Prologue – The Party

I glanced out the window, enjoying the full moon. What was it about the full moon that made people act upon passion rather than logic? The shimmery mesh curtains swirled around me as a gust of cool air showered over me. I shivered and knew someone else was in the room with me. I tensed up, as I did not recall inviting anyone into the bedroom with me.

"I knew I'd find you here." I heard someone say. I was afraid to turn around. I wasn't supposed to be in the room anyway and I didn't want to get in trouble. I waited, my breath caught somewhere in my windpipe. I prayed I wouldn't get caught.

"You're still mad at me, aren't you?" He continued. I heard his dress shoes slap against the hardwood floor. He was coming closer to me. Instead of speaking, I shook my head, hoping to avoid an altercation. The man continued to pursue me, yet I stayed frozen to my spot.

"I'm glad you've forgiven me." He said, his breath on my neck. He held my shoulders, trying to turn me around. I resisted. He groaned, half in frustration, half in lust. His voice began to register in my memory.

"You're not ill with me…could it be you want me?" Draco asked with an audible smirk. This man was the honored guest of the evening. The one who was engaged to Astoria Greengrass. I flinched, hoping he would take my silence as a brush-off.

"I don't want to wait any longer." Draco whispered. He ran his hands over my shoulders, knocking the straps off my slip. His hands dipped lower and I began to worry that I no longer cared about getting caught as long as he didn't stop.

~Earlier That Evening~

I wasn't too happy. My sister's old roommate from Hogwarts was getting married. I could have cared less. And my sister was invited to the engagement party.

"You have to go with me, Davis. Lange is out of town. I don't want to go alone. It's social suicide!" Julianna said. It didn't matter that I never cared for any of the Greengrass girls, or any Slytherins for that matter. I had been a Ravenclaw and that had been enough for me.

"Taking me with you would be social homicide." I said, trying to concentrate on my studies. Julianna whined, flopping on my bed like a fish. It was an executive decision on my part. I decided she would continue to whine until I went or cry all night if I didn't go, so I figured if I went I'd be able to pull an all-nighter and at least get a few things done.

And went with Julianna I did. As soon as we arrived, Julianna disappeared with Astoria, who looked positively ghastly. The bride-to-be was no doubt getting cold feet. And I was left alone, to my own devices. Julianna hadn't needed me after all, but I was wont to go back home. After all, the food at Malfoy Manor was among the best I'd ever tasted. I was positive I gained at least five pounds at dinner.

And when the entertainment and dancing began, I had had a little too much firewhiskey to really care that I was in a place full of people I didn't know. It was liberating.

And then I began to feel faint. Very faint. I'd slipped away from the party and began to look upstairs for a spare bedroom to lie down in until my sister came to fetch me. I didn't have my wand with me (the invitation indicated that wands weren't allowed) and I ended up in a beautiful bedroom with a large window door that led to a terrace with a wonderful view of the night sky.

And being slightly inebriated, I took off my dress and left it in a pool at my feet. I crossed the room to look out the window, admiring the tranquility and alluring beauty of the moon, hardly realizing that I was in Draco Malfoy's bedroom. Not until he began to undress me, that is. Thinking I was Astoria Greengrass, no less.

Draco took his hands off me just long enough to draw the curtains closed, effectively severing the idea that he'd notice I wasn't his fiancé by my looks. And because he hadn't complained so far, I imagined he probably hadn't touched Astoria yet either. Apparently the rumors were true about the Greengrass girls being frigid.

Draco led me over to his bed and I knew this was not right. Absolutely not. The man was not only a stranger to me, but was engaged. And not only engaged, but involved with a friend of my sister. This could not have ended well in any scenario. But when hormones and pure desire take control, I'm afraid the brain has very little to say in the matter. Plus I do believe I was drunk.

And there, in Draco's own bedroom, he and I proceeded to climb the heights of pleasure together. He kissed me, and that was mainly what I remembered from the experience. I'd never been kissed before, and had never been involved with a boy before. It was a night of firsts.

And within an hour or two, my intoxication was wearing off. I was no longer too drunk to realize the horrible mistake I'd made. He was lying beside me, like a cursed angel in the middle of a peaceful sleep. I shrugged back into my clothes and left the room immediately, resolving to find my sister and get as far away from Malfoy Manor as possible.

With any luck, I'd have a carton of ice cream and watch a lovely movie on the telly to get my mind off my troubles. My main trouble being that I was a common tramp.

"Davis? Where the devil have you been? I've been looking for half an hour for you." Julianna said, grabbing me by the elbow as soon as I'd returned to the party. We went to the fireplace and within seconds we were back at home near our own fireplace.

"Shouldn't we have said goodbye? It seemed a little rude to just leave like that." I said. Julianna grunted.

"I already said my goodbyes. Besides, everyone could tell something was wrong. First Astoria threw a fit and stayed in her room the whole night crying, and then Draco disappeared…"

"Trouble in paradise?" I wondered snidely. The marriage couldn't have been based on love. Otherwise Draco would have said it.

"I don't think either one of them really wants to get married. They don't seem to get along too well." Julianna admitted. I don't know why it pleasured me to know that.

"Well, it doesn't have anything to do with me. I'll thank you to keep them out of future conversations from now on, Jules." I said. I began to ascend the staircase when I heard my sister laugh.

"It doesn't surprise me that you had a shit time. Parties really aren't your thing, sis."