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PROLOGUE: There's Nothing You Could Say....This is a Good Day

APR 27 6:42AM

"Six-forty-two a.m…" A velvet voice whispers quietly, walking through an apartment, towards a window that over looks Manhattan, the sound of his bare feet padding on the hardwood floor . His reflection is shown through the glass of the window, with emerald green eyes and a messy but appealing disarray of bronze short hair, as he pointed the camera at the window.

"And it's already a good day." He finished with a crooked grin.

He swings around, showing the modern Manhattan Apartment, with a feminine touch. Moving from the window he enters the living room, zooming in on photos on a side table. All have the same girl with friends and family, he reaches out a hand a picks up a photo, with him and the girl wearing black caps and gowns, smiling for the camera.

"Darmouth." He chuckled quietly, before putting down the picture frame.

He walks through the peaceful apartment, till he comes to a bedroom door and pushes it open to reveal a brunette covered by a sheet in a messy bed. Sighing in awe he quietly walks up to the bed, bringing the camera up close to the woman with her head down in the pillow, her locks spread throughout it.

He looked at her for a moment admiring her beauty, wanting to take her into his arms.

"Bella.." He whispered in a teasing, but loving way, as he brought the camera closer.

"What.." Bella starts still half- asleep. "What are you doing Edward?" She finishes rubbing the sleep out of her eye.

"Nothing." Edward said from behind the camera, although you could hear the smile in his voice.

Bella sits up slightly, playfully glaring at the camera, pushing it away. "Stop it."

"Suddenly she's shy." He teasingly retorted, moving back.

"Seriously, I can just see this ending up on the Internet." She mumbles putting her head into the pillow as she pulled the bed sheet tighter around herself.

"Fine see if I care." Edward's voice said from behind the lens, suddenly nonchalant. "I am interested in other things."

Bella turns head to the side on the pillow, before rolling her eyes. "Like what?"

" Like.. you. I want to know everything there is to know about Isabella Marie Swan." Edward replied seriously, making Bella smile and blush in return.

"You already know everything, Edward." She said still smilling at him from the pillow.

"That's not true. After last night…we can still surprise one another." He said obviously, as she turned a darker shade of red.

"Fair enough." She said shrugging. " What would you like to know, Edward Cullen?"

"Lets start with…What you want to do today?" Edward says, smiling through his voice

Bella looked at him with faux incredulity. " That's it? You can ask me anything in the world and you decide to go with 'What do you want to do today?'"

Edward shrugged like it was common sense. " Sure, for starters"

Bella studies him before deciding to play along. "Okay," She pretends to ponder "I'd like to eat breakfast. No…I 'd like you to bring me breakfast. Here. In bed. I am quiet sure I earned that.."

Edward looking at her questioningly " Really? 'Cause I think I am the one who did all the work.."

Bella just raises her eyebrows at the camera, daring him to beg to differ.

APR 27 6:54AM

"—I have never been." Edward says from behind the camera as he begins flimming agian.

"-its not what it used to be." Bella says eating a stawberry from the bowl Edward brought to bed.

" I hear its fun." He says in disagreement with the previous part of the conversation, stealing a strawberry from her bowl.

"Sure if you like to score horse." Bella shrugged.

"That's not the-" Edward stopped, finally registering the full sentence. " Did you just call it 'horse?'"

Bella started laughing as she put a strawberry into her mouth. "-its not the same Coney Island you're thinking about."

Edward shook his head behind the camera "That's not the point"

"I have never been to that Coney Island." Bella said shaking her head in slight embarrassment.

"How have you never been to Coney Island.." Edward said incredulously . "Well that's what we will do today."

"Really? I am so excited about this.." Bella said smiling widely, nodding her head, before she takes the camera and turns it on Edward, who is shirtless in pajama bottoms.

Edward grins at the camera with a charming crooked smile. "…From the neck up. That's all. That's the only way I consent to this."

"I wouldn't worry about it, Edward. Nobody is paying for that online." She said from the behind the camera playfully, bringing it down to his will chiseled chest and abs.

Edward looks at his body then the camera and scoffs, mock offended. "People would kill for this."

"Okay, what else?" Bella asked disregarding his last statement.

"What do you mean?" Edward says leaning back on the bed, looking at her and and camera curiously.

"Other than cotton candy and tilt-o-whirls…what do you want to do today?" She asked

Edward paused, looking at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Bella..if I answered that question honestly, you'd probably slap me."

"Try me." Bella challenged still off screen.

Edward grabs her leg teasingly and she pushes him away jostling the camera. "Honestly..the things I am thinking… I may slap myself."

Bella starts laughing at his silliness. "Edward, I swear to god there's nothing you could say that would possibly--"

MAY 22 6:43PM

The loud sounds of a horn are heard as the camera is jostled around.

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