I watched a TV show on a channel that I have always watched but haven't really liked since I was about 8 or 9, but than I saw Jason Dolley and his new haircut, and I started loving Good Luck Charlie. It actually is pretty funny, too. I love that show so much and I can't wait for a new episode to come out. At first I thought, "Really, a comedy about a baby, where's the funny in that?" but I was wrong, it is nowhere near based around the baby, it's based around the entire family, and this family is pretty amazing. My number one tip for Charlie:

Try not to fall in love with your hot eldest brother.

I tried my best to fit the whole family in like the amazing TV show writers do. So here goes:

It started out as a normal morning in the Duncan house, everyone had dressed themselves and come downstairs, and Amy had dressed and washed Charlie. Everyone was gathering around the kitchen table for breakfast. They all poured themselves cereal and orange juice, and Bob poured the coffee Amy had made into his cup. Teddy took it upon herself to begin the breakfast conversation.

"Um-swallow-…I think I'm going to audition for the school play with Ivy," she said through a mouth of cocoa puffs. "The play we're doing is either going to be RENT, or Little Shop of Horrors." Amy perked up instantly.

"That's great, honey!" she cheered her daughter on and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "I think it'd be great for you! Guys, what do you think?" she asked through a warm, motherly smile. Bob and Gabe nodded, Charlie clapped her little hands, and PJ quietly rubbed at his aching head from across the table. He was slightly off color and his hair was slightly messier than usual, and he was breathing heavier than usual, but no one noticed with all the commotion about the school play.

"I think it'd be a good opportunity for you," Bob said, proudly. Everyone smiled and moved on, except PJ. He just sniffed his nose, which only made the tickle that had been in his nose all morning stronger. He shut his eyes and turned his head away from Charlie, and barely stifled a loud sneeze into his palm.

"Hahh-chtt!" It was wet and stifled, but still loud either way. Everyone, even Charlie, jumped a little in their seats when they heard it.

"Bless you!" Amy told him, surprised at the volume of the sneeze. PJ never sneezed like that unless he was sick. Her face suddenly looked worried. "Are you okay, baby? Are you feeling alright?" She told him, putting a hand on his forehead. He sniffed before he could speak.

"Bob, I'b fide, it's probably just allergies or sobething," he said in a congested voice, before stifling another sneeze to the side. "Hahh-ch'HUTT!" He barely stifled, and sniffed loudly.

"Achoo!" Charlie shouted, than giggled and clapped.

"Mmm-hmm, allergies in January," she said, sarcastically, before taking her hand off his forehead. "You are a little warm," she said, debating whether to keep him home or not.

"Maybe it's cause he's so hot-headed," Gabe interrupted his mother's train of thought. Teddy laughed and quickly stopped when she saw her mother eye her and Gabe.

"I think you should stay home today, in your room" she told him, "I don't want Charlie to get sick." Charlie looked around in confusion after hearing her name. PJ would have been excited if he was faking sick like he usually did, but he was really sick this time, and Amy could tell.

"Hahh-SCHOO!" He sneezed unstifled and uncovered over the side of his shoulder as a reply.

After Teddy and Gabe had left for school and Bob was at work, Amy set Charlie in her playpen and PJ went back to his room, where he slept for hours.

Okay, so tell me what you think. How was it? I'm not that skilled in writing FanFictions, I've only written about 5, all for anime and manga, never Disney show like this.