WhoAmI2010Part ThirteenThe following morning Isabella didn't like the vibe she was getting in this room. It was strange, awkward, uncomfortable, and confusing. Claudia and Gabriel were both sitting on the living room couch, a great deal of distance between them. Isabella's teacher, Miss Mercury, was there, with who Isabella assumed was her daughter, a cute little girl who looked to be about nine. There was another woman in the room, a brunette, who Isabella had never met before. She had no idea what was going on and she wasn't sure she wanted to."Honey I want you to bear with me?" Isabella looked around the room and saw Claudia's eyes which matched how she felt right at that moment after listening to the trail end of what her father said..…"I'm not making any promises," said Isabella. "Look, here's how it is," said Claudia, getting straight to the point. Isabella had a right to know about her family, and she wasn't going to let Gabriel beat around the bush and prolong such an important revelation. "This woman here is Brenda Barrett. She used to date your dad, and I use that word lightly. I mean…" Claudia said and as she was about to finished but realize that Brenda's daughter was sitting there then stopped. Isabella looked over at Brenda. She seemed nice enough, but what did she have to do with anything? "Okay, so what?" Helena picked up on that and looked to Isabella then made the connection…

"Lila is her daughter," said Miss Mercury. "Which would make her your sister. Well, your half-sister." Both Isabella and Lila's eyes widened in shock as the news was revealed. Isabella didn't know where to start. She looked at Gabriel. "Again, seriously? Can you really not keep it in your pants for five seconds? And at least use a condom! I mean, what are you, an animal?" She turned to Helena. "And what do you have to do with any of this?""She agreed to adopt Lila to keep her safe," said Brenda, speaking for the first time. "A man named Lorenzo Alcazar is after me, and I didn't want him getting to Lila. So I asked Helena to take care of her, and she's done a very good job." Helena smiled at the compliment. Little Lila was still confused."Mommy?" she asked, looking up at Helena. Helena patted her adopted daughter's little blonde head, saying, "I know it's a lot, sweetie. But Mommy still loves you. We'll get through this together. And guess what? You have a big sister to play with now." She looked over at Isabella eagerly then Isabella walked to her little sister as if it was natural.. "My name is Isabella. You could call me Izzie or dizzy.." Isabella said and Lila smiled then chant the word dizzy. Isabella wanted her to do that. Isabella with Brenda's permission exit the room as they did that Claudia looked on and saw one trait they had in common was to protect thy sibling.