Obviously, I own nothing. If I were JK Rowling, Sirius and Remus would have had a much more entertaining reunion in PoA. Just sayin.

Sirius shoved Remus against the wall of the astronomy tower. It was a cool October night during their seventh year, and this was a much needed escape for the couple. Although they weren't 'official', that certainly didn't stop the attraction. And it didn't change the fact that they needed each other, and that this certainly was not their first late night rendezvous. But it was the first time they were caught.

Not a moment after Sirius pressed his lips up against Remus's neck, causing the other boy to let out a small moan, James Potter and Lily Evans stumbled in.

The boys separated from one another quickly, but it was already to late. James and Lily had seen them. But they weren't the only ones with a secret on the astronomy tower tonight.

"Padfoot? Moony?" James asked, aghast.

"Prongs? Lily?" Sirius countered, in the same tone as his best friend.

"Were you guys-" James spoke, but Sirius interrupted him.

"Don't you hate him?" He asked Lily. She shrugged.

"That doesn't matter now!" James cried. "What does matter is that-"

"You finally bagged the girl of your dreams?" Sirius grinned. Remus rolled his eyes.

"No!" James cried. "I-"

"Well, if you haven't, and you've just come up here to argue some more, allow us to get out of your way!" Sirius cried, as he grabbed Remus by the wrist and pulled him towards the stair case. "How about this, James, we didn't see anything so long as you didn't either."

James opened his mouth to reply, but Lily placed a hand on his arm giving him a small smile. Instead, he closed his mouth and chose to nod his head in agreement.

"Smashing." Sirius grinned. "Have a good time!" He called as he half dragged poor Remus down the stairs, leaving the head boy and girl alone together, pleased to have avoided direct confrontation for the time being.

Of course, he was no fool. He knew the questions would come tomorrow, which was exactly why the fun needed to take place now.