Shinigami of the Zero Division

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Chapter One: Missions and Beginnings

Naruto's POV

Two thousand years have passed since I died and become the first Shinigami and rise through the ranks in each division. I am the only shinobi from the elemental nations to become the apprentice of the goddess of death. I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Son of the Yellow Flash and Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and the Red Death Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze.

After my death during the last shinobi war I became legend like the other kages of my former home did. Hashirama Senju. User of Mokuton (Wod Release), Leader of the Senju Clan, Founder of Konohagakure and well as the Shodaime if the village. He was also the one who crippled Madara Uchiha in the valley of the end and had the ability to tame the Nine Bijuu.

Tobirama Senju. The Nidaime Hokage, younger brother of Hashirama Senju and Master of the water element. His skill with Suiton Jutsu was so great that he could pull water out of the air and use it at its fullest without even needing a source of water. He also created a jutsu that allowed you to bring back the dead and use them in battle.

Hiruzen Sarutobi. Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, Apprentice to the Sho and Nidaime's and veteran of three shinobi wars. He was also known as the Shinobi no Kami and professor back then due to his skills and knowledge of jutsu and how each one works. He was also the sensei to the legendary Sannin and was also the man whom I thought of as a grandfather.

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, apprentice to Jiraiya the Gama Sennin, the Kiiroi Senkou of Konoha, and my father. He was considered a genius in the ninja arts, a prodigy the surpass prodigies. During the third shinobi war, he created two jutsu called the Hiraishin and Rasengan. It was because of him that Konoha won the war and he was the only man (aside from me) to be given a flee on sight order by the enemy due to the fact that he wiped out an army of nin from Iwa in less than a few seconds. After the war, he saved the village from the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest of the bijuu by sealing said creature into his son. Me.

Tsunade Senju. Godaime Hokage of Konoha, Grand Daughter and Grand Niece of the Sho and Nidaime, Slug Sannin and student of the Sandaime. She was a medic who could treat any wound and cure any disease. She also possessed the strength of a titan and could smash boulders with her index finger and cause earthquakes and fissures with a tap of her heel. She was the strongest kunoichi in the nations.

And finally me. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha, Former Jinchurikki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune , Second Flash and Gama Sennin of Konoha. I manage to complete and fully master the Rasengan, Hiraishin, and Sage arts. I defeated Kakuzu the bounty hunter, Kisame Hoshigaki the monster of the mist, Sasuke Uchiha, Pein/Nagato the wielder of the Rinnegan, and Madara Uchiha founder of the Uchiha clan and wielder of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

I defeated all of them and died killing Madara Uchiha. The fight between me and him was legendary, surpassing the fight he had with Hashirama Senju for the title of Hokage at the valley of the end. Our battle lasted for 5 days straight and we each gave it our all and in the end it was a draw. Before we died, Madara complemented me on my skills saying that I have surpassed the other kages and him in terms of skill and power.

To be honest I pitied the man. He was born in a world full of war, bloodshed, and death and all he wanted to do was protect his clan and family from dying and his younger brother gave him his eyes so that he could accomplish his goals. In the end his clan, the very people he swore to lead and protect, turned their backs on him. Honestly, I too would've lost it if the people I swore to protect with my life betrayed me like they did.

After my spirit left my body I ended up absorbing the Kyuubi into my being something unexpected happened to me. I not only gained the powers of the shinigami, I gained the powers of the hollow making me the first Vizard or masked warrior. A vizard is a shinigami who has gained the powers of a hollow and when said reaper defeats their inner hollow their speed, strength, stamina , and other abilities that high level hollows gained like Cero. When this happened I met the Goddess of death and she trained me herself in the four disciplinary arts of the Shinigami.

They were Zanjutsu, Kido, Hakudo, and Hoho. Zanjutsu is swordsmanship and the person learns how to wield a Zanpakuto or soul cutter. Each person has their own form of the sword art including me but I however excelled at the style since I was a master swordsman in my last life.

