They walked into the store, Shayera leading him- Causing the door to give off a loud tinkling chime that Kakashi found himself irritated with as he walked into the boutique. Pausing briefly to lift a hand over his head and stop the bell from chiming again by using his fingernails to cut through the chord so that the bell was made more or less useless as he stepped out of the doorway and turned his head to where Shayera was.

His little Shay was walking through the store, quietly browsing the clothing racks until she came across a neon pink chiffon dress with ruffles- At which point she blanched a little bit and hissed at the dress like a cat before continuing on.

He found a nice place against the wall to lean that was out of the doorway and stood there watching her as she moved. And while Shayera didn't have the sort of grace his kind had, yet she still moved so quietly. So gracefully for one without training.

He could have stood there all day and simply watched her walk around- truely he could have- unfortunately Shayera had other ideas when she suddenly stopped browsing and made a beeline for the door. Caught off guard, Kakashi stood there observing up until the point when she reached for the door. At which point he shoved away from the wall and practically lunged across the shop to where she was and grabbed her by the wrist.

Effectively stopping her from leaving the shop.

"What's wrong?" He asked curiously as she slowly turned her head to stare up at him. Her expression somewhat, well- irked.

Shay was silent for several heartbeats before all but growling, "To many frills and too much lace. I'd rather have a limb amputated than wear something from here." Kakashi blinked in surprise at the vehemence in her tone. Was wearing something feminine and frilly really that bad? He wondered as he looked over some of the stuff hanging in the store.

It didn't look bad, not from his perspective anyways. In fact he'd easily pay to see Shay in some of the frilly, lacy stuff. But if she was so against it then he supposed that he would have to settle for seeing her in something simple yet elegant. Maybe something in a silvery whiteish color or a blue or red or black.

Possibly with a halter top and a nice empire waist...

"Tell you what, go pick out several pieces of jewelry and let me know the colors and I'll pick out a nice dress without any frills or lace." Kakashi said with a little grin as he spun her around in place so that she was facing the counter several feet away then used the palm of one hand to gently nudge her in that direction before she could even open her mouth to argue.

Shayera took several steps away from the door and growled at the thought of being in the store for longer than five more seconds. For all she knew Satan lived and breathed in this damn shop and was trying to get her to sell her soul just to escape his evil clutches! But the thought of Kakashi picking out several nice dresses for her to look over proved too much of a chance for some much needed entertainment for her to simply ignore.

But that didn't stop her from silently swearing to heap bloody vengence upon Kakashi's unexpecting head if she actually had to sell her soul just to leave.

After ten minutes of looking at the impressive jewelry selection and picking a pale purple amethyst with a deep purple dangling down from the silver setting, a pair of garnet and pearl dangle earrings, but in the end she settled for a pair of delicate looking silver dangles with intricate gold scroll work on them. Smiling to herself, she absently shifted from one place to another- peering at the earrings from every angle in an effort to make a decision.

Kakashi, noticing the movements from across the store and with his superior eyesight caught a faint glimpse of what she was looking at and smiled. Silver. She liked silver.

Walking over to a rack with silver colored dresses, a small smile tugging at his lips, Kakashi hummed softly as he started to go through the dresses until he found a lovely form fitting mermaid dress with a loose flowing skirt that would fall down to her ankles. And knew that it would look absolutely beautiful on her.

Now all she needed was shoes, the earrings she was more or less drooling over and maybe a nice necklace to match. Then all she would need is some makeup, a pretty berry or pink color lipstick for her lips, a nice color for her fingernails and maybe some light pink and berry colors for her eyelids and Shay would be one of the most beautiful young women any one person had ever seen.