Intertwined- The Storm Brews

Synopsis: This story begins with a short backstory for both characters, so if you haven't played Final Fantasy VII or XIII or both, you can understand the characters. If you want more information on them both and also why I used them together, hit up Final Fantasy wiki to read more on em. I also made Cloud a little more happy than usual here.

Song Used: New Divide by Linkin Park.

"Cloud…Cloud, it's time you took a trip,"

He tossed and turned in his sleep, trying to stay calm but it was unlike anything he ever imagined.

"Cloud…you're going to meet someone new, in a place you've never seen before, it will be a place in a completely different universe as the one you've known all your life,"

He continued to toss and turn, this time more frantically.

"You'll meet a girl…a girl similar, yet different to you, you will control what happens then,"

He jolted awake, sweat falling from his face. His mako eyes looking down at the sheets covering his legs, he wiped his forehead clean of sweat and calmed his breathing down.

"What does this mean…" he muttered to himself.
"Cloud?" said a voice.

His eyes shot up to the door to see Tifa, dressed in her nightgown. She walked to his bed and sat down in front of him.

"Cloud? What's wrong?" she asked as she lay a hand on his.

He looked at her and his eyes narrowed. He held her hand, causing her to return the grip.

"Tifa…I've been having this dream for the past week and I think it's time I answered to it…but I don't want to leave because I don't know if I'll come back," he said.

She gasped softly.

"Why would you leave?! I thought you said you would stay with me and the kids?" she disputed.
"Tifa…this dream obviously means something important, I keep seeing people from the Lifestream, I have to do this," he said.

She began to sob softly.

"I'm sorry Tifa…you know that I want to keep my promise, but these dreams have not only been terrifying for me, they've been painful, almost as if not doing what it says is slowly hurting me from the inside out," he explained.
"I understand Cloud…I don't want you to be in pain, know that you're always welcome here and that we'll always love you," she whispered.

His eyes narrowed even more and tears came to his eyes. He pulled Tifa into a strong embrace and kissed her forehead. Ever since the episode with Geostigma and the return of Sephiroth, Cloud began to finally be at peace with his "family". He came to accept Tifa as a lifelong friend but he never desired anything further than that with her. His instincts told him to make sure that he releases everything he holds onto that night because then, he really did think he wouldn't be seeing them again. He was well aware of the fact that Tifa was in love with him and his desire to make her happy began to take over when he moved his mouth to her lips. At first she was surprised as her eyes shot open at contact but she soon eased into his affection. His hands slowly began glide over her body, sending pure bliss and electricity through every single nerve in her body. She leaned off of him, tears still on her face and a sad expression. He knew that he was slightly lying to her with his affection but the last thing he wanted was for her to live with the regret of never being able to express her love for him.

"I'm yours Tifa, for the night I'll be here just for you," he said.

Tifa gasped softly and Cloud's face turned from a sad one to a happy one. She knew what she was going to do next.


"Why do I keep having these dreams?" muttered a soft voice.

She brushed her bangs behind her ears and sighed deeply. For about a week, she had been having the same dream over and over again and she really began to wonder what she had to do.

"Éclair, it's time for you to let someone into your life, it's time for you be open,"

The words kept ringing through her head.

"You will meet a boy, so similar yet different from you, he will be from a universe you never even knew existed,"

She sighed again and rubbed her eyes.

"You see him on the day you decide to seek him out, whatever happens from then forth is in your hands,"

She shook her head as if she was trying to jar everything back into place.

"Sister?" asked a voice.

She looked up before returning her eyes to her bed.

"Sis? What's up?" asked another voice.

Two figures walked in and sat on her bed, one on each side.

"It's nothing," she said.
"Don't tell me that Light, I know when something's eatin ya," said the male voice.
"Snow's right, don't shut him out," said the female voice.

Lightning looked at Snow for a few seconds.

"Ok Serah, I think you're the only one who can get her to talk," he said shrugging.

Lightning took a breath.

"I've been having these dreams lately, I don't understand what they mean," she began.
"What're they about?" asked Serah.
"These voices…they keep telling me that I'm going to meet someone from a different universe," she said.
"Hmm…sounds fishy, but hey, anything's possible after all we went through," said Snow shrugging.

Lightning nodded; after all of what they went through as l'Cie for Pulse, it was hard to believe that things were impossible. A crystallized lake, being able to use magic, all of these things to the average human would probably fry their brains like onion rings if they tried to comprehend what they've seen.

"I'm going to look for him, the guy the dreams tells me about," she said.
"Oh? It's a boy?" asked Serah.

Lightning nodded and Snow muffled a chuckle.

"Sounds like love's grabbin ya and holdin ya tight sis!" he said.

Lightning gave him a death glare but he ignored it.

"Do you want us to come with you?" asked Serah.
"Yeah, it's my job to protect my sister," said Snow punching his palm.
"No, it's something I have to do on my own," she said as she rose to her feet.

She walked to her bathroom and changed into her usual attire and holstered her gunsword in its sheath. She turned to Serah.

"I won't be long, if I'm not back tonight, I'll come look for you at the beach in the morning," she said.

Serah nodded and hugged her sister. Snow smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up.

"Good luck Light, hope you find him," he said.

Lightning nodded and jumped out of her window and walked off into the woods.


Cloud already packed everything he needed. He strapped his bag to Fenrir and made sure he had all of his swords sheathed in its compartments. He turned to his family and to Vincent, who he called over to stay with them for a while.

"Maybe I'll see you guys again someday," he said.
"Cloud, are you sure you want to do this, if you don't come back and you're wrong about your dreams, you would've left us all for nothing," said Vincent.
"I know I'm right Vincent, please…take good care of them, I will never forgive you if something bad happens to them," he warned.

Vincent smiled.

"I promise, I will treat them as if they were my own flesh and blood," he said.

Cloud hugged the kids, especially Denzel of whom he had grown closest to. He then embraced Tifa, who returned it with a tight grip. He turned to mount his motorcycle but she didn't let go of his hand. He turned back to her to ask her to let go but before he could react, warm lips enveloped his own. His eyes shot open and just like that, the contact was gone. She smiled at him with tears going down her cheeks.

"That's what I've always wanted to do to you Cloud, I'm glad I got to do it before…a day like this would come," she said.

Her voice began to break and Vincent was immediately at her side, hugging her and hushing her as best as he could. Marlene was already at her side; she understood the feelings she had for him but destiny always had a way of deciding their fates and Cloud didn't really a choice in the matter but to follow true to it.

He mounted Fenrir and took one last look at them.

"I'm glad I met all of you, I will never under any circumstance, forget any of you," he said once more.

He kicked the motorcycle to life.

"Goodbye!" they all said.

He nodded and rode off into the distance. After about ten minutes of riding, Cloud noticed that Fenrir began to slow down, almost as if on its own. He stopped and before he could examine it, a tornado suddenly enveloped him, right on the spot. He clung to the bike before the tornado flashed a bright white and just like that, it vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of the blonde hero in the universe that was his own.