Then there was kido which was similar to ninjutsu only it required spirit energy to use them and they were ranked 1 to 100. There were three forms of kido. Way of Destruction, Way of Binding, and Way of healing.

Then there is Hakuda or in other words Hand to Hand Combat. I also excelled in that as well. Last but not least Hoho. It is based on agility or fast movements. Even though it was never stated clearly this also relates to the Shinigami having the ability to walk on air using spiritual power by collecting and solidifying Reishi beneath their feet. This allows a Shinigami to gain traction on thin air to either freely move about or to stop themselves from falling.

Another form of Hoho was Shunpo. It is a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow and speed is the main point of the technique. The method is characterized by how fast one can get from one point to another using the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move and those of little skill in the technique or those who haven't used it an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded far easier in a shorter amount of time.

To me shunpo was similar to my dad's technique minus the kunai being used and I have to say I loved the technique. I mastered it to the point where I can move at short distances without any effort and leave after images of myself at my current location. The queen herself gave me the title Shinjin.

During my training, I met Yamamato Shigekuni Genryusai and together we founded Soul Society and the goutei 13 with me becoming the captain of each division and I created most of them with each one having a purpose.

The first Division was created for those who had the most experienced members of the Gotei 13 and the Sotaicho title was given to Yamamoto Shigekunei Genryuusai after I was promoted to the position of Taicho of the Zero Divison.

The Second Division was similar to my former life. They were similar to the ANBU black ops and dealt with things that would never go out to the public and they were trained in the art of stealth and assassination. They were also the final defense of Soul Society.

The Third Division was made for those whose zanpakuto had unique abilities.

Next was the Fourth Division. The 4th Division is the medical/supply division. They are responsible for both treating the injured and doing most manual labor such as cleaning Seireitei. Because of this, they have keys to most of the buildings and know the underground sewer system well. The 4th Division is further divided into teams that have specific assigned jobs.

The Fifth Division had kido users and barrier caster making them a defensive division. I personally mastered and created a few of them and even without the incantations or spell number, they are destructive in my hands. I even created the kido corps who became masters in either forms.

Then I made the Sixth Division which was suited for large assault forces and nobles, I specifically made it for the heads of the Kuchiki clan because I wanted the nobles to participate with those of lower status and learn that they were not as important as their subordinates.

The Seventh Division was made to police the Soul Society and I learned much of the inner workings of the Soul Society through there as well as the Shrine of Penitence that held criminals.

The Eighth division was made for strategists and kido users.

Ninth was the investigation division. They would control the media and communication. You could say that it was based off my godfather's spy network.

Tenth was a bit like the Second division, except they observed and tracked hollows. Eleventh was the combat division, focusing solely on zanjutsu. Twelfth was a division used for research and development and Thirteenth was used to police the Rukongai.

I was also the only Shinigami throughout the history of soul society to gain three zanpakuto. Yama-jii's apprentices, Jushiro Ukitake and Shusui Kyoraku gained two and are the only captains aside from myself to gain more than one Zanpakuto. My three blades are based off the three japanese goddesses/god. Tsukuyomi, Amateratsu, and Susanoo.

On the training grounds of the Zero Division

The sound of blades clashing and flesh hitting flesh is heard on the training grounds. Slash marks, craters, and scorch marks littered the field and two blurs could be seen moving and clashing against each other simultaneously. One blur skids back and started to pant heavily.

The blur was apparently female. She was 5'6 and was wearing a black Hamaka with Shikkashou and wore tabi socks with sandals. She had an hourglass figure and d- cupped breasts that weren't too big or too small. She had a heart shaped face with ivory colored skin. Her eyes were a forest green color and she had long flowing Reddish orange hair that stopped to the middle of her back.

In her hands was a katana with a silver blade. The cross guard was in the form of a yin yang symbol and the hilt was silver with black diamond patterns going down it. Her name is Kirio Hikifune former captain of the 12th division of soul society.

