"Presenting the 11th Princes of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia!" an announcer cried, and in to the grand throne room strode said prince. He had an infuriated look on his face. The emperor watched with his typical scowl as his son strode up to him. Lelouch stopped at the foot of the throne.

"Hail your Majesty, both my mother and my sister are dead!" Lelouch said angrily. Charles gave him dead eyes.

"That is old news, what about it?" he said coldly.

"You requested an audience with the ruler of the empire to tell me that?" the emperor said strictly," Send in the next one." Lelouch then lost it.

"Father!" he cried as he ran up to him. The guards rushed to detain him, but the emperor held up his hand and they retracted.

"Why didn't you keep mother and Nunnally out of harm's way?!" he demanded," You are the emperor, the greatest man in the nation at least, probably even the world!"

"They were both too weak," he said," I had no use for either of them." Lelouch clenched his fists.

"Is that what this empire has become?" he said tensely.

"LELOUCH!!" the emperor roared as he stood up, Lelouch gave a small shriek as he fell back," You are dead to me, since the moment you were born, you never had any use to me because you never existed!" Lelouch clenched his fists, tears in his eyes. He then stood up.

"Fine then, what will it take?!" he demanded. The emperor was slightly taken back by his son's sudden recovery.

"What will it take to prove to you I'm not dead?!" Lelouch snapped through his tears," Give me any task and I shall accomplish it!" The emperor glared at Lelouch, but the prince was unwavering. Charles smiled to himself. You certainly do take after your father, my son, he thought.

"Very well then!" Charles declared," I shall give you a task, and you must accomplish it! A failure will result in disowning you!" Some nobles were surprised when the prince was still unwavering. Such a stake was enough to make any member of the Royal Family quake in their boots, even Cornelia.

"Your task is," the emperor began," to conquer Japan!" That was when Lelouch was surprised. Japan was always a neutral country, and though no official treaty was designated, each of the super powers recognized it as no official ruler. But still, that was a major task, something he figured the emperor would put Schneizel, or even Cornelia, on top of. But Lelouch wasn't turning back now.

"Very well, I accept!" Lelouch agreed," I will make Japan a territory of the Holy Britannian Empire!" The nobles were now really surprised.

"What will I have access to?" Lelouch questioned. The emperor smiled and sat back down.

"You will be given command of two Imperial fleets, each of which holds 100,000 soldiers, including 400 Knightmares, I wish for you to test these Knightmares," Charles instructed," You shall be accompanied by General Bartley, and Jeremiah Gottwald." Lelouch nodded, and strutted out of the throne room. I will not let your deaths be in vain, mother, Nunnally, Lelouch thought to himself, I will change Britannia!