Shinigami of the Zero Division.

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Chapter 3: Vizards and Plans Pt. 2

A week has passed since Naruto, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Tessai, and Hikifune left Soul Society with the former Taicho's and Fukutaicho's now turned Vizards. Right now Said blonde was talking with Kisuke while Hikifune and Tessai were setting up the compound that Naruto bought.

Right now Naruto was wearing some new clothes that were similar to the ninja uniform his father wore especially the white coat that had blue flames licking the edges as well as flames on the sleeves with the kanji Flash on the back and also wore a pair of fingerless gloves. Right now he was sitting in the living room with Kisuke who was dressed in new clothes which was a black coat with white diamond patterns on the end and a green gi with green short pants and a cane along with a pair of geta sandals.

"So how long until our friends wake up?" Naruto asked Kisuke who pondered on this.

"Today since their bodies have managed to adjust to their hollowfication and in the untraceable gigais I made." He answered while his fellow blonde nodded.

"That's good to hear. And where's the little Neko?" Naruto asks with a smirk on his face while Kisuke snickered at his pet name for Yoruichi.

"Still doing some recon in soul society and with her skills no one will even know she's there." Kisuke said and got a nod with Naruto.

"That's good to here. Well I'm gonna go check up on our new guests." He said as he got up and walked off.

Underground Training Area

Shinji Hirako groaned as he woke up in the futon `What the hell happened?' he thought rubbing his neck `the last thing I saw was Aizen-.' As he looked around until his eyes shot open in shock, he then saw a note next to him.

To the Former Taicho, 5th Divison.

Take these clothes and all will be explained

Signed, A friend

Shinji narrowed his eyes at the note but then slipped on the clothes, which consisted of black slacks and a burnt orange dress shirt with a light yellow tie, he then picked up his zanpakuto which had an hourglass for a hilt and a red clothe around the handle and was in the form of a katana.

"So, you're finally up" a gruff voice said.

Shinji turned around to see a man leaning on a rock-like wall, he had a black tank top with white edgings, then he had green cargo pants and black combat boots and a wakizashi in his hands while crossing his arms "I've been waiting for several hours" he walked up to Shinji.

Shinji shook his head "What the hell is going on here?" he asked "You went berserk on us ya know"

Kensei nodded confirming what had happened "I know, apparently my inner hollow went out of control"

Shinji blinked, giving an intelligent "Huh?"

Kensei sighed at this "For now, what you need to know is that I'm better and the others are unconscious but fine." He said shortly.

Shinji looked to a small alcove to see Love Aiwaka, Rojuro Otoribashi as well as Hiyori Sarugaki along with Hachigan Ushoda, Lisa Yadamar and Mashiro Kuna (You all know what they wear) who were also in their gigais. After a couple of minutes have passed the other were up and were wondering where they were at.

"What the hell? Oi Shinji where are we?" an irate Hiyori asked the former captain of the fifth division.

"It would seem we are in the human world and we are in gigais." Hachigen stated while the others looked at their new set of clothes and saw their Zanpakuto laying beside them.

"And that would be a correct assumption on your part." Said a calm voice which startled them and they saw Naruto sitting cross legged on a boulder. "It's about time you guys woke up. I was starting to think Aizen's little experiment on you guys would've finished you off." He said and leapt of the rock.

"How do you know about Aizen?" Shinji asked but then his eyes widened. "Unless…"

"Oh please cut that train of thought right there. That brat doesn't hold a candle to me? I've been around before he was even a gleam in the Soul Queen's eye. You should all know who I am from the history in the soul academy." Naruto stated while they each had a look of confusion on their faces.

"He does seem familiar…" Love stated and looks at Naruto for a while until Kensei's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Y-You're…. Naruto Namikaze." He stammered out causing the others eyes to widen until Machiro blinked in confusion and tilted her head to the side.

"Nani? Who's the dandelion Kensei?" The green haired vizard asked the man who face faulted and shot back up glaring at the green haired shinigami while a tick mark formed on Naruto's head.

"Did that brat just call me a dandelion?" Naruto asked with a forced smile on his face.

"Machiro! You baka! You're looking at the first Shinigami aside from Soutaicho Yamamoto to ever exist! He was the founder and creator of the 13 divisions and mastered all of the forms of the shinigami arts!" Kensei yelled at his simple minded subordinate who blinked and scratched her cheek with her index finger.

"He's one of the founders? He doesn't look old like an old man." Hiyori stated. "Plus how do we know he's not a fraud?" Her answer was her freezing up when she gazed into Naruto cold and murderous eyes which made her break into a cold sweat and her knees to buckle. Her throat felt like it was being crushed by an invisible hand that was wrapped around her neck. The felling she had suddenly died off and she was able to breathe normally.