She scans the area looking for her opponent. She senses a presence behind her and with a twist of her body, she turns and blocks the blade of a taller figure. He was 6'2 with spiky blonde hair that went down to his shoulders (Minato's hair style). He had cerulean blue slitted eyes and canines jutted from his upper lip.

His attire and foot wear was more shinobi like than Kirio's was and he had arm guards on his arms as well as finger less gloves that were black. He also wore a haori that had flames licking the bottom and on the back was the kanji for Zero division and Shinsoku. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze founder of soul society, former captain of all divisions, and Captain of the Zero division.

In his hands was a katana that was silver also and the cross guard was circular with two moons on the opposite sides (Shinso's cross guard). The hilt had crimson red cloth with silver diamond patters going down it. He also had a Nodachi that was strapped to his back and another katana next to an empty sheathe. Naruto grins at Kirio who tries to kick Naruto in the torso but the blonde shunpos away from her and she once again reacts by blocking an overhead strike.

"Your reflexes are getting better Fune-chan but" he says and points his left index finger at her stomach and her eyes widen. "Sho (Thrust)" He says and Kirio is sent flying backwards, hitting the wall hard. She lets out a painful grunt and then she looks up only for her eyes to widen when he pointed his glowing index finger at her. "Byakurai." He says and fires a beam of white lightning at her chest.

She shunpos to the left and avoids the blast that put a hole in the wall. She appears once again in front of Naruto whose eyes widen and she grins, aiming her palm at his head. "Hado # 33: Shakkaho!" She says as a red orb appears in her hand and fires it point blank at Naruto's face causing a small explosion.

When it clears, her eyes widen in shock when she only sees his haori on the ground with a hole in the middle that had smoke rising from it. "Geki (Strike)." Naruto calls out and Kirio finds herself unable to move due to the fact that a red light paralyzed her entire body. "You killed my haori Fune-chan. What did it ever do to you?" Naruto asks as he walks towards her still form and she glares at him.

"How do you keep doing that? That shot was point blank. Not even you could've avoided it." She states as the red light dies down and she is able to move again. "What can I say? I'm that good." He says with a grin on his face. She sheathes her sword and punches him playfully in the arm. "Smart ass." She says as she crosses her arms against her chest.

Naruto grins and wraps an arm around her shoulder. "Now Fune-chan there's no need to act like that to your Taicho." He says getting a giggle out of her. "You never change Ruto-kun." She says and a pout appears on his face. "Why do you always call me that?" He mumbles. "Because it makes you sound cute and I love it when you pout like that.

Naruto scoffs when she says that. "I am not cute Fune-chan. Ruggedly handsome yes but not cute." He states and she rolls her eyes at him. "You are so full of it." She says and removes his arm that was around her. "So are we finished with our training today?" She asks and the blonde nods. "Yes we are Fune-chan. Well I'm heading back to my quarters to change. Oh and you owe me a new Haori since you burned a hole in the other one." He replies but then he tilts his head to the right when she threw a pebble at his forehead.

"That's your own fault Namikaze! You always substitute yourself with the damn thing and why do I have to pay for it!? I'm the one always telling you not to wear it when we're training but you do it anyways!" She yelled at the blonde who blinks and tilts his head to the left.

"So what's your point?" He asks only to block a fist with his palm while her brow twitched. "Jerk. You love pissing me off don't you?" She asks. "Can you blame me? You're cute when you get mad Fune-chan." He says and she blushes when he rubs her hand affectionately. "Tell you what Fune-chan, you get me a new custom made haori and I'll give you those heaven on earth massages you love so much." He says and her eyes become stars. "Okay!" she says and grabs the destroyed Haori and shunpos away.

Naruto laughs at that. "Man Fune-chan must love those massages I give her." He says to himself and that was when one of his subordinates appeared kneeling before him. Namikaze-Taicho. The Queen of Souls wishes to speak with you. She says it's very important sir." He says. "I see. I'll be there as soon as possible. And have someone clean up the training ground." He orders and the Shinigami nods and shunpos away.

