'...Men are supposed to be made of steel or something' M'Lynn Eatenton from Steel Magnolias'

Julia Sugarbaker was made of steel, she could not be broken or made to bend. Only 3 persons ever came close to doing that….that was Hayden McElroy, Payne McElroy and Reese Watson.

A lot of people tried and came close ( Or so they thought ) . The Cherokee rose is the state of Georgia's flower. Is there any difference between the two? Both were beautiful and brighten a entire room by just both of them being in there, even when they fade and wither by people's standard's, the both still hold a firm memory in people's mind.

Julia Sugarbaker 1941—2010

Her tombstone was in the shape of a heart next to her late husband and a empty, marked spot for their son & his family.

Somebody put a Cherokee rose on her grave and walked away.

Written by Sand n' Sable.