Sarah and Peyton were sneaking around Mount Pillar, looking for stuff to scan.

"Come on Peyton," Sarah whispered

"Hld un," Peyton said, his voice muffled for some reason

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked looking at her friend. Only to see that he was munching on a cookie and getting another out of a big bag he had

"Peyton what are doing with a bag of cookies?!" Sarah asked

"Hey these are my grandmas special cookies!" Peyton said tossing another one into hi mouth "She makes them with love,"

Sadly this little argument attracted the unwanted attention of some Danians

"Humans!" They said as they readied their weapons to fire

Yet just then they stopped their advance, and began sniffing out for something

"I smell sugar," one of the Danians said

"Where! Where's sugar!" another said

"That fat human has it!" another one said

"After him!" all the Danians said

Soon enough Sarah and Peyton were running all around Mount Pillar with Danians chasing them

"Peyton drop that bag and use your scanner to port!" Sarah cried

"No! I'll never give up Grandmas cookies!" Peyton said

Just then the big boy tripped on a rock and his bag of cookies went flying into the air


Soon enough the Danians were all over those cookies like they had just found the Cathica

"Come on Peyton," Sarah said "Let's scan them and we'll go to Chaotic and get you a pizza,"

"But...the cookies," Peyton sobbed

"Don't you still have them back in the real world?" Sarah said

"Oh yeah," Peyton said "I totally forgot, Grandmas cookies can make your mind float away,"

The End