"I wonder what Izanami-sama wants. She only calls me when a dire situation occurs." He says and shunpos to his quarters to change out of his training clothes. Said Captain was now walking through the marbled halls of the royal palace, heading to the throne room. Naruto couldn't help but wonder why she called him for.

"Hey gaki!" Yelled a masculine voice from his head. Naruto rolled his eyes and knew who it was. "You need to stop worrying so much kid. I swear being with you for almost 3 millenniums and you're still a worry wart. You seriously need to find a girlfriend." Susanoo says. He wore samurai battle outfit with storm clouds and lightning on them and had slicked back spiky blue hair with yellow streaks.

Naruto almost tripped on his feet and his brow twitched. "Shut it Susanoo. I get enough of that from your sister and I don't need it from you." Naruto said in his mind. "So we finally agree on something eh Aniki?" Amateratsu asked. She wore a white Kimono with sun and flame patterns on it and her hair was jet black and tied into a ponytail with a crown in the shape of a sun on her head.

Susanoo looks at her and snorts. "Who said I was agreeing with you Imotou?" He says, making her glare at him. "Why are you such an ass Susanoo!? Are you still mad at me because I set your mirror on fire!? Kami you need to grow up! It's just a mirror!" She yelled and his eyes glow while sparks of electricity cackle around them.

"That wasn't just a mirror! Tou-san gave me that mirror and you burn it with your stupid flames!" He yelled back and a fiery aura surrounded her body and her eyes glowed white. "My flames are not stupid! At least I don't cause unneeded destruction with my powers!" She yelled back. While they were arguing, Thunderstorms and fire appeared and flew around the scene.

During this event, Tsukuyomi was sitting cross legged in mid air. She was 5'5 and had ivory colored skin. Her eyes were a reddish brown color and she wore a red kimono with moon and wave patterns on them and she had red hair that was tied into a ponytail with a crescent moon pattern in on top.

She saw the fight and sighed. "You two really need to grow up." She said making them stop to glare at their sister. "Stay out of this Tsukuyomi!!" They both yell at the same time and she rolls her eyes while a small full moon appears under her sitting form. "And you wonder why Naruto-kun doesn't come to you two for advice." She states and they gawk at her and fume since it was true.

Naruto snickered at this and spoke through his mind. "You two seriously need to let that grudge go and act more like Yomi-chan" He replies while the moon goddess giggles. "All kidding aside, what do you three think of this mission I am about to receive from Izanami-sama?" He asks them.

"Whatever it is it must be very serious for the goddess of souls to summon you. The last time you were summoned you had to face that Vasto Lorde." Amateatsu said and Naruto nods. "Yeah. I haven't had a fight that crazy since I faced Madara. To think he forced me to not only use you three at the same time but also my vizard form at its fullest. The battle lasted for 10 days in Hueco Mundo." He says since that fight was one of the only major ones he had while serving the captain of the zero division.

"He made fighting Yama-jii look like a walk in the park." He answered until Amateratsu spoke up. "Why are you calling him old when you both are the same age?" She asks. "Because I don't show my age and you know that when I absorbed Kyuubi into my being my longevity made my structural appearance stay this way." He explained and Tsukuyomi nods in agreement. "I can't picture you looking like an old man Naruto-kun." She says and Naruto chuckles as he makes his way to the throne room.

He stops at two large red and black doors and they slowly open, revealing a beautiful throne room that was polished and glowing almost as if the throne itself radiated power and glory. Siting on the golden throne was the Queen of souls Izanami. She was 5'6 and wore a royal kimono that was black and silver. Her hair was jet black with silver streaks in it and her skin complexion was a creamy white color. Her nails were painted black and so were her toes. She also wore black lipstick and eye shadow. She sat on the throne with one leg crossed over the other and her figure would make any woman jealous and any male hyperventilate.

