The Cat is Out of the Bag (In a Sense)

Lelouch sighed as he continued to work. Being Viceroy certainly did require a whole lot of work. It ranged from maintaing his public image to the continuing issue of refrain among the Elevens. Not to mention the ongoing issue of Zero and the JLF. He talked on the phone to one commander, went over a report from Saimata, and went over the schematics to the Sesostris all at the same time.

"Hopefully, Euphie is having an easier time," he sighed.

At Ashford, Euphie was helping Shirley organize some stuff for a celebration.

"So how long have known Lulu?" Shirley asked nervously. Euphie shrugged.

"All my life," she answered," We grew up together in Pendragon." Shirley twitched despite herself. Euphie giggled.

"I remember I told him that I was going to marry him," she said. It was a silly thought when Euphie thought about it. Shirley however, still wasn't aware Euphie and Lelouch were siblings, and it wasn't funny to her. She frowned and looked away. Euphie looked at Shirley and looked concerned.

"What are you looking at?" Shirley snapped.

"I was just wondering..." Euphie began, but thought against it.

Later in the day, Euphie was sitting in her room, and was doing some paperwork that she had to do. She was still the Sub-Viceroy.

"Maybe I'll call Lelouch about this," she mused to herself. That was when the same cat walked in and meowed. Euphie looked down.

"Oh, hello!" she said with a smile as she knelt down, setting down her badge of royalty down on the table next to her computer," Are you the same cat from yesterday?" She picked up the feline.

"I think I'll name you Arthur," she said still smiling. That was when the cat leapt out of Euphie's arms and grabbed the royal symbol and ran out.

"No, bad kitty!" Euphie said as she began to run after the cat," If that gets out, everyone will know I'm a princess!"

In the ballroom, the rest of the student council, save Kallen and Suzaku, who were just wandering around the school campus. Euphie ran past them, and stopped, running in place.

"Did any of you see a cat run by?" she asked quickly.

"Huh," Rivalz started.

"I take that as a no!" Euphie said before she continued running along.

"What as that about?" Shirley asked.

"Maybe the cat had something of hers," Rivalz suggested.

"Like an embarrassing photo?" Shirley offered.

"Or a diary note?" Milly offered.

"Maybe a love letter," Nina spoke up. Milly's face suddenly morphed into an evil grin.

"A love letter, eh?" she hissed," Get me the pager!"

Around the school, people were going around their daily activities, until Milly's voice came up.

"Attention Ashford Academy!" Milly announced," I am hereby initiating a cat hunt! The person who catches the cat will have their club's budget doubled, and for a little extra motivation, whoever catches it gets a kiss from any Student Council member they want! Heck, even former members who visit can be liable!" Most of the Ashford Academy females' ears perked up.

"Former members?" one girl echoed.

"Does that include Prince Lelouch?" another girl said. Every girl squealed in hope of getting the Viceroy to fall for them.

Each girl imagined appearing in the Imperial Palace. The girl was wearing the most beautiful wedding dress that was so expensive that no one but the Royal Family could afford it. She approached the altar, with Prince Lelouch waiting at the front. His siblings were at the front row. After reaching the altar, the Emperor himself approached the pair and gave them his blessing. Lelouch hoisted up the girl in a bridal carry position and carried her bed.

"Actually, I'd prefer Milly," one girl said, snapping each girl out of the trance.

"Could you get back in the closet please?" another girl sighed.

Kallen heard the announcement as well.

"Student Council members... Wait like me?" she cried.

"EXACTLY!" a group of boys stated as they burst from the bushes.

"Imagine, a chance to steal a girl from the Prince," one boy said.

"Man I'd love to get a taste of those lips," one boy said.

"It's not going to be some lame peck on the cheek right?"

"That'd be enough for me!"

"Wait, we get to choose where she lands it?" one boy said, and every guy got a perverted look on their face while Kallen held a nervous expression. With that, every guy shot out to search for the cat.

"There's no way that's how I'm getting my first kiss!" Kallen snapped as she ran off. She was no happy that she could drop the sick girl act.

Euphie froze in terror.

'I can't just kiss anyone, I'm a Princess, besides, Cornelia will kill me, and probably the unlucky guy at that!' she thought frantically as she continued running.

