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Light dances across the ground, followed by the crackling and snapping coming from the blazing wood. It had been burning for hours, fueled by the tress that lay in that part of the Northern Frontier. If one looked in that direction from a couple miles off, they would undoubtedly witness what some would consider hell on earth. The blaze consumed nearly everything it touched, both the living and non. However, if the storm-clouds above would grace them, rain was sure to come soon enough, and to those who lived there, hopefully would extinguish the flames eating away at their homes.

Less than a mile off from the advancing flames, two figures sat astride their exhausted horses, which were soaked to the skin with sweat, as well as being streaked with ash. Their riders weren't much better off. Breathing hoarse, and looking like they were about to fall off, the riders looked horrid. The young man sitting on the larger horse steadied himself and looked to his companion with a worried gaze. The girl, dark hair sticking to her face in areas and her ponytail loose, stared back at him, her hazel eyes filled with fear and exhaustion, but also the slightest amount of hope.

Staying where they were for only a few minutes more, they urged their steeds on. Their mounts galloped off as quickly as they could; as if the very devil himself was chasing them; to the nearest village, sides heaving with effort for each breath that they took. They were nearing their limit, seeing as they were mere flesh and blood, weaker than the cyborg horses which sold for a much higher price than old, worn down, regular horses. Much too much for a poor farming family like theirs.

After a half-hour of riding, they were far enough from the blaze to relax. Dismounting, they pulled out their canteens that were strapped to the saddlebags, still full. Opening them, they each poured half into the mouths of their horses. That would have to do until they reached the village. Luckily for them, it wasn't too far off, but they had to hurry. If the young man's guess was correct, nightfall wasn't too far off, and they both knew that there was one of the Nobility ruling over the area, not to mention the "Children of the Night" that served them. Getting back onto their mounts rather quickly, they travelled the last few miles to the village of Copyr. Ignoring the looks people gave their dirty faces and horses as they entered the village, they dismounted again. Wiping her ash streaked face, the girl addressed one of the villagers; a middle-aged man.

"Excuse me Sir, but may I ask for directions to the nearest Inn? Preferably one with a stable too..." She added the last bit rather hurriedly, noticing the state that the horses were in.

The man stared at her for a moment, then shrugged. "There's only a single Inn in this village, miss. It has a stable, though its a mite worn down."

He rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, unsure of what to say next. "I'm Joseph Marks, and I can see you've had a hard time. If you don't mind, I'll take you there."

The girl smiled slightly and bowed her head in consent. "That would be nice. Thank you."

Together, the girl and young man followed Joseph, leading their horses on foot. Withing minutes, they came to an old looking building, with a stable off to the side. He led the pair there first. There was no-one there aside from a black cyborg horse that looked at them only as they came in, not making a sound. It was obviously either well trained or it didn't care. Putting their horses into separate stalls that didn't appear to be in terrible condition, they watered the horses down and put some hay in for them with Joseph's help. They quickly left after, taking one last look at the other horse as they left.

Taking them inside the Inn, the man walked up to the front desk, and to their surprise, stepped behind the counter. "Rooms are quite pricey to some, but for you kids, I think I'll make an exception. Twenty dallas a night, and that includes feed an board for your horses. Though for such a price, you're going to need to help me out a bit around here," He grinned as he said this.

"Though first," he continued. "I'd like to know your names. You see, knowing someone's name makes me feel as if I can trust them."

The pair seemed unsurprised. However, instead of the girl, it was the young man who relied. "Mr. Marks, I'm Christopher Tyrel. With me is my younger sister Judith. As you can probably tell, we're on our own. We lost our parents a few months back and we had no choice but to sell our farm."

Joseph nodded, eyes sad and yet satisfied. Writing up a receipt, he gave them they key to their room in exchange for the amount he had generously offered them. "Down that hall, third door to the right," he announced cheerfully as he pointed them in the right direction.

Leaving Joseph, Christopher and Judith headed down the hall, not paying attention as they almost bumped into someone as he was leaving his room. The only reason they hadn't bumped into him was due to the fact that the man swerved off to the side, obviously with no effort whatsoever.

Looking up, Judith blushed, rather embarrassed. Her brother pulled her out of the way and gazed at the stranger. He was tall, and garbed in a skintight suit and cloak, all black as the deepest darkness. To them, it seemed to suit the figure of the man. A glowing blue pendant hung from his neck, and a gorgeously ornate sheath with an equally gorgeous blade strapped to his back. Dark hair framed his face along with a wide-brimmed traveler's hat. All this however, meant nothing compared to the man's face.

Pale, gorgeous, dark sad eyes, a perfect nose and mouth that would leave any artist lost for words. Judith had never seen someone like this. So beautiful.... she thought. As he walked off without a word, the siblings watched him, eyes wide. The moment he left their line of sight, Christopher nudged his sister in the direction of their room.

Turning the key in the lock, they pushed the door open. In one corner of the room, there was another door that undoubtedly led to the bathroom. Two beds were also in the room, much to their relief. They had no problem sharing a bed, but from time to time it was nice to have one all to yourself. Beside each bed was a small table. Setting their bags down, Christopher sighed and looked at his sister. "You go fist sis. Don't argue with me, alright?"

Upon saying this, he shoved her in the bathroom, then stood by the window, gazing out at the stable. He noticed the gorgeous stranger once again, getting onto the cyborg horse they had seen earlier. Within seconds, the horse and rider galloped off at an extremely fast pace.

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