"Does that answer your question gaki? If I can make you break with just a mere gaze imagine what I could do with my spirit pressure. You'd more than like die from a heart attack if I were to release 5% of my power." Naruto said in a serious manner as he walked towards them. "Now then we have a serious problem. Due to Aizen's little experiment you all are now Shinigami who have gained hollow powers or in other words vizards which means masked soldiers. If you guys even wish to stand a chance against fighting Aizen in the future then you have to get ready by training to master your hollowfications." Naruto explained.

"One question Naruto-sama." Rose asked his fellow blonde. "How do you know so much about Vizards?" Naruto looked back at him and back at the others.

"How do I know? Simple." He placed his right hand over his face which glowed a golden with a red outline until he swiped his hand away and was now sporting a mask that was in the shape of a fox and had three jagged red like markings and seemed to be snarling at them. The scleras of his eyes were black with the irises being yellow like a hollows with slit pupils. "I was the first to ever become a Vizard." He stated getting shocked look from them. "The only difference is that I have full control over my hollow powers." The mask dissipated and Naruto's face returned to normal. "I will be teaching you all how to use your new powers properly and believe me when I say it won't be easy. Not only that, but I'm gonna teach you all how to face Aizen."

Shinji raised an eyebrow at this. "What do you mean how to face Aizen Naruto-san?" the fellow blonde asked the captain of the zero division.

"What I meant by that was facing his Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu. It is a powerful illusion based Zanpakuto that can nullify and manipulate one's senses. I wouldn't be surprised if all the divisions are under the blade's spell." Naruto explained making their eyes widen. "Aizen on the other is a different story. Someone like him is probably hiding his true skills so we don't know what he's capable of doing."

"You know this from experience Naruto-san?" Kensei asked the blonde who nodded.

"From the time I use to be alive then yes." Naruto answered.

"So how will you be teaching us how to use our new powers?" Lisa asked and Naruto looked back at her.

"To put it simply you're gonna have to face you inner hollows for control over your new abilities as well as your body." Kisuke Urahara said as he walked into the training dojo and the former captains and lieutenants eyes widened in shock.

"YOU!" Hiyori shouted and pointed an accusing finger at Kisuke who grinned back.

"Hey if it isn't my cute lieutenant. How are you doing Hiyori-chan?" the blonde genius asked cheerfully only to get mule kicked in the face by the blonde with pig tails in her hair and sent crashing into a boulder.

"Dumbass baka. It's because of you we're in this damn situation." She muttered while Naruto sweat dropped.

"We're really gonna have to work on your temper Sarugaki." Naruto stated and got a heated glare from here.

"Piss off porcupine head! No one asked your opinion on my" She suddenly found herself being hoisted up by the back of her collar by none other than an irate Naruto who now had a vein throbbing from his head and was staring him dead in the eyes.

"You're really starting to work my nerves gaki and for you that's a bad thing. If you were to fight Aizen in the condition you're in now he'd kill you on the spot." He said harshly making her cringe under his gaze and look like a child who was being scolded by a parent for throwing a tantrum. "Your former leader would be disappointed in how you're acting like a child."

He then dropped her on her butt still keeping his gaze on the former lieutenant of the 12th division. She suddenly perked up when he mentioned her former leader. "Wait how do you know about Hikifune-Taicho?" She asked Naruto until she felt a hand pressed on top of her head.

"Because he's my taicho." Answered a calm and feminine voice. The other vizards gawked at who they saw.

"Hikifune Taicho? I heard she was one of the royal guards of the Zero Division." Rose stated but when he looked at Naruto his eyes widened. "But if that's the case then he must be the Taicho of the Reibantai (Zero Division)." This caused the others eyes to bug out and look at Naruto in shock.

Hiyori was stumped when she saw the person whom she considered as a mother figure was standing before her. Kirio eye smiled and pats her former subordinate on the top of her head. "You've grown since I left Yori-chan but we'll catch up later after Naruto-kun explains everything." She stated and got a nod from Hiyori.

Naruto on the other hand walked over to the rubble Kisuke was in and saw a leg stick out and crouches down. "Oi bucket hat stop playing Opossum and get your ass up unless you want to assist in my demonstration for the next 5 hours." He ordered with an evil grin on his face. That right there caused the blonde to leap out of the rubble and was now sweating bullets and Naruto eye smiled.

