Charlie & the Chocolate Factory does not belong to me in any way, shape, or form. This story is a work of fiction made off of Roald Dahl book and screenplay.


Pairing- Willy and (older) Charlie.

Summary- Charlie has been 16 for a while now and can't seem to stop having these strange dreams about Willy.


", can I ask you something?" A very lucky boy by the name of Charlie Bucket said to me, now why is this boy lucky you may ask. Well the story is much too long to tell, but I will tell you this, he was poor living in a run-down shack, he had no father only a mother and four bed-ridden grandparents. He now lives with me in my lush chocolate factory after he had one of five golden tickets that I had placed in chocolate bar wrappers.

"Of Course Charlie and please call me Willy" He blushed deeply, which was strange, but he took a sit on the chair located next to my desk for him alone.

"ummm…Willy…have you ever dreamed about someone…in a…weird way?" I rubbed my eyes 'so it's time for that talk' I wondered to myself.

"Yes, but its only normal for a boy your age to be having…weird dream about girls Charlie, it's nothing to be overly concerned about" his blushed deepened and he placed his face in his hands.

"But Willy it wasn't a girl" I turned and placed a hand on Charlie's shoulder.

"That's normal to, being in love with men isn't wrong, I am" His head shot up.

"Who!?" He yelled annoyed.

"Who what…I mean what who…no I mean what do you mean who?" He stood up glaring.

"What man are you in love with?" he questioned angrily.

"Charlie I'm not actually in love, I just meant that I like men" He grew very red and nodded sitting down, I smiled lightly finally getting what was wrong. "Don't be jealous Charlie" he looked away from me and sighed.

"I lik…no I love you Willy, I have since I was twelve but I started to thinking the other day…I want this to be more than me just think about you…doing things to me, and you actually…doing them." He smiled light, blushing dropping his head down. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised before akin his chin into my hand and pulling him close, are lips were only about a half an inch away.

"Your only 16 Charlie and I'm going to guess and say your mother will not be too happy about and old man like me taking her child's…innocents" he was basically shaking him my hand, I had to loop my arm around his waist to keep him from falling, which caused us to move about two five inch's.

"You're not that old" he pleaded with me inching closer standing on the tips of his toes; I could feel him on my lower hip getting hard just from the suspense of it all. "Please Willy, I won't tell my mom, no till I'm eighteen, I promise just please stop teasing me and kiss me." I didn't really have a choice he grabbed my face and pulled me down kissing me hard. He had no idea what he was doing, his lips moved awkwardly against mine, I pulled back and he blushed.

"Have you ever kissed anyone before Charlie?" His eyes widened and he hide his head in my chest shaking his head lightly, I rubbed his back light, I had a sniffle and yanked him back pulling up his head tears ran down his face "Charlie why are you crying?" he shook his head and tried to leave but I held him close. "Sweetheart , tell me what's wrong" Charlie smiled lightly at the nickname.

"I really that bad" I gave him a confused look "at kissing, you asked if I ever kissed anyone before, doesn't that mean I suck" I smiled neversly and nodded lightly but keep him in my arms.

"But it also means that we should just practice more" He smiled and took my hand in his and pulled me out of my office. "Where are we going?" He shushed me and pulled harder, we finally arrived in front of his room. He leaned up and lightly kissed my lips before opening his door and shutting it in my face; I stood there for a moment before knocking on the door. Charlie popped his head out and smiled.

"Go away" he shut the door again before quickly opening up again. "Oh and yes I'll go on a date with you tomorrow on a picnic to the candy room, good night." He kissed me once again before closing the door again. I walked away, down the hall to my room.

"Crazy kid" I muttered to myself as I laid down face down on my bed.


Okay new story, I hope you like it…I have no idea what the Candy room is actually called, maybe it is the candy room, any way, let me know what you think.