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Chapter Three: Duties

After that night that they shared together in one bed, Gokudera's feelings towards Yamamoto is changing. Little by little he come to understand that his feelings for the black-haired boy isn't hatred anymore.

The sun is up, exactly 6:40 in the morning Gokudera woke up. He take a bath and change in his uniform getting ready for school. He walk down the stairs going to the kitchen. While walking towards the kitchen, he saw an apron in color pink with a design of Winnie the Pooh, looking at it, he remembers what happened just yesterday. All the things about moving in to Yamamoto's house, the maid things, the agreement and most especially, what had happened that night. Gokudera shook his head, refraining himself from thinking about those things.

`That bastard! My body hurts so much because of what had happened last night!!!` he thought in his mind as he pony his hair and started to wear the pink apron. Even though he hated to wear such thing, he has no other choice, for him it's better to wear an apron instead of a maid outfit.

The silver-haired boy opened the refrigerator and found some eggs and ham. Well, his not that familiar in cooking, though he could only cook the simple foods.

Gokudera started to cook while, Yamamoto was still on the bed.

7:00 in the morning, Yamamoto woke up. He noticed that Gokudera is not on the bed already and so he decided to go down.

"Hmm… Gokudera is making a meal." Yamamoto said as he move towards Gokudera.

"Shut Up!!!" Gokudera said as he continues to cook.

"What a cute apron you're wearing…" Yamamoto said as he wrap his arms around Gokudera's waist.

"YOU BASTARD! Don't touch me!" Gokudera said as he blush heavily.

"Mmm… Don't touch? Why? We've already done it last night." Yamamoto said as he lowers his head, brushing his lips to the neck of the silver-haired boy.

"S-stop it…" Gokudera moaned.

"Why?" Yamamoto said as he lifts up Gokudera's face and kisses the other boy's cheeks.

Gokudera widen his eyes, and thought, `Damn! If this continues the same thing will happen!`


"Ah! If we don't hurry we'll be late for school!" Gokudera said before removing Yamamoto's hands from his waist.

After finishing their breakfast and preparing for school, they got out of the house going to Tsuna's home. The two remained silent until they reached Tsuna's house.

"10th! Good morning!!!" Gokudera said as moves beside Tsuna.

"Good morning, Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto." Tsuna greeted.

"Ah! G'morning'" Yamamoto said.

Their agreement will only be done at Yamamoto's house and not outside that's why they stay the same as usual.

_______________Lunch Break________________

The three sat down in their usual place, the rooftop.

"Ah! 10th!!!" Gokudera said before standing up.

"What is it Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna replied.

"Uhmm… I'll just buy some food downstairs." Gokudera said as he open the door of the rooftop.


Tsuna noticed that Yamamoto didn't have his lunch box today and asked, "Yamamoto, where's your lunch box today?"

"Ah… well, my parents were out for vacation in Hokkaido for 3 weeks…"

"Ahh… You won't eat today?"


After a moment, Gokudera opened the door bringing plenty of snacks and catching his breath.

"Gokudera-kun." Tsuna said as he looks at the young boy who is panting heavily.

Gokudera hand over a plastic with lots of food inside to Yamamoto, "Bastard! Here, it's my treat today." Gokudera said as he blush a little.

"Thank you, Gokudera!" Yamamoto replied and smiled at him.

After eating their snacks, Yamamoto brought out a piece of paper and a pen and started to write. Tsuna and Gokudera noticed Yamamoto writing something on the piece of paper.

"What're you writing, Yamamoto?" Tsuna asked.

"Hmm… nothing important…" Yamamoto replied as he continue to write.

"Hey you baseball freak don't make 10th wonder so much about that thing you're writing!" Gokudera said before grabbing the paper from Yamamoto.

As he read the writings on the paper… he found out that this were all about maid stuffs.

--on the paper~

Duties of a maid:

HE must always fulfill the wishes of his master… Even if he wishes to do it.

HE must always reply, "AS YOU WISH, MASTER" every time his master ask him to do something.

HE must always sleep together with his master in ONE BED.

HE must wear the maid uniform.

HE must fall in love with his master.


Gokudera was so shocked after reading all this and thought in his mind, `Damn what is this!!! All of it will lead to having sex with his master!!!` he looked at Yamamoto with irritated eyes and tore the paper apart.

"YOU BASTARD!!! Do you think I will follow these things!!!?!" Gokudera exclaimed.

"What is that Gokudera? You will follow something?" Tsuna asked.

"Ah no! it's nothing 10th! Don't mind!" Gokudera said while he shook his head.

"Ah alright." Tsuna replied.

--after school—

As soon as they got home, Gokudera sat on the couch, tired and sleepy and so he began to close his eyes. While on the other side, Yamamoto goes straight to the storage room to get the maid uniform and bring it to Gokudera.

