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Olivia Benson walked into the convenience store, with a chip on her shoulder and a scowl on her face. She walked up and down the aisles, grabbing paper towels, five bags of Corn Nuts, a tube of toothpaste, a box of Band-Aids, burn cream, an ace bandage, and several of the "pop and cool" ice-packs that didn't require refrigeration to work. She walked up to the register and groaned. He was the last person she wanted to see. Especially now, at three in the morning, when she thought no one would see her doing this.

"Benson?" the guy at the counter asked. "What the hell happened to you?"

Olivia shook her head. "Just ring the shit up, Stabler. I have to go. I don't have time to..."

"Get into a fight with a sumo wrestler?" the kid asked, cutting her off.

"Yeah, that's exactly it," Olivia cracked. "How much do I owe you, jackass?"

He looked at her, cringing at the sight, and said, "Twenty-eight fifty. Seriously, Benson. What happened?"

Olivia handed him thirty bucks and said, "Keep the change. Consider it a tip." She walked out of the store, but heard him following her. She rolled her eyes and sped up.

"Olivia," he called to her, catching up to her, grabbing her arm.

"Ow!" Olivia yelled, pulling her arm away from him. "God damn it, Elliot!"

Elliot Stabler, that was his name, looked at her, wide eyed. "I'm sorry, Benson! I didn't think..."

"No, you fucking didn't!" Olivia yelled. Tears had sprung to her eyes. She wasn't gonna let him see her cry, no way.

"Olivia," Elliot said to her, softly, pulling her toward him gently, "I think it's broken."

Olivia just nodded. "Smart one," she quipped. "They teach you how to tell if someone's arm is broken in the Marines?"

"You need a doctor," Elliot said, his eyes gazing at her, serious. Pleading.

"Thanks for stating the obvious," Olivia bit. "Can you let me go? Please? I wanna leave before she wakes...shit," she hissed, cursing herself.

Elliot looked from her to her car and saw the bags in the back of the old 1963 Ford Falcon convertible she'd bought herself last year, when she got her license. "You're leaving? Why?" he asked, concerned. "Before who wakes up? Talk to me, Benson," he commanded.

"My mother," she whispered, pulling away from him and dropping the bags into the open-roofed car. "I have had it all figured out, for years, ya know?" she babbled, hopping over the side, into her driver's seat. "I had a bag packed, under my bed, ready to go, since I was fifteen. I just needed her to go too far. Push me too far. One last time."

"What?" Elliot gasped. "You can't just...where are you gonna go, huh?"

"Dunno," Olivia said, smirking. "Hadn't thought of that. No directions, no map, if I get lost, fuck it, Stabler. No one will give a shit. I don't give a shit either. As long as I'm away from her."

Elliot shook his head. "That's not...I mean, someone would give a shit, Benson," he stammered.

"Yeah? You think my mother cares?" Olivia asked, harshly, digging through the bag to find the burn cream and bandages. "Okay. This," she said, lifting up her shirt a bit, "Is from when she threw her coffee at me this morning." She dabbed the burn cream on the angry red blisters. "This," she said, rolling up her sleeve to show a deep, inch wide gash, "Is from when she jabbed her fork in my wrist." She placed a Band-Aid over it. Then she took off her jacket, finally showing Elliot her purple arm, as she rolled it up in the ace bandage. "And this arm? This is the third time she's broken it, Stabler. She threw me into the elevator and held my hand out as the doors closed on my arm She thought it was funny." Olivia laughed, vilely. "She's not gonna give a rat's ass that I'm gone, and no one else in this godforsaken town even knows or cares that I exist, so they won't fucking notice."

Elliot had moved closer, tears in his eyes, with every injury she showed him. "I know you exist. I'd give a rat's ass if I woke up to find you gone, Olivia."

"Bullshit," Olivia spat.

"No, it's not," Elliot said, reaching out to brush her hair back. "We've known each other since we were kids, Olivia. You were the only girl on my baseball team. You are the only person who's ever seen my really bad karaoke-version of 'Pretty Woman', and you know I only sing it to you, right?"

Olivia chuckled, nodding.

Elliot smirked. "Even after we...well, you were the only one who was there for me when Kathy got pregnant," he said. "The only one who didn't look at me like I was nuts when I asked her to marry me, thinking I was doing the right thing. You're the only one who didn't call me a fool when she laughed in my face and told me the kid wasn't mine. You're the only person, besides my mother, that I wrote to when I was in the corps. To be perfectly honest, Benson, you're the only real friend I've ever had. It would kill me if you left." He looked into her eyes, seeing the pain and the hurt in them. "I thought you trusted me, Benson. Why didn't you tell me about any of this? You should have told me. I could have done something..."