Shirley had lost her footing on the diving board in surprise, and ended up doing a belly flop.

At the complex, Lelouch yawned and stretched. He had finally finished his work for the day, or at leas the time being. He checked the time. He opted to go visit Euphie, she what she was up to.

"Jeremiah, prep the car," he said as he pulled on his uniform and walked down to his personal transport.

Suzaku had concluded to try and chase the cat as well, it seemed like fun. He saw the cat moving up the roof.

"The Lancelot would he helpful now," he joked out loud.

"So would the Guren!" Kallen agreed as she ran up next to him. Suzaku chuckled slightly.

"I've got it cornered up there," he said pointing.

"Alright, you take the right, I'll take the left!" Kallen said, and the two did that, however, the cat had slipped away during the time they were talking, which the two Knightmare pilots found out when they ran headfirst into each other while looping around.

'Offering people as trophies' Kallen sneered in her head as she ran off' I can't believe I'm on the Britannian side now!'

She then ran into Shirley, still in her bathing suit.

"Kallen, you have to help!" Shirley said," They're going to make us kiss someone!"

"Alright, we can work together!" Kallen concluded.

"But who would you want a kiss from?" Shirley asked. Kallen paused.

"What are you..."

"Would it be Lulu?" Shirley demanded.

"Are you crazy?" Kallen demanded right back, her cheeks turning the color of a red lotus," Just because I'm his Knight doesn't mean we're going out!"

Shirley was about to protest, when Kallen got an idea.

"Look, there it is!" she lied, pointing, activating her Geass in the process, giving Shirley the image of the cat in her head, making her run off.

Meanwhile, Euphie ran into Suzaku.

"Sorry!" Euphie said.

"Its fine!" Suzaku said," What does that cat have anyway?"

"The symbol of royalty!" Euphie answered," If it gets out, everyone will know I'm a princess!"

After a short while, the cat was cornered by the whole school around the bell tower.

"Alright everyone!" Milly said in a megaphone," There is nowhere the cat can go now!" Just when Kallen, Shirley, and Euphie had lost hope, Jeremiah's voice rang out.

"Presenting his Imperial Highness, the 11th Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, Lelouch vi Britannia!" he announced. Lelouch strode into view with Viletta Nu and Kewell Soresei bowing to him.

"No need to be so formal," Lelouch said as the crowd respectively parted. That was when he let out a sudden yell.

Sutherlands stormed into the area, armed and ready. The students panicked.

"No one moves!" Jeremiah said, pulling out his pistol.

"Its fine!" Lelouch said with a cringe as he reached to his back and pried off the cat, pulling out Euphie's royal symbol from its mouth," This feline certainly does have claws!"

Everything seemed to stop, while people stared at Lelouch holding the cat.

"Well, it looks Prince Lelouch wins!" Milly said happily as Euphie went over and collected the cat. Lelouch sneaked the symbol into Euphie's hand.

"Thanks!" Euphie hissed as she put it in her pocket. Milly cantered over to Lelouch.

"Well, your highness!" she said playfully," Choose the girl you want to kiss!"

"Say what?" Lelouch looked over the female body who were trying to tempt Lelouch, save for Nina and Kallen. Lelouch opened his mouth to say "no", when Rivalz pushed Kallen forward.

"What?" she snapped.

"Well, then, we have a volunteer!" Milly said. The girls all slouched with disappointment. Kallen tried to protest, but everyone ignored her, so she took a deep breath and approached Lelouch.

"Let's get his over with," she sighed.

"You insult me," Lelouch joked. Kallen slowly reached forward, intending to kiss Lelouch on the cheek and retract quickly, but her lips had other plans. They, instead, connected with Lelouch's lips. Every guard and every student froze in surprise, even Euphie and Suzaku as the Prince and his Knight kissed. Kallen suddenly retracted and took several steps back.

"Forgive me your highness!" Kallen said, bowing at the waist, before moving back further. Shirley stink eyed Kallen while most of the female population looked on jealously.

Kallen touched her lips in surprise, so did Lelouch.

"Well then!" Milly said," I suppose the cat is out of the bag!" Kallen and Lelouch both glared at Milly that showed the rest of the school that the cat was still deep, deep in the bag, if there was any cat at all.