"Gokudera." Yamamoto said, standing beside the couch.

"What do you want?" Gokudera said as he continue to close his eyes.

"Look… Wear this." Yamamoto said as he shows the maid uniform.

"What???!" He said, opening his eyes and moving his head to look at the other boy, "I told you I don't like to wear such thing, BASTARD!!!" he added.

"But… even if you say so…" Yamamoto said in a soft and cute voice.

"I decline."

"Hmm… then if you don't want to wear this, wear an apron instead…"

"Well, that'll be much better!"

"…But only apron."

"What do you mean?"

"No clothes under the apron." Yamamoto said as he smile.


"Then wear this."


Gokudera can't do anything but to wear the maid outfit. He knew that if he will try to insist and decline, it'll just make him feel like losing to Yamamoto.

Yamamoto started to take a bath while Gokudera started to wear his maid outfit. After changing in his maid outfit he opened the door of the room.

As he opens the door, he found yamamoto just about to enter the room. The silver-haired boy widen his eyes when he saw yamamoto only with a towel on his waist. He blushed heavily as he steps backward looking at the other boy. The wet hair of yamamoto that drops in his chest and his sexy waist wrapped by a towel makes Gokudera's heart throb faster.

"Baseball freak!!! What're you doing here!!!?" Gokudera said as he looks down covering his blushing face.

"EH…? But this is OUR room." Yamamoto said as he leans forward to the other boy.


"Ehh… Gokudera is embarrassed when I only wear a towel?" Yamamoto said as he lifts up Gokudera's face.

"I-Idiot I-I'm not!" Gokudera said as he tries to deny himself.

After a moment, Yamamoto noticed Gokudera's outfit,

"Oh, you've already wear it." Yamamoto said as he wraps his arms around the other boy's waist.

"… I just don't want to lose… that's all." Gokudera said as his tone of voice lowers.

"Hmm… really..? let's see…" Yamamoto said as he kisses Gokudera in his forehead.

"AH!" Gokudera said as he feels his heart thumping faster.

Yamamoto pushes him down the floor softly. "Damn! What are you doing?!!!!" Gokudera exclaimed, looking at the eyes of the black-haired boy.

"…I won't hold back." Yamamoto said as he stared at the silver-haired boy vigilantly.


"You… wearing that cute maid outfit, it really excites me to the bone." Yamamoto chuckled as he lifts up the skirt of Gokudera, placing his hands to Gokudera's body.

"What're you…" Gokudera moaned as his face turns red and his heart throbs a little more faster.

Yamamoto caresses Gokudera's body as his lips brush through the silver-haired boy's neck. Gokudera moaned heavily and sexy. "Damn! Because of you that I'm making weird sounds!!!" Gokudera exclaimed.

"It's alright. I want to hear more." Yamamoto said as he inserted his middle finger inside Gokudera's hole.

"Damn YOU BASTARD! It h-hurts!"

"I know it feels good for you inside."

"R-remove it! It hurts!"

"No. it excites me."

"IDIOT! Nnn…"

"Remember the duties a maid should follow?" Yamamoto said, caressing the other boy.

"Th-that again? Nmm…"

"Do it."


"I want you to reply to me, "As You Wish Master!"

"I-idiot! Why would I do that!"

"`Cause you're my maid after all."

"ah… mnn…"

"Can I come inside you already?"

"… Damn What?!"

"Gokudera." Yamamoto said as he remove his middle finger inside Gokudera's.

"A-as you wish, m-master." Gokudera said; shivering from pain and pleasure.

Yamamoto inserted his dick inside Gokudera. At first it was painful and slow just like the last time, but when the pain subsided, Yamamoto's thrusts becomes faster and deeper. They can feel pain and pleasure inside their bodies. Their feelings were like melted in their hot bodies.

"Y-Yamamoto I'm going to… ahh..!" Gokudera moaned as Yamamoto's thrust much deeper.

"I know. Let it come. Me also…I'm going to…" Yamamoto moaned as he sweats heavily.

"I don't want to!... but I'm really going to~!!" Gokudera said as white and sticky thing came out from their dicks.

Even at nights they didn't separate.

6:30 in the morning, Gokudera woke up earlier, to prepare breakfast and a special lunch box that Yamamoto requested. The green-eyed boy sat on the bed and stared at the other boy. Looking at the black-haired boy which is currently sleeping, it made his heart thumps faster. He can't explain what he can feel at the moment, "Idiot. You're the only person who can make my heart beat like this." Gokudera said in a silent voice and smiled at him with a gentle face, "…You won." Gokudera added, touching the hair of the other boy and kissing his forehead.

After that, he continue what he was supposed to do.

Everyday, the life of the 2 were all in the same route.

But what will happen in the end, when Gokudera's bet with Yamamoto will be over?

Chapter Three end.

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