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Harry Potter and What Could Have Been: Year 2

Chapter 1 Ron's Message for Dobby

It was now July 31, 1992, and Ron Weasley hadn't heard from or seen Draco Malfoy. He hoped that they were still friends after what happened a couple of weeks prior.

Ron was supposed to befriend Harry Potter and hand him to Voldemort. He had unknowingly done so, and regretted it.

They would be going back to Hogwarts in a month. This would be Ron's sister, Ginny's, first time going. Ron had taken notice that she had been asking him a lot of questions, a lot being about Harry.

Ron was walking down the stairs when he noticed his father and Draco's dad standing at the door. Standing next to Mr. Malfoy was a creature he'd never seen before, but knew it was a house-elf. It had massive eyes and eyes like a bat.

"Welcome, Lucius. And hello, Dobby," Mr. Weasley greeted.

He smiled warmly down at the elf. Mr. Weasley liked all magically creatures unless they had done something harmful.

"Hi, Mr. Malfoy," Ron said as he took the last step. "Is Draco with you?"

"No, I'm afraid Narcissa and Draco are off visiting Bella in Azkaban," Mr. Malfoy replied.

This surprised Ron some because Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy's sister, wasn't someone they talked about offten. Ron figured it was because they were still claming to have been under the Dark Lord's power after his disappearance.

"Oh. Would you fancy something to eat, Mr. Malfoy? I was about to make myself a sandwich," Ron said.

Mr. Malfoy put one hand in the air and shook it.

"No need to. I'll have Dobby do it," he said, looking down at the elf.

"Yes, Master," Dobby nodded, and started following Ron into the kitchen.

"And Dobby," Mr. Malfoy said, causing Dobby to turn back, "do whatever he tells you."

"Yes, Master," the little elf nodded.

Ron, feeling somewhat embarrassed, cleared his throat and looked down at Dobby and said, "Right. Come on, Dobby, the kitchen's this way."

"Yes, Mr. Weasley," Dobby said, making Ron groan some.

He'd always wanted a house elf, but now that he was getting a taste of what it would be like, he hated the formality of it all. He still liked the idea of a house elf, because for one they actually wanted to work for nothing, but having them call you master and all that made him fell uncomfortable.

Ron was getting out the bread when he heard his father ask Mr. Malfoy, "Is this it?"

"Yes. This diary was the Dark Lord's," Ron heard Mr. Malfoy say, causing Ron the drop the butter knife.

His mother's head soon pocked through the door.

"Is everything all right, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"The knife slipped," Ron explained.

His mum nodded and left.

"What do you plan on doing with it?" Ron heard Mr. Weasley ask.

"The plan's to get it into Hogwarts," Mr. Malfoy answered.

Ron's eye grew and he nearly dropped the butter knife again. Dobby didn't seem to be paying any attention, but Ron could tell the house elf looked nervous.

"But, it's just a diary," Mr. Weasley said as Ron pressed an ear to the door to hear better.

"The Dark Lord entrusted me with it. So, it obviously has something hidden in it,"Mr. Malfoy said.

Ron was in complete shock. How could Mr. Malfoy do this? Especially with Draco at Hogwarts.

"Mr. Weasley…" Dobby started, pulling on Ron's trousers.

"Shhh," Ron told the elf, putting his index finger to his mouth.

"That Potter boy slipped through the cracks far too many times," Mr. Malfoy said quite loudly this time. "It comes to an end this school year."

Ron sank to the floor in disbelief and muttered angrily, "No!" He couldn't let anything bad happen to Harry, no matter if they were supposed to be enemies.

As Dobby came closer, Ron grabbed the pillowcase the elf wore.

"Dobby, I need you to do something for me. It's very important," Ron said, pleading in his voice.

"Certainly, Mr. Weasley. I must do what I'm told," Dobby said, though Ron could tell by Dobby's expression he wasn't going to like doing it.

Ron picked himself back up as he said, "Er… right. Listen, I need you to warn Harry Potter. Not right now, though. Tell him if he goes back to Hogwarts this year, he'll be in danger."

The elf gave a small squeal and began shaking his head ferociously. Ron finally calmed Dobby down enough for the elf to say, "But Dobby mustn't. Dobby is forbidden…"

"Please, Dobby," Ron pleaded before Dobby could finish his sentence. "His life is in danger."

Ron let Dobby finish putting the final touches on Mr. Malfoy's sandwich. He only hopped he'd agree to help. He would've done it himself, but then if anyone found out then they'd know he had overheard the conversation.

"Harry Potter was must brave. Dobby will warn Harry Potter, but with much punishment," Dobby said as he let his head fall, leaving Ron confused.

"Do you have to punish yourself?" Ron asked, thinking that since Mr. Malfoy had given orders to Dobby to do what he had said that this request could be done without Dobby having to punish himself for it.

"Yes, sir. Dobby likes Harry Potter, so the punishment will be worth it," Dobby said with a small smile.

After Mr. Malfoy and Dobby had left, Ron began to wonder about the last thing Dobby had said. Maybe his control over Dobby was limited and for a certain amount of time. Ron knew he wouldn't be able to order Dobby around for long. He then realized that maybe even though he had given Dobby an order while under his control, Dobby wouldn't be during the time he would get to Harry, therefore he would doing this on his own.


Later on that night, Ron decided to take matters into his own hands. Sure, breaking Harry out of his aunt and uncle's house was a bad idea. Even though it would mean Harry would surly not go to Hogwarts being locked in his wrong, they had gone too far in Ron's opinion. Ron snuck into his older twin's room and whispered, "George… Fred. Come on, wake up."

They both sat up and began rubbing their eyes, which freaked out Ron. The whole twin connection Fred and George had going on was a bit scary some times. They even finished each other's sentences.

"What are you going on about?" Fred asked with a yawn.

"You've got to help me rescue Harry," Ron said, making Fred and George suddenly wake up.

"Harry Potter?" George asked.

Ron looked down. He knew they would never agree to get. Fred and George were rule breakers and risk takers, but rescuing a Gryffindor who was supposed to be the enemy was something Ron didn't think they'd do.

"What for?" Fred asked, and to Ron's surprise, the two actually got up and began getting dressed.

"I think he could be in trouble," Ron said, his eyes not looking at either of the twins.

"It's dangerous when you start liking the enemy, little brother," George said with a wink, which made Ron give a small grin.

Ron then began to get aggravated as Fred and George started moving ever more slowly. He knew they must be doing this on purpose.

"Oh, will you just help me?" Ron spat out, seeing that it was all ready one on the morning.

"Mum and Dad aren't going to like this at all," Fred said as he pulled his jumper over his pajamas.

Ron, a bit angrily, said, "Do you think I care?"

"We better not regret this," George sighed as he got back from putting on his trainers.

"Thank you," Ron said.

Fred rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't think we'll be as agreeable next time," he said before they quietly left the room.


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