Eva: Its break time and I'm writing this on my phone!

Ikuto: Don't you have an hour break.

Amu: What is with you and writing lately.

Eva: I don't know! Enjoy I don't won anything!

"H-Hinamori-San!" Rima, Yaya, Nagihiko, Kairi, Tadase, and Kukai gasped.

"Really, do you guys know it's rude to interrupt lovers." Ikuto growled, as he shot glares, at them.

"Amu. Listen, do you really understand what you're doing! Your giving up the popular life just to be with some guy!" Rima yelled.

"Ikuto's not some guy! He's the only person who understands who Ifeel! He wants what's best for me! Not what's best for some group!" I shouted back.

"Rima..." Nagihiko said, trying to calm her down, but not suceeding.

" Yaya, says Amu-Chi made a mistake, and should go back out with Tadase!" Yaya said, backing Rima up.

I was breaking down, having all of my old friends against me... I felt tears brimming on my eyes.

"SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU JUST SHUT UP!" Ikuto yelled. "If you truely cared for Amu and were here friends, you would except her decision!" Ikuto continued holding onto me tightly.

I tugged on his shirt , to get his attention. When he looked down, I pushed my lips against his. We shared a heated kiss in front of everyone.

"Oi! I'm siding with them!" Kukai said, walking over to our side, and winking at Utau, she simply blushed and rolled her eyes.

"Fine we don't need you!" Rima yelled and walked off. Everyone followed.

"Nice to have you along." Ikuto said to Kukai.

"Yeah, thanks, I knew there was something I liked about you." Kukai said, patting Ikuto's back.

"Maybe, because I'm not like those spineless, guys in that group." Ikuto said chuckling.

"Probably, we never did guy stuff~" Kukai whined.

" Ok, enough of the male bonding, let's go eat lunch on the roof." Utau demanded.

Things were looking up for us. All of us.

..:: Ikuto POV::..

"How long do you think this will last?" Amu asked, as I walked her home.

"Hmm, as long as they think they're your parents." I said, keeping a firm grip around her waist.

"You do really your really possessive, of me. " She said laughing.

"Yeah, just to show everyone your only mine." I said serious.

"Wow, what am I your property." She said, leaning on me. She must be tired, after all that's happened, everyone wants so much from her.

" I just don't want you to leave again." I said remembering the invent 9 years ago...


"Ikuto! You feel on my sand castle!" A 9 year-old Amu cried as she sat in the sand, with her sundress on.

"No Amu, don't cry! I'll fix it, I'll make it bigger and better, for Princess Amu!" A 9 year-old Ikuto said panicking, as he wore a simple shirt and shorts.

"Wahh!" Amu continued to cry.

"Amu, look it's a cherry blossom!" Ikuto exclaimed. Amu stopped crying, and looked up to see an odd sight. Cherry blossoms near the ocean?

"They remind me of Amu-Chan!" Ikuto said holding one in his hands, not to destroy the fragile object.

"Because of my hair right?" Amu questioned as , Ikuto handed it to her.

" No, because the way you blush when I kiss you." Ikuto said pecking Amu on her lips.

Amu just blushed... Ikuto was the only boy that close to her.

"Amu, Ikuto." Ikuto and Amu's moms called.

"Ikuto, Amu-Chan's family is moving." His mother told him holding him close.

"What? They can't Amu and I can't be seperated!" Ikuto shouted in his 9 year old voice.

" Ikuto... We'll see each other again. I promise." Amu said hugging Ikuto, and kissing his checks, as she left the beach.

"I LOVE YOU AMU! ALLWAYS! I'LL PROVE IT TO YOU TOO! JUST WAIT WHEN WE'RE OLDER, I'LL MAKE SURE WE CAN'T BE TORN APART." Ikuto said yelling from the where his mother and father were holding him.

" SAME HERE IKUTO! I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!" Amu called back before her mother forced her into the car.

*****Flashback End*****

"Ikuto?" Amu called me from my trance.

"I'm sorry I got distracted." I said apologizing to her, she just laughed.

I pray, things don't get worse.

Eva: Well My breaks almost over. I'm sorry it's short.

Ikuto: Get back to work.

Amu: Why don't you get a job you lazy bum!

Ikuto: I'm to sexy to get one.

Eva: =_= right... R&R