Olivia blinked and interrupted him. "You wouldn't have understood, Elliot. You're the only real friend I've ever had, too, okay? Happy? I fucking admit it. You already know one horrible secret about me, if you knew this, you would have thought..." she broke off, choking on her words. She still refused to cry. "I couldn't..."

Elliot, saying nothing, hopped over the side of her car. "If we leave tonight, and drive fast enough, we'll be halfway across the country before they even sober up," he said.

"Woah, what is this 'we' shit?" Olivia scoffed. "They?"

Elliot turned his arm over to her. "Cigarette burns, every time I talked back or said 'no' to him." He pulled up his own shirt, revealing a long, thin scar. "First time I got a 'C' on my report card, he came at me with a razor blade. I was in third grade." He pulled his shirt back down and reached over, cupping her face. "My father is just like your mother. I would have understood perfectly."

"Elliot," Olivia whispered, her unshed tears finally falling.

Elliot rested his forehead against hers, brushing her tears away with his thumbs. "Let's go, Benson. You and me. Somewhere we won't ever be found. Not by anyone." He brushed his hand over her head, smoothing back her hair. "If we leave now, all our troubles and problems will be just like us. Long gone, baby."

Olivia smiled, only slightly. "You haven't called me 'baby' since..."

"I know," Elliot said, silencing her. "You stopped talking to me for a month, Olivia. You got so mad at me and you never told me what I did. I tried to apologize for it, and you just had this attitude toward me. I loved..."

Olivia shook her head. "It wasn't you, Stabler," she said. "It was me. You were getting too close. Way too close. I didn't want you to..."

"Hurt you?" Elliot asked. "Olivia, I would never, ever, hurt you. That's the last thing you ever have to worry about." He smiled at her, took her hand, and rested both of their open palms over the gear shift. "Drive, Benson."

"Where?" Olivia asked, turning the key.

"My place, I need clothes. I'll be fast," Elliot said. "Then the bank. I'll get everything I've got out of the ATM, and then we will follow the stars, Benson. Just you, holding my hand as the miles roll by, until we get to wherever it is we think we're going."

They drove to his house, and he was quiet as a mouse as he went inside, grabbed the few things he couldn't live without, and kissed his mother on the cheek. Then, they drove to his bank, where he emptied his account. It took a while. He had to do it in sixty dollar increments. When he was finished, he got back into the car and took her hand again. He looked at her and smirked. "You really did plan this perfectly, didn't you?" he asked her.

Olivia smirked back at him as she pulled out of the parking space. "What makes you say that?"

"It's just a coincidence that you're getting out of this town a month before your eighteenth birthday?" Elliot asked, his thumb absently stroking the side of her hand. "If she ever does find you, she can't do shit about it."

"Well, I had to figure something out," Olivia said. "She wouldn't sign military consent forms like someone's father. Who the hell sends their fucking seventeen year old son to the Marines?"

"My father, I guess," Elliot laughed. "Didn't change a damn thing. If anything, he thought it made me able to take more of his shit when I got home."

Olivia glanced at him. "We're really leaving. You're really coming with me?"

"Olivia Benson," Elliot said, giving her hand a squeeze over the gear shift, "You and I are nothing but dust in the shadows of Avery, California. I'm with you, baby."

Olivia chuckled again at the fact he'd called her baby. "Gimme some idea, here, Stabler. Where are we going. I need to get on a highway."

"Go east," Elliot told her with a shrug.

"No shit! If I go west we'll end up in the fucking Pacific Ocean!" Olivia laughed.

Elliot looked at her, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight. "No, Benson. East. New York. We'll do what you told me you wanted to do when were kids."

"We were just kids, Elliot!" Olivia said, stunned. "You can't really think I was..."

"I applied, ya know. We both got in," Elliot interrupted. "We both got in, and I got a military scholarship, you got a full-ride because you're a fucking genius."

Olivia raised an eyebrow. "You're serious?"

"It's a plan," Elliot said with a smirk and a nod. "We needed one and now we have one. Let's get out of this town, baby, and on with our lives." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her bruised, broken knuckles, one by one. "Together."

A/N: And then....? How do they survive? Are they going to be looking over their shoulders for Joe and Serena? Will Serena even notice Olivia's gone? Wanna know?