrow?" Michael asked and Isabella just gave him a look. "I know Claudia is…" Michael said and Isabella responded, "Unique? Bitchy.." Michael talked to her about the good side of her and the fact that Jason thought she was good enough to save her life. Isabella ensured him that she will try and then Sam came in with a rather bored Jason. "What movie did you see? You saw the Last Song, did you?" Sam asked and Isabella shook her head. "Jason, should we have a talk with Spinelli later?" Michael asked and Jason shook his head. Sam offered them a ride back and Isabella knew she forgot something as she ran back to the theater…She saw Maxie kissing someone who wasn't Spinelli…..

Jason took Sam and he took off her pants then her thigh-high boots they started making out like fools on the couch…Since Jason saw The Last Song , Sam had to wear the boots for the second time this week…The one good thing coming from Sonny's arrest and she wore them way better then Claudia because Sam was short

What they didn't know was that someone was watching thanks to a bug in the room and that someone was Jason's ex-girlfriend Claudia. Claudia belief was that Jason should be hers and no one else but in a way if he stayed with her. What would have happened with Isabella? However, Claudia kept looking and closed her eyes with the ends of her fingertips wet. Everything that Jason was doing to Sam, Claudia was doing to herself. Jason gave her passion and so much other things that she believes no one can even conceive. At this point, right now Claudia can't be told it can't be or anything because she was in control and so after that she switch back to Gabriel and had so more fun…

As Claudia was done and fixed herself up. She kept trying to figure out who did she want more, what could her fingers do that even one of these guys can't? So far it was tie…