Ziva's thoughts of the moments leading up to Tony and her reunion in T&C.

SPOILERS: S7 Episode 1


Thump! I feel a hard, thud of pain hit the back of my head and the next thing I know it's all black.

After god knows how long, I slowly start to regain consciousness. My vision is blurred, and my surroundings start to colorize as my eyes adjust to the light. Suddenly a rush of pain comes from my head. I reach up to touch it, to rub it better, but am cut off as my hands cannot reach. I look down and see that I am in fact bound and chained to a chair.

The room is bright and humid, so I come to the conclusion that I am somewhere in the desert, which surprises me, as the last thing I properly remember is being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. My lips are cracked and dry, craving water like oxygen, and I am sweating profusely, causing an unpleasant odour that would rival DiNozzo's in the middle of July.

DiNozzo. That was a name I had been trying to forget. He hurt me, he betrayed me and I hate him. I hate him, I hate hi-

Suddenly I hear the door creak open, and a set of footsteps come closer and closer until they are right behind me. Something is placed over my head, and it all goes dark once again.

I am dragged through many corridors. I can tell this as every time we turn a corner my feet hit the side of the wall, sending sharp pains up my legs. I smell cigarette smoke and Caf-Pow, which for a moment makes me think of Abby and America, but there is no way I am home. And after my capturer speaks in a deep threatening voice, I am certain it is not Abby, the friendly goth.

We come to a stop and I am thrown onto a hard piece of furniture- a chair I assume. Then I hear the words "One of you will tell me everything about NCIS, and the other will die. You decide". As the bag is ripped off my head, my eyes once again take a moment to adjust to the light, but as I stare at the person in front of me, I am in total disbelief. Tony.