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Chapter six


"Dude seriously, something is going on between the two of them!" Matt stressed out as he flopped back on Puck's bed.

See? It's crazy, there was absolutely no way what Matt was suggesting could be true. It was Sunday evening, and Matt had just turned up at Puck's house to inform him of his impossible suspicions.

"No way man, you must have got it wrong." Puck replied whilst kicking back in his favourite recliner chair that he had saved from being threw out when his Ma had refurnished the house last year. What? It was a comfy friggin chair, back off!

"No dude! I know what I saw; they were making sex eyes at each other and getting all touchy feely!" His friend protested as he rolled over on to his back and buried his hands underneath his head.

"So wait, you think Santana's cheating on Britt, with Berry?" Puck asked amused at the claim. And slightly turned on.

"Yes! Wait what? No man, Santana and Britt aren't dating no more. They finished yesterday, decided they were better off as friends or something, but yes something is definitely going on between Santana and Rach." Matt answered matter-of-factly.

"They finished when?" Puck asked confused, it was only the other day he saw them together.

"Friday night. Mike told me yesterday, when he called to let me know that him and Britt were trying again and that Santana's available. Only she's not, because there is defiantly something between Rach and Santana. Think what you want man, I know what I saw!" Matt snapped defensively.

"Dude chill, just kind of landed one on me! I knew they were friends, but secretly fucking? Jesus." Puck laughed as he tossed his foot-ball up in there and then proceeded to catch it.

"Friends?," Matt asked screwing up his face "Since when? How come I don't know this shit man?"

"Because your a dumb fuck. And yes friends, I know because they admitted it to me." Puck said smugly. I'm such a stud.

"You've fucking lost me man, why would they tell you? They hate you. Well at least I thought they did." Matt asked confused.

"Ok dude, I'll explain everything to you, just don't interrupt me ok?" Puck said, Matt nodded in agreement and Puck went on with his story. Telling Matt how he had spotted the two females staring at each other a lot, and then doing those weird signals, and then seeing them laughing and joking together they day Puck had confronted the two females.

"Fucking hell man, was I that blind? I want in." Matt stated with a grin.

"Fuck no man" Puck answered quickly. Dude was not stealing my what ever this is

"Yes, consider me now involved! We need to think of a plan. But we don't want to dive straight in and confront them, because they're obviously going to lie. And while they might have fooled you, which by the way I totally can't believe you bought that crap, they aint fooling me! We need to take this slowly, and really focus!" Matt said ignoring Puck.

"And whats your plan oh mighty one?" Puck grunted tossing the ball to Matt, who caught it easily.

"Well we need to look at this from all angels. Like why did Santana and Brittany break up, how did Rach and Santana become friends, shit like that really man but we need to be inconspicuous about it and not to obvious. Oh and we need to do a lot of flirting." Matt grinned getting excited.

"Flirting? What does that have to do with this?" Puck asked confused, though he totally digged the idea.

"Well they are both single right? Or at least that's what they're both allowing people to believe, so if they're both single then whats to stop them from a little harmless flirting? We need to do it when they're both around, and judge their facial reactions you know?"

"So basically we turn on the charm and see if they react? Is it going to work?" Pucked asked curious and kinda excited. I love getting under Berry's skin and this gives me the perfect opportunity! Puck thought with a grin.

"Dude of course it's going to work. Don't ever repeat that I said this, but seriously look how many cougars and shit your charmed!"

"I am a charming bastard aren't I?" Puck smirked arching an eyebrow "The ladies love me. What can I say? I'm a stud!" Puck winked jokingly.

"Man you alright? Your heads swelling!" Matt said roaring out in laughter.

"Fuck off you douche! Your just jealous you don't have my extreme hotness!"

"What ever you say man. So this gota go down tomorrow ok?" Matt said as he got up from Puck's bed, ready to head home.

"Yeah yeah man. Why didn't you tell me you were a secret badass?"

Fuck if this is true, Santana and Rachel having a secret lesbance?, he was so getting in on some of the action. Santana had promised him that he could wach her and Brittany once, did he ever watch? Fuck no! Plus, he'd bet Berry was a freak in the sack. The good kind of freak.

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