Today… Today is the day I failed you. I tried to be your friend, your brother. But I just couldn't stop the evil shadow.

I couldn't stop the piercing darkness as it struck into your heart.

I sit here shaking, sensing my own heart breaking as I feel your life slowly slip away, as your precious blood flows through my fingers.

Your fire was once a strong, roaring flame. But now the flame grows cold as I desperately hold you in my arms.

I know I shouldn't take the blame, but to think about why you took my fall, my consequence for my dreadful, terrible mistake.

I never asked you my friend, to carry my heavy burdens. But how can I feel anything but heartache, as your warm voice softly whispers.


Then it seems that both our hearts stop as your once strong body falls limp in my arms.

Your breath no longer touches my hands, only to let me know that I'm left alone with my guilt.

The guilt of how I caused your death… Axel.