Afterwards, Naruto schedules the days they would train to face their inner hollows and once they've defeated them, train them in how to extend the time limit on how long they can use their masks. During the process the only ones who had gained dominance over their inner hollows so far was Shinji, Hachigen, Kensei, Love, and Rose. Mashiro was able to keep her mask up for about fifteen hours which stumped the others especially Naruto. Lisa was able to fully dominate her inner hollow but Hiyori was a little difficult and Naruto had to resort to knocking her out to keep her inner hollow from fully emerging. After a few days of having her meditate she was finally able to beat her inner hollow but still had to go through meditation and work on her temper much to her annoyance but had to comply.

Underground Training Dojo

In the training area, an explosion of dust and debris was seen rising into the sky. Leaping out of it was none other than Kensei Muguruma who was donning his hollow mask. His Hollow mask resembles a flat hockey face guard with six slitted eye holes arranged in two columns. It has three extensions on either side which cover the sides and back of his head.

His Lieutenant, Mashiro Kuna who also was donning her hollow mask which took the form of a hornet or bee. "Kensei we've been at this for hours. When will dandelion head give us a break?" She cried making a tick mark appear on his head and glare at the green haired female shinigami.

"Shut it Mashiro! You've been complaining ever since our training has started and it's getting annoying and stay focused unless you want to die!" He shot back.

"Did you just call me a dandelion head again Mashiro?" Said an annoyed voice behind Mashiro who squeaked and avoids being turned to dust by a red cero.

"Yikes! Foxy-chan are you trying to kill me?" She shouted at the Hybrid whose finger was smoking and a tick mark formed on his head.

"What did I tell you about making pet names?" He said and fired another cero that was faster than the last one at her. Kensei appeared and blocked the attack but the speed behind it was able to force him back a little until he let out a roar and flung it to the side.

"Good move there Kensei. Always look out for your comrade no matter how annoying they are. I'm also impressed that you managed to stop my cero since that wasn't even a fraction of its real power." The blonde stated and he shunpoed in front of a shocked Kensei and delivered a roundhouse kick at his neck, sending him flying into the ground.

Mashiro appeared over Naruto's head with her right leg up. "Mashiro Kick!" she cried out and brought down an axe kick at Naruto's skull only for said blonde to stop it with just an index finger. "N-Nani?"

Naruto looked up and then grabbed her ankle. "Baka. What have I told you about basing your attacks off your name and calling them out like that?" He simply flung her away and she crashed into a large rock structure that collapsed over her. After wards he looked out of the corner of his eyes to see a flash of silver descend at his head so he sidestepped the sword trust and Lisa bypassed him. Her Hollow mask is lozenge-shaped with a cross-shaped opening, instead of a mouth and eye slits. However, the horizontal opening allows her to see in front of her.

"That was very sneaky of you Lisa-chan." He chastised and pulled out his sheathed katana, Tsukiyomi and blocked two over head strikes delivered by Love and Rose. Love's hollow mask was in the form of a traditional Japanese Oni mask while Rose's was in the form of a bird beak that stuck outwards.

Naruto breaks the attack and spins his body in order to deliver a roundhouse kick to Hiyori's stomach making her gasp out in pain and float down clutching her stomach and then he pointed his index and middle finger at the other two and fired two small cero blasts at them, causing an explosion and sending their smoking forms flying backwards. "Too straight forward Hiyori-gaki. If that was my blade then you'd be dead." He stated and he turned his head to see a cero heading straight for him but when it got close he simply kicked it away while Shinji, who was donning his mummified mask appeared behind Naruto and swings his blade horizontally only for a hexagonal like barrier to appear and block the attack.

"Smart move Shinji, using your cero to distract me while attempting to attack my blind spot." Naruto turned his head around and was about to draw his blade until he was ensnared by several yellow energy chains. Naruto looked down and saw Hachigan's palms clapped together hand he was donning his hollow mask which resembles a traditional Balinese demon mask, with tusks and protrusions from the top. A row of feather-like spikes also stick out from the top of the mask, similar to a Native American headdress. "Good use of performing Kido without the incantations Hachi-san but" Naruto uses his enhanced strength to easily break free of the level 60 spell which surprises Hachi since only Kensei was able to pull that off.

"You should know that even without the incantation a spells power is lessened. Ōkasen (Yellow Fire Flash)." Naruto raises Tsukiyomi horizontally in front of him/her and generates a yellow orb that widens itself along the length of the sword and fires outward as a horizontal blast in a wide arc of yellow energy at Hachi who forms a barrier around himself while the blast hit it, though the force from it did cause some cracks to form and was sent crashing into a rock structure.

"Though in my case I don't have to worry about that issue since I always kept up my training." Naruto stated. A shadow loomed over him and he looked up to see what appeared to be Love wielding a large black kanabō, more than twice the height of Love himself. It is covered with bladed protrusions, and the handle itself is almost taller than Love.

