Summary: AU. He was tasked to impregnate her. She was assigned to be a vessel for the future. Their duty was not to think twice about it. She could do that just fine, but the hot-headed hanyou was never one to care. Was she foolish to believe in fables & prophecies?

Warning: This is M for multiple reasons, language, violence, sexual content, etc.
A part of the prologue is in First POV, the rest will be in third.
This will be a Inuyasha/Kagome story (obviously) but their relationship will not instantly form, it's going to progress prehaps some may consider it a slow development.

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{ Damned Deed }

"Hush, my child," a middle-aged maiden requested in a lull as she brushed dismal tresses of the little ladies bangs out of her face. The sweetest, subtle smiles lifted her lips as she leaned over her daughter's bed, "just for you, honey, and if you promise to go to sleep soon, I'll tell you a bedtime tale."

"The one about the princess and solider?" The girl with a pair of big brown shimmery eyes questioned. "Pweaze? Mama?"

"Of course, sweetheart," she lightly laughed as she leaned forward to kiss her forehead once she situated beside her to start the story she knew by heart.

"Once upon a time, a triumphed king threw a grand feast in honor of all the soldiers who lost their lives in a terrible war that had ensnared the whole wide world," she dramatically emphasized each and every word, "and do you know who attended it?"

"The beautiful princess!" She chimed while she grasped her sheets to tug them up to her chin.

"Yes, the most beautiful princess in the entire world was there. A lowly solider who was standing guard that night saw the king's daughter go by, he knew right away he was in love for she was the loveliest lady he had ever laid eyes on. But there was a problem, do you know what it was?"

"He was but a simple soldier and she was the king's only daughter," she pouted.

"That's exactly right," her mother frowned, too, "but one day he managed to catch her where they could have some privacy. He in a desperate but loving declaration he told her he could no longer live without her. The princess was so taken back by the depth of his feeling that she said to the solider: 'If you can wait for one-hundred days and one-hundred nights under my balcony, I shall be yours and only yours.' Do you know what happened next?"

"The solider went and waited one day, two days, three days, then ten then twenty then thirty and forty and fifty!"

"Yes, sweetheart. Each evening the princess looked out and he never moved! His dedication was moving, since he was always there, come rain, come thunder, or come snow. Birds pecked on his head, bees stung him, but he did not budge. After ninety nights, he had become all dry and pale, almost lifeless."

"He cried," she murmured.

"Mm-hm, tears streamed from his eyes, he could no longer hold them back. he didn't even have the strength to sleep, all his thoughts were of her. And all that time, the princess watched him, in awe. When the ninety-ninth night came…"

"The soldier stood up and left," she muttered as her eyes shifted to her pale pink sheets, "mama, I don't understand, why did he leave? Why didn't he stay just one more night?"

"That's something you will have to find the meaning to on your own one day," her mother told her with a kiss on the top of her head, "now go to bed."

"Mama, that story makes me sad…"

"It makes me sad, too," but she smiled for her daughter's sake as she tucked her in tighter, "now, go to bed."

"Mama!" She cried out before she could close the door, "I want some light to come in; I don't wanna be stuck in the dark…"

"Okay," she nodded, "but you go to bed."


"Kagome," she sighed as she turned around again, "what?"

"When will papa come home?" She mumbled as her hazels shifted away from the sorrow filled expression that was always sparked by the question.

"Soon, baby, soon," she whispered.

But soon never came …


When I was a little girl, when I didn't understand the world, when I didn't know why my mother was always so tired, when I didn't get why she had to work so hard, life was simpler, innocent—I fantasize about that time, but I can never get that naiveté back. The closest is the nostalgia I receive from thinking about my cherished childhood.

Back then, I used to dream about the solider staying that last night and how the princess would ran out onto her balcony to beckon him, bestowing him with the kindest words and endless declarations of love. He would be overwhelmed with joy, not able to waste even a moment so he would climb up the beautiful vines I imagined would be conveniently there so he could reach her. When I was very young they would simply embrace and then live happily ever after, when I grew older they would kiss.

I never understood why the solider didn't just stay, not even after the first tragedy of my life was bequeathed on me—news of my father's death. Then the second, my mother's. I was left with my younger brother as my ward, at first I had no idea what to do.

And then a kinder elder miko took me under her charge, my brother, too, and trained me from that day forward. Still, during all that time—trials, tribulations, all of it—I never stopped thinking of the fable my mother told me, never stopped wonder 'why'?

I was a helpless romantic, even though I was a miko, even though I was told love was not in the stars for me, I couldn't help but imagine I was the princess waiting for my solider to show his dedication to me, his endless love and affections. Each time, I altered the ending, each time my solider never left on the ninety-ninth night.

He stayed, for me, he loved me, he would love me. We'd live happily ever after.

I started to believe them, the lies… everyone told me nothing but lies. I wouldn't know the truth if it slapped me in the face. I'm still desperately trying to figure that out.

Everything changed when I was chosen, at first it was such an honor. I felt blessed, everyone told me such.

But then I met him, the man that was charged with the task of impregnating me with the future of our country. He… he changed everything.

Looking back, at all that I endured, all that… happened, I have my answer.

Now, I understand why the solider left at the end of the ninety-ninth night. By the dusk, the princess would never have been his. He knew that because, unlike me, he had a grasp on reality, he knew she could never truly keep her promise and that would be just too cruel. His heart would break into a billion fragments; it would have been the death of him. That way, leaving like he did, for the ninety-nine nights, he was living under the illusion that she was there, waiting for him. It was a happy delusion, one I know well.

If only I had done as he did… if only I understood as he had.

A/N: Pregnancy will be a big part of this story at the start, if that makes you uncomfortable you won't enjoy this. I've been flirting with this idea for a long time and almost gave up on it when I watched Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (an Italian movie). The fairy-tale Alfredo told Toto is the one I used, slightly tweaked, and it gave me the inspiration to write the prologue and publish this story. I will not update this until mid-may or later, please review and tell me what you think.