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{ Damned Deed}
.•°.Chapter 50: Change & Completion. °•.


Two whole days had gone by, painstakingly slow. Over forty-eight hours without knowing where he was or even if he was alive. It was slowly, surely, killing her. It was exactly what she had been fearing.

Their happy little family wasn't allowed happiness after all. Things had to be ruined for them. She couldn't have a daughter, a son, and a husband. She could, apparently, only have two out of the three.

She literally worried herself sick, so much so that she started to throw up time and time again. Nothing she ate would stay down. Not that she was actually hungry at all. It was hard but she had to try and pretend like everything was alright. Both her children knew that something was very wrong… daddy wasn't coming home.

"Child," caught her attention as she stood up, whipping her lips clean from throwing up for the third time that day. "Ye sick?"

"I think I am just really worried about Inuyasha, it makes my stomach upset," she answered with a weak attempt at a smile. "He's coming home, isn't he… Kaede-sama?"

"Aye, child, of course," she answered with a reassuring nod. "Could ye honestly imagine a demon killing Inuyasha? A random one at that?"

"No… I can't," at least, she didn't want to. Inuyasha was invincible. If Naraku could not kill him then how could some unknown demon?

"Let me examine ye," Kaede requested as she looked over her. "Just to make sure ye are not sick. There is that stomach sickness going around the village currently. If it is that, I know the right herbal remedy for you."

"I guess… alright."

Kagome could examine herself, she had even thought that it might be that, but letting Kaede do it would help distract her for some time. Maybe when she was done then Inuyasha would be home? It was really all she could to try and convince Kado and Keiko that all would be fine. It was nearly impossible to distract the two.

Right now it was all in the hands of the twins and Masaaki. They did a good job at getting Keiko's attention away from anyone else. Kado… he was more difficult. But after the appointment was finished she'd surely go home to try and help.


Slowly, she found herself walking to the edge of the village. To right where it ended and the forest began… the forest that took away her husband. Only temporarily, she kept telling herself. Only for a short period of time. Inuyasha had to come home.

He just had to… but if he could, wouldn't he have returned by then? That was what the small, annoying, little voice in the back of his head kept saying at least. If Inuyasha was alive then he would be home. He wouldn't be away anymore.

Argo, Inuyasha was dead.

She shook her head to free her mind of such thoughts. She couldn't start thinking like that and she wouldn't. Not until someone proved to her that he was dead. Some tattered robe pieces stained in blood didn't prove a damned thing. It just meant he was injured.

Injured and probably all alone right then…

Shaky breaths were all that kept her tears at bay as she fell to her knees and rested her hands on the ground in front of her. She shut her eyes so tight to try and keep the salty water in instead of allowing them to drip down her cheek. All the same, one broke free and slid down the curve of her cheek to drip off her chin and touch the green blade of grass below.

Kado was already guilt ridden over what had happened, already thinking the worse just like her and it was killing her. No mother wanted to watch her son suffer like that. He blamed himself. It was him that wanted to go on a walk through the forest that day and Inuyasha had agreed to take him. Kagome tried her most to try and tell him that it wasn't his fault. That Inuyasha was coming home but it did no good.

How could she convince her son of that when she couldn't even convince herself?

"Inuyasha," she whispered, painfully as she choked on her breath. "Come home… you have to come back."

She couldn't. She couldn't do any of this alone. She couldn't be a mother alone, she needed him, she needed his help. Now more than ever before.

"I'm pregnant," she whimpered slightly. It wasn't intentional, they had decided to put off having a third child until Kado was well adjusted. But… again they were having another unplanned child. "I can't do this alone, come home," she begged, hoping somehow that he would hear her. That he'd come back. Because she couldn't raise their children alone. She couldn't handle Keiko and Kado by herself while pregnant with their third child. She couldn't…

"Really?" she heard a rather awe-struck, gruff, voice inquire. One that was familiar. Brilliantly familiar. So instantly her eyes opened up, letting what tears she had tried to keep hidden start to trickle down her face so that she could see a blurred figure in front of her.

It took a series of frantic blinks as she stood up to see him there. Her husband. Inuyasha. He was using his sword as an aid to help him walk, his shirt was tattered, and he was bleeding. What drew her attention was the rather harsh bump on his head the most. But all of that was cast aside as she ran up to hug him tightly.

"Oi, Kagome," Inuyasha winced.

Quickly she pulled away and said, "I'm sorry… I hurt you?"

"It's fine," he assured her before his golden gaze glided down her to land on her stomach. "You're pregnant again?"

"I just found out," she mumbled back. "But that's beside the point, where have you been?"

"There was this demon attack, I got knocked out, I came back as soon as I woke up," he answered.

"That was two days ago!" She shouted, was he really unconscious for that long?

"Two days?" he repeated with a bent brow, "it's really been two days? Wow, I didn't think I was out for that long."

"You are an ass," Kagome countered as she slapped his shoulder, "I was so worried about you! Miroku even went to look for you and couldn't find you! I thought… I thought…"

"Kagome," he muttered as he reached out to pull her back into an embrace. He could tell that tears were going to start up again. "I'm alright, I'm here now. I'm going to be alright. We're all going to be alright. I love you, so let's just calm down."

"Alright," she whispered back as she leaned against him.

"So… another ops baby, huh?" he tried to joke, which only earned another small slap. "I'm happy to hear it."

"I don't think Kado is going to take too kindly to it yet," she whispered.

"No," he mumbled back as he rested his cheek against her head and shut her eyes. "But he'll get used to it, I think."

Maybe, but at the moment that wasn't so important. So she asked, "let's get you home, so that we can treat these wounds."

"That's a good idea," he replied before he pulled away some to kiss her upon the head.


With a smile she watched from the door of their bedroom as Inuyasha attempted to rest. Attempted being the key word, since as soon as she finished wrapping up his wounds and got him into their futon both Kado and Keiko ran into to attack him. Each equally happy to see him back and alive.

Both questioned him constantly about where he had been, what had happened to him, and why it took him so long. As the day trickled on, they both slowly become more tired. Eventually, they both fell asleep around the father. Kado on his right, Keiko on his left, which meant that finally Inuyasha could lie down and get the sleep that his bruised and battered body needed.

"You were stupid," Kado whispered. That gained his attention instantly as he forced his eyes open to look down at his son.

"Oh?" Inuyasha replied softly.

"Yeah," Kado stated simply before adding, "you shouldn't get in fights like that because… you can't die. Your my dad, you can't die."

"Obviously," Inuyasha rejoined with a small smile, "I won't, ever, Kado. I'll always come home, I promise."

"You better."

It was such a sweet sight that she didn't want to interrupt, she just stood there, watching and waiting until she was certain that Kado was asleep. Then she walked in to sit down at the head of the bed. She didn't have to say anything, Inuyasha lifted his head so she could slid her legs under it so that he could sleep with his head in her lap.

Delicately, she brushed his bangs away from his forehead. It was moments like these that she would cherish forever. Moments were her family was whole and at peace. When everyone was happy.

In a matter of months they would welcome a new addition to their family. The final addition. Another daughter to dote over, another little girl to cling to her big brother who was six years her senior. A big brother that would be just as protective as her daddy. With an older sister that would love to have a little sister, someone to treat as her doll.

Finally, the family would be free from constant drama. No more wondering if they could live happily ever after with each other. No more worries about being apart.

After all the mayhem, mystery, and misery they were allowed the life they had always wanted. Kagome and Inuyasha got to live their lives together, a good life, a long life, with their children. Without the worries that had plagued them for years. Without the agony that they had known for so long.

Without the loneliness that had consumed them for what had felt like an eternity.

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