The Final Battlefield, Border of the Western Lands

"No, Kohaku!" Sango screamed across the bloodied battlefield. "Wait!" Past the torn corpses of fallen demons and wolves, beyond the final battle of good and evil that separated them, the youngest demon slayer stood determined. He was staring at the glowing gemstone in his grasp.

The Shikon Jewel, the Jewel of four souls, had thrust itself into his hands the moment Naraku had combined his piece with the now-defiled shards he had stolen from Kohaku's sister and her friends. Only a single piece of the round stone remained: the startlingly pure shard embedded in his shoulder blade. The Jewel begged him for it.

Kohaku knew what he needed to do.

His wish.

He closed his eyes and focused on the warm, tainted stone in his hands. The onslaught surrounding him seemed to slow. Naraku's bewilderment turned to burning hatred as his attention shifted from the attacking hanyou and his demon brother to the young boy. It was the opening they needed. Inuyasha called out towards Kagome. Sparks erupted from blades. Winds howled. A single arrow flew true to its mark.

Sango cried.

Her enormous boomerang lay on the grass behind her, marked and sullied from the seemingly endless battle. She was racing towards him, but her tired feet were nearly frozen as time began to stand still. His sister had known for a while that his memory had returned. She would know that he had always loved her, just as she had loved him, unconditionally. He smiled at her.

"I want you to be happy. I wish it. You and your allies."

A bright flash of the purest pink enveloped the battlefield as the final blow was struck, and suddenly it was all over.

Yet, little did Kohaku know, even the purest of wishes hold consequences.