Eva: YAY!! Ikuto: Another story already
Amu: Its fine. Eva Dosen't own anything

..::Amu POV::..

"Amu?" My friend Rima said as she stared at me, with concern in her eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry what were you saying?" I said trying to play it off.

"Amu what's wrong? Aren't you happy?" She said with more concern.

"I'm fine... Just I've just relized that one of my old best friend's birthday is to day."

The date December 1. 7 Years after I left Tokyo and moved to Kyoto. I left my best friensd who was also my first crush. I was 9 years of age. He was 10. He had the most prettiest Cobalt eyes. With hair to match.

"Amu you have been doing this for 7 years, I thought you said it didn't bother you. And you shouldn't be thinking about other guys! You have Tadase." Rima stated.

" I know but sometimes I wonder how he's doing." I said with pained eyes.

Ikuto? How are you....

"Amu..." Rima began but was cut off by the teacher coming in.

"Class today we have anew student! So treat him nicely." Nikadou-Sensei said.

"Please come in."

I looked down at my desk not wanting to worry about a new student until Ikuto was out of my head.

"My name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto. I'll be starting today, I just moved from Tokyo, and have interest in music."

I looked up so fast, to find Ikuto. I was about ready to cry. He was here! I haven't stopped thinking about him since I had to leave.

"Nice introduction. Please sit in between Miss Mashiro and Miss Hinamori. " Nikadou-Sensei said.

Ikuto looked up at me and smirked. I looked away embarrassed. I looked at Rima she shook her head in disappointment. When he sat down I looked down at my desk again avoiding eye contact, but I was tempted to look. He caught my honey gold eyes in his Cobalt ones. He broke the eye contact and scribbled something down on paper and passed it to me.

It Read:

How have you been Amu?


I scribbled back:

What are you doing here??


He looked at it and scribbled something else down.

My question first.


I sighed.

I missed you.


He looked at it and smirked. And wrote back.

I did too. Now, I'm here because my Dad transferred Easter's Main center of operations to Kyoto.


I read it and smiled. And Wrote back.

I'm glad he did.


He read it and smiled. And passed back.

Have you found someone to replace me?


I read it, my heart dropped. Tadase I used him to help get over Ikuto, but that didn't help.

I'm going out with someone to try to help forget you. But it was and still impossible.


He frowned.

So, are you still going out with this 'Person'?


I couldn't smile.

Yes, but I was going to break up with him my heart was hurting even worse trying to love him... and forget about you...


When he read his face had no emotion.

If you break up with him what are you going to do after words?


I read and had two answers.

1. Go out with him, if possible.

2. Not be sad and hang out him again.

Not be sad and hang out YOU again. Duh!


He smiled but it wasn't full hearted.

Then we have a plan.


I smiled and folded the paper as the bell rang ready for Rima's attack.

"Amu" Rima and Ikuto said in union son

"You first since you seem to have something more important." Ikuto said with hand gestures.

" I will! AMU I know what your thinking, but you can't!" she said sounding like my mother.

"It dosen't matter I will." I said, giving her a stern look saying: YOU-CAN'T-CONTROL-ME.

"Amu-Chan." I heard Tadase say from behind me wanting a hug.

"Umm Tadase...." I began. " I want to break up...." I said feeling bad for using him.

"Why Amu-Chan?" He said sounding heart broken.

"Because I-I USED YOU!" I said holding my heart with guilt.

Ikuto was watching from afar.

"Amu, don't be stupid!"I heard Rima say as Tadase stood there shocked.

"I'm not...." I said quietly..."I'm being Honest with my heart."

Eva: My hands hurt....

Amu: Maybe you shouldn't text for a while

Eva: Hell No!!

Ikuto: Such colorful Language!!

Amu: I wonder who she is texting?