"Hifuki no Kodzuki (Fire-Blowing Gavel)!" Love swings Tengumaru up and it ignites itself in flames. He then points it downwards and a huge fireball fires from the tip and ascends towards Naruto. Said blonde reared his left arm back and red static started to form around his arm as did red spirit energy forms and hardens around his limb. "Bala (Bullet)." He fires and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy and it heads towards the fire based attack.

As it makes contact, it doesn't dissipate, it instead punches a hole in the middle of the attack. Love was wondering why his attack was splitting until he saw a red blast of energy head towards him. "Oh shi"


The attack hits Love causing an explosion to occur and he was sent sailing across the training area. As this happened, Naruto appeared above a surprised love and placed a hand over the man's chest. "Sōkatsui (Pale Fire Crash)." Naruto fires a blue reiatsu blast that hits Love's chest and is sent sailing into the ground and when he makes contact, an explosion occurs.

Naruto raises his hand to hi mask and with a single swipe, it dissipates. He reaches into his coat and pulls out a stop watch that blinks a few time. "Time's." He suddenly stops an roundhouse kick courtesy of Mashiro who was donning her hollow mask and pulls her down to his level. "Up." He finished with a tick mark on his head and then points his brings his hand up to her forehead and flicks her on the middle of her mask, making it shatter and sending her crashing right into a groaning love who cries out in pain.

"She's worse than Hiyori I swear." He muttered while Kensei appeared beside him with his mask off.

"Tell me about it. I can tell you all the times I wanted to ring her neck Naruto-san." The white haired man stated. Naruto on the other hand chuckles while Shinji appears with and unconscious Hiyori over his shoulder and Lisa who seemed to be exhausted due to how she was panting. Rose appeared and his face and hair seemed to be scorched from the Cero Naruto fired and Hachi lost the sleeve to his right arm. Love also appeared with his shade lenses cracked holding Mashiro by the back of her collar and she had swirls in her eyes.

"Not bad you guys, you've improved a lot in the last year. The only thing you need to remember is to continue to use teamwork and watch each other's back." He stated. "Enjoy the rest of the day off but don't start any trouble. Be sure to pass that onto Hiyori and Machiro and if they disobey tell them I'll be doubling their training." He said and leaves them to their own devices.

Naruto was back in the compound and decided to head into his room. As he did he saw Kirio sleeping soundly on his futon since she spent all night helping Kisuke with a new device that can get them to go from Soul Society back to the Human World as well as Hueco Mundo. He couldn't help but smile at her exhausted and sleeping form and was keeping in a laugh due to the fact that she was holding onto a stuffed fox plushy.

He crouches down and brushes away a strand of hair and she shifted in her sleep a little. "Naruto no baka I want my full body massage or it's no sex for a week." She muttered which made him blush a little.

"Meow." Naruto turned his head and saw a black cat perched on the window staring at Naruto with its golden colored eyes. He smirks and walks over to the window and leans onto it smirking at the cat who tilted her head to the side.

"Hello Yoruichi-chan." He said and uses his index finger to stroke her under her chin getting a purr from the former captain. She then hopped off the window and landed on the ground transforming into her human form (she's wearing the clothes she had during the invasion in soul society) and smirking at Naruto.

"Hello to you to Naruto-kun. Did you have fun training your fellow vizards?" She asked grinning at the blonde who shrugged.

"Yeah but it wasn't as fun as it was last year. I think Hiyori is starting to figure out who's been putting itching powder into her underwear drawers." He stated causing the flash goddess to snort but cover her mouth when she heard Kirio moan and turn her body to the side mumbling. "I think it would be wise if we didn't wake her up. Unlike Kisuke, Hikifune can be even scarier than old man Yamamoto if woken up." Naruto nodded at her suggestion and they shunpo out of the compound.


The two masters of flash step each appear on a tree branch and look at each other with grins on their faces. "So how what are the rules this time?" Yoruichi asked while Naruto's grin grew.

"You have until the moon rises to touch my cloak and also." Yoruichi felt her long hair fall down and Naruto had her ribbon in his hand. "You have to get this back from me." Yoruichi remained stumped because he didn't even move from his spot and blinked a few times.

"Okay I know I didn't blink. How can you move that fast?" she asked getting a chuckle from the blonde.

"I told you Neko-chan back in my old life I was one of the fastest people alive and I intended to keep that title even in death. Not even the old coot could match my speed if he went all out. I'll admit you are fast for someone so young but you'll need at least 1,000 years worth of training to even come close to catching me." He teased and shunpos away while Yoruichi mutters about blonde assholes mocking her reputation as the fastest female alive and took off after him.

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