A.N Hey this is Lucksta 4eva! I wrote this poem for English... its a sad love poem, and if you've ever read crank it follows a similar format, so you can read it three ways.

Disclaimer: This is a little sad. and I do not own Twilight, or crank!

I thought that this could fit into a twilight section, because Edward left bella. This poems describes the 2nd time Edward left Bella, the 1st was when Edward left Bella in New Moon, the second I made up. Okay... enjoy!

The words stab her skin.

Pierce through her heart.

Rip up her soul.

"I'm Leaving."

"You Can't"

"Too bad,

I'm already gone."


*A laugh*

She cries.

He laughs.

She begs.

He laughs even more.

She wants him back.

He wants her gone.

She says she'll wait for him,

Wait an eternity.

Too bad, he's gone,


He left,



Another girl.

She thinks he's right for her.

She thinks he needs her,

She needs him.

Too bad he doesn't want her.

He's already gone.

He's left her once,

Now he's leaving her again.

I know this is a sad poem, and it probably wouldn't happen, but i like to provoke second thought, because what if it did?

I know I made Edward sound mean.... that was the point! Edward's a vampire.... they're supposed to be heartless!

Okay... sorry about the rant, so what did you think?

~Luv yall

LuCkStA 4eVa!! ;D