2D realised it that very second.

Which was perplexing because he rarely ever realised something in 3 seconds flat. In fact it was a new personal best for 2D, whose revelations took at least 3 hours to ferment in the barren soiled landscape that was his mind.

He shot up off the settee and scared the living daylights out of Murdoc who was drifting into slumber. "DAMMIT BOY! DON' JUMP LIKE THAT! I'd havaright piece a mind to strangle you, you sod!" 2D excitedly smiled at Murdoc who was getting more and more annoyed by the second.

2D slowly got closer to Murdoc who began to growl in anger.


"WOT FACEACHE? " Murdoc was gritting his canine-like teeth every time he had the misfortune to hear 2D inhale oxygen. Which was every fucking second. The idiot couldn't get enough of Murdoc's precious air supply.

"MUHDOC! I jus' realised sumfink!" Murdoc rolled his eyes so far back into his skull he could have lost them. "WELL THEN WOT IS IT YOU LITTLE SOD? HURRY UP AN' STOP TAKING UP MY TIME WITH YOUR BLATANT STUPIDITY."

"Well..." 2D began to twiddle his fingers.

Murdoc's temper was at it's breaking point. How dare that pigmy sod boy even talk in his presence? Wasn't it enough that he gave him a career and home? And all those fucking beddazzled trousers he wears on a daily baisis? Obviously not.

2D sat back down on the settee and turned to Murdoc. His lips slowly curling upwards to reveal a gap toothed smile. Murdoc suddenly lifted his fist attempting to punch 2D square in the head. When 2D grabbed his arm, Murdoc was in shock. Not because 2D stopped him from beating him, but that he had the audacity to touch him.

But he froze, and glared suspiciously at 2D. Contemplating why 2D would even touch him in the first place. 2D took Murdoc's hand and laid it on his jean clad lap, palm upwards. He then took his own hand and placed it palm forward on Murdoc's.

Murdoc was now in complete and utter mortification. What in Satan's Hell was 2D doing? 2D's smile was now a childish grin.

"My hands ah biggah than yours Muhdoc."

Murdoc snapped out of his daze. Feeling his face flushed, which was not supposed to react in such a manner, mind you. Decided to punch 2D in the jaw.

2D rubbed his swollen jaw and stared at Murdoc who was fuming. But for some unknown reason Murdoc never moved his hand from under 2D's. "No, not really faceache. Your hand is placed a bit higher at the palm you nob."

Murdoc aligned their palms and pulled 2D's blue hair roughly. Making the singer yelp in surprise. Holding back tears, 2D sealed his lips into an eternal childlike smile and intertwined his fingers with Murdoc's.

Murdoc lied.

2D's hands were bigger.