Ignorance is your best friend-

He moved in and out of the alley ways like a ghost, using the cloak of darkness to weave his way through the large city of Kanoha, his dark clothes, face mask and bandana covered hair allowing him to blend with the darkness and become a living shadow. He had been about the city for the past five hours and had completed several of his assignments and eliminated seven people from his list before deciding to take the long way back to his condo, so that he could check out the city night life and let the blood on his clothes dry.

He had been about to dart into another alley when he heard what sounded like a scuffle between two people and got curious. Turning to the left he moved silently into the area where he saw the two people in question, one was a tall muscular dark haired man, and the other was a small, almost child like young girl with long silvery blond hair. He moved in closer to watch, just in case the girl was unable to get away; so that he could lend his assistance if that's what he needed to do.

The girl was trying to pull herself away from the man's grip, but the bear man was refusing to let her go. "I said no. Let go!" The girl said loud enough for him to hear, the bear laughed and yanked her against him and pressed his mouth against hers. She twisted her head away and stomped his foot as hard as she could. Causing him to yelp and strik her.

He winched slightly as the girl went down. Ow. He thought as he sighed tiredly, he had been hoping to go home in peace but sadly the brute in front of him needed a lesson in manners. He waited until the man bent down to grab the girl's ankle in his hand and started to drag her back further into the shadows.

He narrowed his mis matched eyes, he knew what happened to young girls when they were dragged into the shadows. He had killed several men for taking their pleasure, and killing their victims. Or worse, leaving them alive to cope with a fate worse than death. This girl would be just like the others if he let things continue. Reaching over to his right upper thigh he pulled a small silvery black blade from his weapon's holster and krept up behind the man as he started to tie and gag the girl.

He would slit the guy's throat, check on the girl and get the hell out of dodge.

He was worried that he might not make it back to his condo before his master tried to call him with his new orders. He got close to the guy, so close that he could peek over his shoulder to see what he was doing as he was reaching for the girl. He slid his blade along the guy's neck with practiced ease, dropping the man before he even realised what he was doing.

Reaching out he pushed against the bear man's shoulder to keep him from falling on top of the girl and dropped down to untie her then vanished, not knowing that he had left behind a clue to his existance.

His wallet had fallen out of his pocket and lay next to his kill.

okay, that's the first chapter....sort of. in chapter two there will be a brief time skip.