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Ed, Edd, n Eddy: Saviors of the Wastes


War… war never changes.

The day that the first bombs fell and the dreaded war began marked the inevitable end of humanity. The Russians invaded the United States in a joint effort with the Japanese who invaded Alaska. Europe fell into chaos as World War Three broke out. It quickly began to revert back to its barbaric Dark Age past of violence and the constant struggle for power. The world was in chaos but luckily none of the countries had gotten desperate enough to use nuclear weapons… yet. Russia was the first and its victim was America after an incident where the Americans (in a desperate attempt to force the Russians into an early submission) killed hundreds of thousands of Russian civilians after bombing several major cities. As the world consumed itself in atomic fire as rival there was a quiet little town named Peach Creek where twelve kids and their parents stood by and watched as their world crumbled around them. Luckily they were able to escape and fled to the nearby Vault 117 for safety; a Vault that was never supposed to be constructed. Peach Creek and the surrounding towns had very little influence or importance but with the help of local contractor and several hundred thousand dollars Vault 117 was built. It is in Vault 117 where the twelve children would mature and emerge someday as young adults. Learning from the past mistakes of humanity they would help in forging a new beginning for mankind. They alone may hold the key to the survival of humanity or its downfall. They would all soon learn that without great sacrifice nothing can be accomplished.

As the ashes of the Third World War slowly settled to the Earth's charred surface and the fighting had completely ceased, the survivors of the human race began to return to the Earth's new, quiet, charred, wasteland like surface after being shut up inside metal underground Vaults for years. However, Vault 117 did not allow its inhabitants to return to the now hostile and rough Wasteland above, but instead kept them in the Vault where their Overseer believed they would all be safe. The now young adults of Peach Creek though would soon find themselves thrown out of the comfort zone of their quiet, metal haven and would now be forced to face the hardened above ground that is now Earth. Their journey will be a tough one, filled with death, sorrow, violence, but hope; a hope that maybe humanity can make up for all of its past sins. That maybe humanity could forge a new future, one without wars and violence against one another. A future worth fighting for, no matter what the cost…