Naruto slowly approached his former master and stopped a couple of feet from the throne. Izanami slowly opened her eyes which were silver gray. They sparkled with life and were beautiful and powerful. The aura that surrounded her was soothing yet deadly. "You summoned me Shisho (master)?" Naruto asks and the Goddess of Death who smiles at him and lightly chuckles.

"Naruto-kun how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name? I am no longer your master and you are no longer my student. You may not be my equal in terms of power but you are the strongest shinigami in the spirit realm." She says, making Naruto rub the back of his head in embarrassment and chuckle lightly. "Sorry Izanami-chan. Old habits die hard." He responds and she shakes her head at her first former student.

"Yes I know. All joking aside there was a reason why I summoned you. You see Naruto-kun, I have recently felt an imbalance between the spirit and mortal realm and it's not a good one. The souls of those that have passed on to be reincarnated have how should I say… disappear." She said. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this and blinks.

"Disappear? How in the world is that possible? Only you have the power to do that." He states and she nods. "Yes I know but for some reason more and more souls just keep vanishing and most of it is occurring in soul society. Someone or something is causing this imbalance and to make it worse more hollows are appearing in the mortal plain than normal and whoever is doing this must be stopped or else they could cause both realms to collapse and end all of existence. I want you to find out who is causing this and eliminate them. However you will have a limiter on you and also use your Bankai as a last resort. Your Vizard powers are permitted also." She says and Naruto nods.

"So use Bankai as a last resort? Man the last time I used my Bankai was when I was facing that Vasto Lorde. The bastard almost killed me that time. But even though that guy was a pain to beat he was one heck of a fighter. He made the fight I had with that teme Madara and the 8 bijuu look like a walk in the park." He says and Izanami nods because when she saw the state he was in when he returned from Hueco Mundo she was surprised beyond belief.

Naruto was barely clinging to life and it took him half a year to fully recover and gain his strength back. He looked like he just fought his way through the Nine levels of hell. "Too bad I didn't get the chance to finish him off. But he received just as much damage as I did and I know he's not behind this because he's still recovering from his wounds." Naruto answers and Izanami lets out a sigh.

"So when should I leave Izanami-chan?" Naruto asks. "Leave as soon as possible. This event worries me greatly and I'm not one to jump to concussions. I sense that a great and terrible battle will occur and It'll decide the fate of both realms. As a kami I cannot interfere because it'll make the situation even worse so you have to stop this Naruto-kun." She then stands up and lightly walks down the steps and towards the captain of the zero division. Naruto watches as she approaches him until she is standing before him. Izanami reaches her hand ot to him and slowly caresses the left side of his face.

"Naruto-kun. You must succeed. If you don't then there is nothing I can do. Do what you must to stop this from happening. I am giving you the right to take over the Gotei 13 if you must." She says and he nods and gently places his strong firm hand into hers. "I will not fail Izanami-chan. I won't let what you foresaw but something does tell me that me and my other acquaintance will meet again soon. Also I would like Hikifune to come with me with your permission." He says and she nods.

"Permission granted, and Naruto." She pulls him into a hug shocking him and he returns it. "For my sake don't die. I almost lost you once when you came back barely alive after fighting that Vasto Lorde, I don't want to loose you again. Please be careful." She says and tightens her grip on him.

"I will for your sake." He says as they release each other from the hug. "I'll send you a message via hell butterfly when I get the chance. Ja." He says and Shunpos away while Izanami sighs and brushes a strand of hair away.

"That boy always makes me worry. Willing to sacrifice his own needs for others. He nearly lost his own life to save his subordinates during the war between the Shinigami and High ranking Hollows. No wonder he made a great leader in his previous life. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze… you are without a doubt one of a kind." She says as she walks towards the window and looks at the clear and beautiful sky. Naruto was walking out of the palace and looks up at the sky as well.

"I don't know why but some thing tells me that this is gonna be one hell of a mission." He says and heads towards his compound to inform Hikifune about their new mission.

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