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"Is mommy coming home tonight daddy?"

"Afraid not pumpkin."

"Why not? She never comes home anymore."

"Sorry sweetheart, but mommy is still busy. Tell your brother that it's time for bed."


"Em, Bells, this is Sue Clearwater, she's a special friend. This is her daughter Leah and her son Seth."

"But what about mom?"

Emmett wraps his arm around me and puts his lips close to my ear,"I don't think mom is coming home Bellarina."


Cheerfully black eyes peer down at me, "I don't want to take your mother's place Bella, I just want to be there for you and your brother when she can't be."

"You can't take the place of someone who's never been here Sue. I think it would be nice to have a mom again." And I meant it.


The foul stench of stale beer makes my stomach churn as his breath washes over my face. "You are such a lying slut! You wanted me and I took pity on you, you fat bitch, so now it's time that I get what I want!"

The pain is excruciating as my body is violated again and again by James and his friends. There is blood all over and on the ground where they had hit me until I gave up screaming and fighting them. I learned real quick that it was easier to lay there like a ragdoll until the nightmare ended. Somewhere, part of my brain has realized that Scott isn't screaming anymore. I think he might be dead.


"I'm sorry Bells, they still can't find James or the other two you said were there," my father looks broken as he confesses that my rapist is still at large. Sue hugs Leah to her, trying to protect at least one of her daughters from the horrors of what happened.


"Bella, you don't have to keep the baby," Charlie takes my hand in his.

"Yes, I do dad," I look up at him, steeling myself for what may come next, "It might be Scott's."


People stare, unapologetic, as I walk down the hall, my distended belly no doubt the object of their fascination. I guess being fifteen and pregnant really does bring out the worst in humanity, but I refuse to bow my head and be ashamed because I love my baby, no matter who or how they were conceived by.

They either don't think I can hear them, or don't care. No one believes that I was raped, despite the three months I had to spend in the hospital after being found half dead in a dumpster by a trash collector, my boyfriend's corpse rotting beside me. I was officially the school slut, though I did nothing to deserve the reputation.


"Come Bells, push!" Emmett bellows next to me, "One more and you finally get to meet your baby!"

Another flare of white hot pain courses through my body and then it's suddenly gone. The doctors holds up the bloody form of my son.

My son....

"Welcome the the world Gavin!" my brother cheers while Sue kisses my forehead and tells me how beautiful my baby is and how proud her and dad are of me.

"I can't believe that we're moving to New Hampshire!" Seth bounces next to me, knocking me out of my reverie and I have to dodge a tanned arm so I don't get hit in the face on account of his gangly and uncoordinated fifteen year old self.

"Yeah, it's going to be great." I want to smile, but it comes out as more of a grimace, since I know that one big reason that we are moving is because of me.

Too many rumors and sidelong glances have taken their toll on our family, much to my chagrine. The final straw was when my guidance counselor told me that it wasn't her problem that I'd been suspended for three days for missing too much school on account of my son's doctor's visits and that if I'd kept my legs closed in the first place, it wouldn't have been an issue. On the plus side, Charlie had heard her rant through the door and I now have my own large chunk of change sitting in the bank to help raise my son with as a result. At least now I don't feel like I'm siphoning off his and Sue's lottery winnings, even if they did win almost three hundred million.

A few more miles pass by unnoticed while I watch my two year old make faces in his sleep. My fingers twitch with a need to run them through his white blonde locks, but I resist because the movement would surely awaken him. Instead, I lean over and inhale the sunshine and honey scent gently wafting off of him. I swear, if I could bottle they way my son smells and sell it, I'd be a billionaire.

I feel the Escalade make a right turn and the tires crunch over the gravel as we ramble up the tree lined lane, with Emmett in his green Rubicon and Leah in my black F-150 close behind. Although it's mid afternoon, the canopy of green above us makes it look as if it's early evening. Beautiful.

Soon, the trees begin to thin and give way to a large yard that already has a large wooden play set erected on it. I can't contain a smile when Seth nudges me and points out a small wooden fort, complete with battlements and a winding slide. "Gavin's going to love it!" he chortles.

The house itself is supposed to be log cabin style, but I've never seen a three story cabin with a two story detached garage in my life, until now. Behind the massive structure, the afternoon light bounces off of the lake's surface, making it shimmer like diamonds.

Charlie slows the SUV to a stop and after shutting the engine off, turns to grin at Seth, Gavin, and me, "Welcome home."

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