Sasuke and Sakura: The Kiss

This is what I think would have happened in Naruto Episode 33. Please enjoy the story and R&R Please!

After Sasuke had woken up, Sakura saw from purple chakra flowing from Sasuke's body as black stuff appeared on his face. She then realized that it was part of Orochimaru's power. So after Sasuke killed Kin, Zaku was next. Sakura then looked in horror and shock at the violence that Sasuke was doing to The Sound Ninja 3. "What... what should I do...? Sasuke-kun..." said Sakura to herself. As Sasuke was about to hurt Zaku, Sakura stopped Sasuke from hurting him. "Wait, Sasuke-kun, stop it! Look, I know that you wanted to kill Itachi because of what he did to your clan! But please Sasuke-kun! Stop what you're doing right now, I mean it!" cried Sakura. But it was too late because Sasuke had already broken Zaku's arms. But before he did that, he said as he laughed maniacally, "You seem to be happy that you have strong arms such as mine. But now, your arms will be broken and you will no longer be able to use them again! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" "Stop! My arms!" cried Zaku as Sasuke broke Zaku's left arm as he threw Zaku to the ground, unconscious. "Zaku! No!" cried Dosu. "Well well well, who's next?" asked Sasuke as he evilly looked at Dosu with Dosu's eyes widening in shock. Sasuke then started to slowly walk towards to where Dosu was standing, paralyzed with fear. "Sasuke... kun... no... that's not the Sasuke-kun I used to know... what happened to the Sasuke-kun that I used to know?" asked Sakura to herself as she quickly ran to where Sasuke was. "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! Please Sasuke-kun... stop this." cried Sakura as Sasuke turned around as she ended up kissing him. "Sasuke-kun... I Love You." said Sakura to herself as tears started falling out of her eyes. "Sakura." said Sasuke to himself as they stopped kissing and both fell to the ground. "Are you gonna be alright... Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura. But all of a sudden, Sasuke hugged Sakura. "Sakura... I'm... sorry... I'm so sorry Sakura..." said Sasuke as he stopped hugging her. "Sakura... are you out of your mind? I could've killed you. Why did you stop me?" asked Sasuke. "Well because... they say that... love conquers all... so true love will last forever, right?" asked Sakura. "Sakura... thank you..." said Sasuke as they continued kissing. "Please Sasuke-kun, not here." said Sakura because they didn't want to make love in front of The Sound Ninja 3... especially Ino. "Sasuke-kun... I Love You." said Sakura. "I... I Love You Too Sakura." said Sasuke as the happy couple headed back home and ended up having a romantic night together.